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This unidentified school is the elementary school where Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson went to in their childhood and pre-adolescent years. The school appears in flashbacks throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Greg and his basketball team also practiced at this school in Big Shot. Preet also breaks his leg there playing a game against the men's league.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

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Going off the book timeline, Greg learns not to sit between two girls next period because when he did so last year, one asked him to pass a letter that read "Greg is a dork" to Shelly during 5th grade.

On the subject of girls, Greg wished popularity was based off your speed like in elementary school however, things are much more complicated in middle school. The title now belongs to Bryce Anderson despite opposing girls in elementary school. [1]

Upon joining the Safety Patrols, Greg and Rowley are tasked with walking the half-day kindergartners home from a nearby elementary school, possibly the same one Greg and Rowley attended.[2]

Later, Rowley is falsely accused of terrorizing the kindergartners and is forced to apologize at the school in person by Bertrand Winsky.[3]

Cabin Fever[]

Greg recalls his 3rd grade math teacher, Mrs. Sinclair teaching her students rhymes to remember information.

Big Shot[]


During lunch, Greg balled up a napkin and throws it only for it to coincidentally land in Justin White's empty glass as he was about to throw away his trash. After that, the whole cafeteria went crazy over Greg's throw, and they tried to recreate his throw making lunch a warzone for the rest of the year.


The event about Bryce's hatred with girls was the same as the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. [4]

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Additionally, Ann Heffley enrolled Manny into kindergarten as he was outgrowing daycare. Greg remembered on his first day of kindergarten a kid named Quinn came up to him and asked him if he liked ice cream. Greg said yes but Quinn suggested that he should marry it. Greg took his joke seriously and thought he was actually going to marry an ice cream until Ann explained the joke. The next day Greg tries the joke on the other kids but he couldn't do it as good as Quinn who would get Greg a bunch more times during that year.[5]

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On Manny's first day he was introduced to his classmates during a Halloween party where they were all dressed up which Greg mentions it wasn't a good introduction to his classmates. One of the teachers called Ann from work to get Manny down from a coat closet. Frank Heffley and Ann decides to keep Manny in daycare until next year.[6]

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