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Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid is a spin-off of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It was announced on January 8, 2019.[2], and was released on April 9, 2019. This book is written from the perspective of Rowley Jefferson, who acts as Greg's biographer.

A shorter 112-page concept, Diary of Greg Heffley's Best Friend, was released in October 2018 specifically for Scholastic Book Clubs, and again on February 28, 2019, for World Book Day.

On the subject of a sequel, Jeff Kinney said, "I'd really like to write more Rowley books. I think it's a lot of fun, and I think it's really fresh, and he can write in lots of different styles about lots of different genres, so I'd really like to get there, where Rowley is authoring lots of books.".[3]

Main Characters


Get ready for a whole new look into Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Introducing the newest Wimpy Kid author—Rowley Jefferson! Rowley's best friend Greg Heffley has been chronicling his middle-school years in thirteen Diary of a Wimpy Kid journals . . . and counting. But it's finally time for readers to hear directly from Rowley in a journal of his own. In Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, Rowley writes about his experiences and agrees to play the role of biographer for Greg along the way. (After all, one day Greg will be rich and famous, and everyone will want to know his life's story.) But Rowley is a poor choice for the job, and his “biography” of Greg is a hilarious mess. Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal offers readers a new way to look at the Wimpy world—one fans won't want to miss! (Amazon blurb)


Rowley-Greg Best friends

Rowley's drawing of him being best friends with Greg.

The book starts out with Rowley talking about his journal and he and Greg are best friends. He starts talking also about his family and he doesn't want Greg to find out about his diary, which he does. Greg and Rowley get into an argument and Rowley says if Greg is a jerk, he won't say nice things about him in his diary. However, Greg says Rowley's diary can be Greg's biography and Greg's diary is an autobiography, which Rowley agrees with; it is soon titled Diary of Greg Heffley, by Greg Heffley's Best Friend.

Rowley starts with Greg's life and when Rowley moved to Greg's street in 4th grade. Rowley was scared of being in a new place. Then his mom gets him a book on how to make new friends, such as a knock-knock joke, which initially doesn't work on Greg. Greg says that he put a flag in the lot of Rowley's house before they moved meaning that he owned the house, resulting in Rowley giving up his bike. Rowley's father says this wasn't true, leading to him not liking Greg. Rowley then talks about Greg's family; his older brother Rodrick and his band Loded Diper, whose songs apparently have swearwords in them, hence why Rowley's parents won't let him go to the Heffleys' home during their practice; and his little brother Manny, who, for some reason or the other, mooned Rowley on one occasion.

In the next chapter, Greg and Rowley are having their first sleepover, after a series of playdates (or as Greg wants Rowley to call them, hangouts). Rowley is a little afraid, having never slept in his own bed, but becomes less afraid when he is given his stuffed rabbit Carrots to take with him. Greg's mother Susan says they'll be sleeping in the basement, which creeps Rowley out. While in their sleeping bags, Greg brings up the Goat Man (from The Meltdown), which makes them worried. They soon get freaked out when they hear the "Goat Man" scratching the window, resulting in Greg and Rowley trampling each other as they run upstairs. But it soon turns out to be one of Rodrick‘s pranks. The unfortunate Rowley then has to leave in the middle of the night, as he had wet his pants.

Rowley then talks about a kid named Tevin Larkin who lives near them. He invited Greg and Rowley to his birthday party but find out they were the only ones invited, plus they didn't want to go because of how hyper Tevin is. They watch a movie about a guy who can transform into animals. After it's over, Tevin wants to watch it again but Greg and Rowley refuse. As a result, Tevin gets mad and begins to act wild. They try to leave his house but his mom won't let them, so they back out into the backyard. Tevin soon catches up with them, but Rowley falls in a ditch, onto a hornet's nest, which results in Rowley getting stung, so they leave early. Greg then says he owes Rowley for getting him out of the party.

