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DooDoo is a kid who is part of Juicebox's Gang, who first appeared in The Deep End. He is a shorter big-lipped smelly kid with a shaved head, who cannot notice his rather unpleasant odor.


He is first seen in the pool with Juicebox riding a bike down the pool. He is involved with many of the gang's activities and also falls for the Free Ice Cream Sundae trick. He tells Greg about the broken bridge and is the only one to interact with Greg Heffley after Juicebox snitches on him, referring to him as "Jimmy Dogfish".


Little of DooDoo's personality is shown in the appearances we get from him, though it can be inferred that he's not very bright, as he falls for the ''Free Ice Cream Sundae'' trap just like the rest of his gang. It's unknown how DooDoo felt about Juicebox ratting out Greg, though when he meets up with Greg again, he doesn't attempt to capture him and turn him in to the Camp Director, implying he did not agree with Juicebox's betrayal, and valued Greg as a member of the gang.