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Drew is the bassist of Rodricks's band, Löded Diper. He appears in most of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series unnamed and serves no major role until Diper Överlöde, where his name is revealed as well as having an older brother. In the live-action films, he is replaced by Chris Merkle, who appears in the film adaptations of Rodrick Rules and Dog Days. He is voiced by Albert Tsai in the animated Disney adaptation of Rodrick Rules.


Rodrick Rules[]

Drew is pictured at the Winter talent show playing music with Rodrick and Bill.[1] He later watches the videotape that Susan Heffley recorded of them playing with them being mad at her for talking during almost the entire thing. They then realised that the school taped the talent show so the next day Drew and Bill came over to watch it.[2]

Dog Days[]

Drew played at a show at Slipslide Water Park with his band mates. The band asked the people working there if they could help them set up a smoke machine for their show, but they ended up setting them a bubble machine instead.[3]

Drew also appears in the time Rodrick first met the band's lead singer, Bill Walter.[4]

The Ugly Truth[]

Drew appears in two of the four known pictures posted online by Rodrick with one of them being Rodrick and his band playing and the other one being them putting stuff on Bill while he's asleep.[5]

Wrecking Ball[]

Drew is pictured when Rodrick thought the builders were going to use a wrecking ball to smash through the wall to connect it to the extension and that he could do a music video when it happened. But when Rodrick, Bill and Drew got there, they realised the builders had already opened the wall with a power saw.[6]

Later Drew appears when Susan lets Rodrick and bandmates play on the back deck during the moving party.[7]

Diper Överlöde[]

Throughout most of the book, Drew takes part in Löded Diper's preparation for the Battle of the Bands.

Diper Överlöde22.2

As Greg was photographing Löded Diper, Drew starts playing around with the bathroom equipment which ended with a toilet plunger stuck on his back. It was removed by one of Rodrick's neighbors.[8]

In the Hands on a Van contest, Drew becomes the first person out as he drank a lot of soda prior to the event.[9]

Diper Överlöde44

A clip of Bill dropping a speaker on his foot becomes Löded Diper's most popular video. The band took notice and Rodrick recorded Drew being launched from a shopping cart.[10] The band starts studying some of Metallichihuahua's early video, one of them called Dog Eat Dog becomes their primary video to top. Drew suggested a video in the sewers but they couldn't figure out how to get Rodrick's drums down the manhole. Then Drew suggested that they should do exactly what Metallichihuahua did except replace the Chihuahuas with babies however his idea failed as they quickly find out they couldn't borrow a bunch of babies for a few hours. [11]

Drew opposed Can You Smell Us Now being the first song Löded Diper records at the recording studio because of the line, "We're leaking through your speakers like a chocolate cow."

Diper Överlöde55

This leads him to a fight with Bill only moments after Rodrick and Mackie had theirs. They all finally settled on Diper Överlöde however this didn't stop Drew from continuing to argue with Bill. While their argument ensues again, Mackie accidentally drops his pick into a guitar. Drew eventually gets the pick out after several attempts from the band but the pick went straight into Bill's throat. This constrained Bill from singing the first part of Diper Överlöde.[12]

After their recording, the band tries to get their song out in public but had no success until they got Drew's brother to play their song at the deli counter. But the song only played for thirty seconds before the manager turned it off and fired Drew's brother.[13]

After Löded Diper fails to host a concert at the top of a building, Bill suggested an alternative stunt in which they drop a giant diaper from the same building. However, Bill's idea wasn't doable as nobody wanted to climb up those stairs again nor had any ideas on finding a diaper that large. Drew revised Bill's idea where they instead do the same thing with regular-sized diapers to make it more practical however the band agreed it wouldn't have the same impact.[14]

Diper Överlöde84

Löded Diper managed to get hired at The Headless Chicken. Because it was their first gig in years, the band spent a lot of time preparing and that includes decorating their setup. But the band couldn't get any laser projectors because Drew believes they are dangerous. [15]

He later asked his brother if he wanted to help move the band's equipment for their show, but he was only willing to do it if they paid him the same amount as he did at his job.[16]

Löded Diper arrives at The Headless Chicken with a stolen drumstick from Hipp 'O' Henry's. But the drumstick was still grasped by a monkey's paw so Drew used wires to get it out, but he wasn't too careful, and the monkey paw clamped onto Mackie's leg for the rest of the book. [17]

Diper Överlöde104

After their show, the band discussed ways to remove the monkey's paw from Mackie's leg, one suggestion came up by Drew who said they could use wires again like he did at The Headless Chicken, but his idea was throttled because Mackie was worried the monkey paw would tighten up.[18]

Drew suggested the possibility of climbing over the walls that surrounded Sebastian Sleeves' property.[19] Instead, Sebastian lets the band in his property and was willing to answer some questions provided that they clean up his pool. Sebastian influenced Drew's consideration into quitting the band in favor of taking his brother's job at the deli counter. But Drew changes his mind after Rodrick gives the band a speech.[20]

Diper Överlöde162

Now that the band believed they could become the most popular band of all time, Drew said maybe they could achieve that with a concert in outer space.[21] But then Bill said they could create a giant baby robot to which Drew points out it could also act as the band's transportation.[22]

But after seeing a Stank concert, Rodrick pushes his bandmates hard in order to win the Battle of the Bands. But Drew gets angry at Rodrick for breaking up Bill's relationship with Becky as he liked getting those free donuts from Becky. He and his bandmates quit the band after Rodrick receives a cease-and-desist letter. [23] Drew presumably gets hired at the deli counter, taking place of his brother.[24]


When Greg raids Rodrick's room, Drew is seen on a Löded Diper poster.[25]



  • Drew never had any dialogue or was mentioned until Diper Överlöde.



Rodrick Rules[]

Dog Days[]

Wrecking Ball[]

Diper Överlöde[]


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