In the next chapter, Greg and Rowley are playing Vikings and ninjas in the woods during an evening, but some teenagers mock them and ruin their fun. They go further in to make a fort to protect themselves. But it starts to get dark, with not much visibility, and Rowley trips over a rock and twists his ankle. But Greg says that it's an ancient burial ground, which freaks him out to run away, forgetting Rowley's injury. Luckily, Rowley's parents call Greg to find Rowley, and he guides them with his flashlight to find him.

Then, Rowley talks about his grandfather, whom he called Bampy, at the age of two. Nobody would let him change it, and soon Bampy was "the only word [he] really said". Rowley and his family had gone to stay in Bampy's old cabin in the woods, and after a hike, Rowley's father told him to take a shower. Rowley goes to the bathroom, where there was only an old bathtub, and while he was bathing, he heard noises, then the door opens, with no one opening it. He panics, because his dad was out buying things at the store, so it couldn't have been him. When his dad returns, Rowley tells what happened; he thinks it was the wind. But Rowley thinks it was the ghost of Bampy.

To make up for not having Greg in the last chapter, he talks about this one time they were playing video games and Greg told Rowley about a burglar and Greg left Rowley's house. But Greg comes back, enters silently the upper floor, and pretends to be the burglar by stomping loudly. Rowley runs into the garage and hides, and armed with a tennis racquet, hits the "burglar" with it. Then he ran to his neighbor to call the cops, but Greg soon reveals his prank. Naturally, Greg is mad at him for the next two weeks.

The next chapter is another time Greg got mad at him--after a rainstorm, Greg chases Rowley with a slug on a stick. To escape Greg, Rowley climbs onto the rock in Mr. Yee's front yard. Greg tries to fling the slug at Rowley, but nearly falls into the puddle at the foot of the rock. Greg then tells Rowley to pull him back up to his feet, but Rowley misheard and thought Greg said to pull him by his feet, which he does, getting Greg wet. Greg gets mad, chasing Rowley to his house and tells him he'll get him back for that when he least expects it.

The next chapter is the opposite of the last two; when Rowley was mad at Greg. One day, Greg calls Rowley and asks him to clean his garage and if he does, he'll give him half of his Halloween candy. Rowley, excited, goes over, and the two clean the garage. Greg, forgetting about the candy, is about to leave but Rowley reminds him. Greg then gets the candy but it turns out to be empty except for three jawbreakers and raisin. Rowley is mad because Greg promised him a ton of candy but Greg had said only half. Rowley is about to tell on Greg to his mother, but Greg promises something better than candy. He then gets out paper and a pencil and draws him a Good Boy Award. Greg says Rowley gets one every time he does something good for him. While Rowley knows Greg is doing this to avoid dealing with giving him his Halloween candy, he thinks it's special. Rowley then does many good things for Greg, with Greg coming up with many new awards, but later Rowley tells him he doesn't want anymore because his binder is full. But Greg says he should recycle his old awards, and has come up with a new paperless system. The new awards are Lil' Goodies, and if Rowley does fifty nice things/gets fifty Lil' goodies, he'll get a fancy prize under a sheet. It takes Rowley over a month to get them and he turns them into Greg but Greg says after every month, the system resets so he's back to zero. Rowley, angry, pulls off the sheet to find Greg's dirty laundry. Rowley calls Greg a crummy friend, but Greg says that the prize was fake and the real prize is in the basement and Rowley needs 100 Lil' Goodies now. Rowley then says he'll take his time in earning more Lil' Goodies.

