The Family Frolic is a family magazine from where Susan got nearly all the ideas for the road trip. Greg says that all the family's time-spending ideas come from this book. It appeared in The Long Haul and Double Down.

Role in The Long Haul

Greg found out from where Susan was getting all the road trip ideas when the new issue of "Family Frolic" came in the mail. Greg said that about 90% of everything they do as a family comes from the ideas Mom gets from that magazine. He flipped through "Family Frolic" a few times and had to admit that the pictures always make everything look like a lot of fun. But there must be something wrong with his family, because they can never measure up to the ones they show in the magazine.

Role in Double Down

Susan had a Halloween issue of Family Frolic which gave ideas for homemade Halloween Party Games. Susan brought the games to Mariana's Party.

While Susan was finishing her Masters degree at college, Greg and Rodrick had to pick a chore from the Grab Bag, an idea she got from Family Frolic.



  • Family Frolic may be a reference to the FamilyFun magazine.
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