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Drummies (stylized as DRUMMIES!) are a brand of chicken drumsticks that Greg Heffley believes to be the best recipe. It is featured in Cabin Fever and the Online book.


Cabin Fever[]

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Cabin Fever122

Whenever Susan hands over 20 dollars for Greg to purchase presents, he consistently does his shopping over at holiday bazaar as the products are a bargain; he virtually always finishes off with leftover money, and he expends the rest of it onto the concession stand where they stock Drummies. Greg loves them; however, he feels really ridiculous ordering them as they have an incredibly outlandish name.[1] While shopping at his local Grocery store, Greg discovers that they are selling Drummies in the frozen food aisle; Greg inspects the prices and figures out that the school was selling Drummies at over six times their retail value, meaning that he was getting swindled. As a result, Greg ultimately decides to purchase the entire stock so he could commence his own Holiday Bazaar and capitalize on the school's Drummie scheme. His plan ultimately ends up failing however and gets him in significant trouble.[2]


They also appear in the online book when Greg goes to church bingo with Gramma and goes to the food counter to order them, but sees Piper Matthews (Holly Hills' online counterpart) behind him in the line, so he decides to order a meatball sub instead because of not wanting to look stupid while ordering them in front of Piper.


  • Greg said that he didn't like that they were called Drummies and that he personally thought the name sounded stupid.
  • Chicken legs are sometimes called Drummies in real life.




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