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Ernesto Gutierrez is a boy who lives on Upper Surrey Street who appears in The Meltdown. He lives next to Jacob Hoff and is best friends with Gabriel Johns.[1] For some reason, Victoria Hooks is in love with him.[2]

According to Greg Heffley, Ernesto and Gabriel both have bad breaths, so they're perfect for each other. During the Battle of Surrey Street, he and Gabriel Johns use a flag with a dragon's fiery mouth in it to mark their snow fort and are one of the people who open fire on Greg and Rowley Jefferson when they try to claim a fort.[3]


  • Given his name, it's possible that Ernesto is of Hispanic descent.
  • It's likely that Ernesto Gutierrez and his best friend Gabriel are both fans of tabletop roleplaying games, as they are shown playing one in an image in which they are depicted.
    • The game they are playing looks very similar to Dungeons and Dragons.




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