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Diper Överlöde (originally spelled Diper Overlöde) is a song by Löded Diper. Its lyrics are featured in The Do-It-Yourself book and appears in Diper Överlöde. It was the first ever song Rodrick Heffley wrote.


Diper Överlöde[]

When the band went to a recording studio, they had over fifty songs to choose from to record and Diper Överlöde was one of the songs that made it to their top ten. Rodrick wanted to record Diper Överlöde first because it was the first one he wrote. Everyone agreed because they were getting tired of arguing.

Diper Överlöde56

Drew and Bill Walter argued about the song's lyrics when Mackie dropped his pick into a hole of a guitar. Drew managed to shake it out but it fell right into Bill's mouth which rendered his ability to sing the song after the first verses. Bill recovered and the band managed to record the rest of the song with no issues. [1]

They visited a lot of radios to get them to play Diper Överlöde but most of them said their song wasn't a good fit for their audience.[2] They later played the song at the deli counter where Drew's brother works at. This was the first time the band got to hear their music in public -- however the song only played for around thirty seconds before the manager (whom Greg deduced wasn't a huge fan of that kind of music) turned it off and fired Drew's brother.[3]

Diper Överlöde209.2

After Löded Diper broke up Rodrick ordered band practice for Greg, Ward, and Drew's brother as the Battle of the Bands was around the corner. Rodrick ended up playing the old recording of the song that his old band played at the studio, and the new band members had to pretend like they were playing.[4]


Diper Överöde - Do-it-Yourself Book

Written Lyrics for the song featured in The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book

We're coming through your speakers
Runnin' through your town
We're pourin' through your headphones
And your eyes are turnin' brown.

We're pumpin' up the volume
And we can't be stopped!
Your brains are leakin' out your ears
Your head's about to pop.

This is a Diper!
A Diper Överlöde.
And you better run for cover
'Cause we're 'bout to explode.

Said it's a Diper!
A Diper Överlöde
And your mother's gonna shudder
When the Diper hits the road.

The pressure's building up now!
And we're about to bust out!
Rockin' stadiums, gymnasiums
If you're feelin' us, shout!

Yes, it's a Diper!
A Diper Överlöde.
And you ain't been this covered
since the last time it snowed.


Diper Överlöde[]




Löded Diper - Diper Overlöde


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