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Mom says if I switched dentists it might hurt Dr. Alcazar's "feelings." If Mom thinks Dr. Alcazar has "feelings" then it just proves she doesn't know the first thing about him.
Greg describing Dr. Kagan in the online book

Dr. Salazar Kagan (known as Dr. Alcazar in the online book) is Greg Heffley's stern dentist that Frank appointed as a replacement for Rachel. He makes his main appearance in The Ugly Truth however continues to be featured in Double Down and Big Shot.


The Ugly Truth[]


Another aspect of life, that Frank gains control of due to Susan heading back to school is dentist appointments and he decides to replace the kids dentist Greg's headed to since he was two years old with a more harsher dentist named Dr. Kagan. Greg doesn't register that he isn't going to his childhood dentist until Frank drives past Tender Hugs. Greg alerts him that he missed the turn where Tender Hugs is and Frank informs him about the news. Greg acquires a chill up his spine once he told him that Dr. Kagan was replacing Rachel as his dentist because he has glanced at his billboards before on the highway and he has identified that he has a totally different viewpoint than Tender Hugs. Greg begs Frank to change his mind but he informs him that he already did the paperwork and there was no retreating. Greg attempts to escape but Frank was already one step ahead as he had locked the door.

The Ugly Truth96- Greg accidentally bites Dr
Waiting room

Dr. Kagan's office was a lot more frightening than Greg visualized it; there were no coloring books and toys but instead posters plastered around the room all warning people about the dangers of drinking soda and not taking care of their teeth ominously. Dr. Kagan was patiently waiting for Greg and he had all of his sharp metal drills out in the open so he signify he wasn't messing around. Once Greg sat down, Dr. Kagan started probing him about his eating habits and when Greg told him that he drinks soda he got angry and grabbed out a jar that was filled with soda which had a rotten tooth left in it for 24 hours. Dr. Kagan exhibited it to Greg and he stated that he would made sure to not leave his teeth in a jar of soda overnight to show that he was paying attention. Dr. Kagan started doing X-rays and he put a piece of plastic in between Greg's mouth and told him to chomp it down repeatedly. Greg quickly got the hang of it and bit down before he even asked him to however it wasn't plastic this time and was actually Dr. Kagan's finger. Dr. Kagan forced Greg to go out to the waiting room while he worked on his diagnosis.

The Ugly Truth105

Dr. Kagan came back and told Frank that Greg needed corrective measures for his overbite and handed him a pamphlet that acts as a manual for headgear. Dr. Kagan alerts Frank that Greg would need to keep it on at all times and Greg figures that he's trying to ruin his social life. Greg wakes up the next morning for school and he couldn't locate his headgear so he ends up heading to school without it.[1] Later, Greg finds out that Manny found his headgear and he refuses to put it in his mouth ever again.[2]

Double Down[]

My dentist is the devil

Greg states that going to the dentist, Dr. Kagan, is relatively bad, but after he read Spineticklers #67: My Dentist Is The Devil, it got even worse.[3]

Big Shot[]


After hearing about the day off Greg got after Field Day, Susan Heffley schedules him for a bunch of appointments she's been wanting to do, including a visit to Dr. Kagan.[4]


  • Dr. Kagan's appearance is quite similar to that of Mr Gupta‘s former appearance the only difference being a lack of a mustache and hair.




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