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Dr. Nisha Saad is Lilli's doctor who is featured in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories.


When Lilli was born she had a propensity of gnawing at everything; this led up to a point where it was disturbing Lilli's parents life's so they headed down to Nisha Saad for a solution.

Nisha Saad elucidated to them that Lilli was teething and that they had to supervise it themselves. Lilli's parents followed Nisha's advice however she never grew out of this phase and once her teeth grew in they were keen. Lilli's initial day at kindergarten began and her parents ended up overlooking cautioning the teacher about Lilli so she ended up getting sent home for biting them in an inapt spot; Lilli's parents took Lilli back to Nisha Saad instantly for an solution on what they should do.

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Nisha Saad administrated a few tests on Lilli and after she shared her results expounding that Lilli was a vampire. Nisha Saad explained that thankfully vampires aren't contagious until their fully-grown so for now the biting was just irritating.

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Lilli's parents were bewildered as to how Lilli was a vampire however her mom evoked that while she was pregnant she got bitten by a vampire bat so it was probably the source. Nisha Saad advocated them to send Lilli to a special school for vampires but while the brochure was solid it was too extortionate; Lilli's parents persuaded Nisha Saad to help some other way so she notified Lilli's school about it.

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After being informed about it, Lilli's school made all sorts of precautions and some changes to make Lilli feel included; Lilli swiftly became popular and made lots of friends due to everyone perceiving vampires as cool. A few months later, Nisha Saad solicited an appointment for Lilli's parents to inform them that she misread the test results and that Lilli was veritably a bad kid who liked biting people; however Lilli's parents kept the results to themselves as Lilli was doing amazing at school and they didn't want to sway away from it.[1]