In the next few days, Rowley and his class are going to take a math test, but due to Greg distracting him, he has to study (in which he does not usually do, as he pays attention, and goes to bed early on school nights), and then Greg said he and Rowley can work together. Rowley however, doesn't think it is a good idea, saying that Greg doesn't fully pay attention when it comes to tests. Neither of them can study at each other's house; Rowley can't go to the Heffleys' as Rodrick is having band practice; Greg is banned from the Jefferson's' house, because he played a practical joke on Rowley's dad by putting plastic wrap over the toilet seat, so they decided to work at the library, and Susan took Greg and Rowley there after dinner. While Rowley is well ahead in the chapter they are studying, saying they should do some questions, Greg said they should start from the beginning of the chapter (Greg hadn't even read it), and Rowley predictably thinks it's a waste of time. But Greg says he is a bad partner, and says they should do everything together. Greg then says they should take a break first, and ten minutes after their first break, Rowley says they have to continue studying. Greg begins to imitate Rowley by repeating whatever he said, so the latter reads out loud the chapter, which is enough to stop Greg's mimicry. Greg tries to make studying into a game, by tossing back and forth a paper ball, taking turns reading the chapter, but if they drop the ball, they should start from the beginning; of course Rowley doesn't like the idea after some time, and wishes to study. Then Rowley does something his dad taught him--make up a song to remember something; he sings a song which he made up to remember the area of a circle. Greg retorts that it's dumb, but is unsure when Rowley questions him as to why he has a higher mark than Greg. Greg decides to just take another break, playing video games on the library computer, but they are stopped by the librarian, because they were making too much noise. Once again, Rowley wants to just read the chapter, but Greg suggests that they each read half of it, and team up during the test. Since they can't talk during it, Greg suggests using telepathy, which doesn't work. So Greg creates a system of coughs, sneezes, taps and raps that they can use to communicate with each other, but they don't have a sign for a question; Greg suggests that they could fart, but Rowley can't do it on command. Neither can he bring himself to eat fiber-rich food to make it easier, so Greg decides to make a fake fart by clapping his hand with his armpit. At this point, Rowley rightfully thinks this is cheating, which results in Greg teasing Rowley for being in love with their teacher Ms. Beck, going as far as to sing. Rowley ignores him, but it culminates in Greg becoming louder and following Rowley to the toilets. Luckily, the librarian stops their antics, as they were making too much noise again, and warns them to be quiet, or else she'll call their parents. They try to sit apart at a desk with dividers, but Rowley's studying is interrupted by Greg asking math questions, then asking more silly questions like if Rowley was embarrassed that he wet his bed, and eventually making rude drawings of each other. Rowley tries to sit elsewhere, but has to run away after a person accidentally falls after Greg tied his shoelaces together, thinking it was Rowley. While the two study in the kids' corner, Greg tries to snipe a shot to a wastepaper basket with some balls of paper. After scoring one, he goads Rowley into doing the same, acting like a chicken, even "laying" an egg, much to Rowley's shock; this is enough to make Rowley chuck a paper ball facing backwards, successfully getting a shot in one go. As Rowley won't do it again, Greg tries to do it himself, but he uses paper from Rowley's notebook, which had all of his lesson notes. He tries to pick them up, but Greg succeeds in sniping a shot backwards, at the cost of bouncing off of Rowley's head. This ticks off Rowley, leading him to chase Greg with his egg; again they are making too much noise, so the librarian calls Greg and Rowley's parents, and they soon return home.

The next day, the test has begun. Rowley is struggling to answer the questions with the notes he has, and is constantly interrupted by Greg, who has questions for him. When Ms. Beck leaves the room, Greg gets up and close to Rowley from behind, copying Rowley's answers, justifying that he's not cheating as they were study partners, and that he had already finished and he was only checking to see if Rowley got all of his answers correct. By the time Ms. Beck says it's time to turn in papers, Greg has already finished his handiwork. The following day, Rowley and Greg both get 89 marks each. Ms. Beck clarifies her suspicions that the two's papers look identical, and shows that Greg copied everything on Rowley's paper. Greg gets detention for the next three days, on top of retaking the test, while Rowley is told off for cheating; he is unnerved knowing what would happen if everyone knows he's a cheat, promising to never cheat again.

