The Elevator Pass is a fake pass that appears in The Third Wheel only, Greg tells the story of how he got his third detention as a result of the pass.

On the first day of Greg's sixth grade, an eighth-grader told him there was a secret elevator that took him to the second floor that could only be accessed with a special pass. Greg thought the pass looked official, and so he bought it for $5. Of course, the whole pass was fake, and when Greg opened the door to where the elevator supposedly was, he found it was just a supply closet and the whole thing was a scam. He held on to the elevator pass ever since. But in January, Greg decided to sell it to get back the money he was ripped off. He sold it to a sixth-grader at half price, but was caught by Vice Principal Roy, and was given detention.

Because he now had had a total of three detentions, he could no longer run for student council, and Greg felt the rule that you needed less than three detentions was directed especially at him.



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