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Family Frolic is a family magazine that Susan Heffley got most of her ideas for for the road trip in The Long Haul. According to Greg Heffley, all of his family's ideas of togetherness come from this magazine in particular. It appears in The Long Haul, Double Down, and Wrecking Ball.


The Long Haul[]

Greg finds out where Susan gets all the road trip ideas when the new issue of Family Frolic comes in the mail. Greg states that about 90% of everything they do as a family comes from the ideas Susan gets from Family Frolic. He looked through some editions of Family Frolic a few times and admitted that the pictures always make everything look like a lot of fun. He believes that there must be something wrong with his family, because there's a huge contrast when they try to do some of the things shown in the magazine.

Double Down[]

While Susan finishes her Masters degree at college, Greg and Rodrick Heffley has to pick a chore from the Grab Bag, an idea she got from Family Frolic. Susan had a Halloween issue of Family Frolic which suggested ideas for homemade Halloween Party Games. Susan brought the games to Mariana's Party.

Wrecking Ball[]

Greg decides that he wants donate all of his junk, so he decided to earn some money by having a yard sale. Susan bought a Yard Sale issue of family frolic, This gave Greg ideas & tips on how to make a catchy yard sale, However Greg decides not to use them as they are too boring.

The Long Haul (film)[]

The magazine appeares briefly, when Mr. Beardo is seen reading it on the toilet.


  • Family Frolic may be a reference to the FamilyFun magazine.