Greg Heffley (headshot)

Dinoblazer Action Figures are action figure toys shown in Rodrick Rules based on dinosaurs that Rowley plays with and likes. Rowley quit his famous Zoo-Wee-Mama! comic strip just because he wanted have more time to play with them. When Greg stole Rowley's diary just to find what he was gossiping about with the girls at lunch, he didn't find anything about any gossip, let alone his name. All he found was page-by-page of Dinoblazer Action Figures matches. Rowley's only known match was of Mecharex and Triceraclyops.


  • They are probably a parody of the Dino Riders action figures.
  • It is likely that they are targeted for younger children, near the age of 5-6.

Known Dinoblazer Figures

  • Mecharex
  • Triceraclyops
  • Terrordactyl



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