In the next chapter, Rowley says that one time in middle school, their science teacher had to go on maternity leave, and they got a substitute named Mr. Hardy. He ends up becoming their teacher for the entire school year, and does nothing when kids start goofing off, not doing the assignments that he wrote on the board. By the time the school year ends, Rowley is the only one who has done the assignments (even though he had trouble throughout because of all the craziness), and Mr. Hardy gives everybody a C, including Greg, who didn't hand in any assignments. Rowley gets a C too, but Greg soon scolds Mr. Hardy for not acknowledging that Rowley was the only one who did any work, which results in Rowley getting a B. Rowley thanks Greg for sticking up for him, saying now they're even, but Greg tells Rowley he has far more to repay him.

In the next chapter, Rowley asks how Greg could lay that egg from earlier, and he says by eating tons of crisps can he lay one. But Rowley suspects that Greg might be lying, as it was a hard-boiled egg. Rowley then brings up various things Greg said that might not be true, such as secretly dating a supermodel, turning into any form of water, being able to adopt any kid, being five centuries old (not aging and having known Abraham Lincoln in middle school), and even having ESP.

In the next chapter, it's raining, and they can't play outdoors. Susan tells them that instead of spending time in front of a screen, they should draw some comics instead. Rowley brings up what happened when they tried to make Zoo-Wee Mama!, which became successful after Rowley went solo; they got into a fight, and soon some teenagers forced Rowley to eat The Cheese that was on the blacktop. Rowley says they should make more of the comics, but Greg doesn't like it, and says they should make a superhero instead. By selling the movie rights, they could cash in; they soon talk about all the things they could do with the fortune they earn, like buying schools and stores, among other things. They can't come up with a hero similar to current ones, so they do something original--heroes with powers that no one else had come up with. Some are good, others are bad, so they each decide to come up with their own heroes. Greg makes Intergalactic Man, a hero that has a different power in each finger, which is good. Rowley makes Amazing Guy, whose greatest power is kindness; despite his promise, Greg laughs hysterically. Greg says Amazing Guy should be written with a mature audience in mind, but Rowley wants him to be a good example for kids, which just makes Greg laugh out loud for the second time. They briefly argue over the movie rights; as Rowley used Greg's things to draw, he owes Greg half the money from selling the rights. After Greg speaks to his "lawyer" on the phone, they decide to come up with Amazing Guy's origin story--Rowley first says he wanted to help people after his family raised him to be good, but then decides that he got his powers after getting struck by a double rainbow. Then they come up with his secret identity: a nurse who gets off work to help people. They also redesign his suit, and draw a comic showing Amazing Guy leaving work early to help a kid from some thugs off the street, with Greg doing the writing. But he messes up Amazing Guy's character, which infuriates Rowley. After another argument, where Greg threatens to call his lawyer, then Santa Claus, he decides not to write for Rowley's comic, and says that Amazing Guy would get wiped out by Intergalactic Man in a fight within five seconds. They decide to draw a comic showing said fight, where Intergalactic Man uses his powers, which get blocked by Amazing Guy's rainbows. The fight leads to Intergalactic combining his powers to destroy Amazing, but he gets comeuppance when Amazing vaporizes him with his kindness. It's soon revealed that Rowley got very carried away with writing the ending, to which Greg suggests that it's time for him to go home.

In the next chapter, Rowley talks about when he and Greg had a two-day sleepover, as the former's parents had to go see Rowley's sick relative. Although it starts out all nice and happy, because of Greg, Rowley finds himself in trouble--the two prank-call Scotty Douglas, which results in Susan telling them off for bullying him. At bedtime, Greg and Rowley sneak out to jump on Joseph O'Rourke's trampoline, leading to Rowley making too much noise, so they run. But Greg locks out Rowley, which causes him to frantically ring the doorbell. Frank shows up, looking furious, and they are soon told to sleep in Greg's room; while there, Susan admonishes the boys for sneaking out. After Susan has left, Greg and Rowley get into an argument (started by Greg) about what happened earlier, which culminates in them striking each other with pillows. The noise disturbs Frank, who makes Greg to sleep in Manny's room for the night (which is ironic for Greg, as he'd called Rowley a baby earlier, telling him to sleep in Manny's room). The next day, Greg antagonizes Rowley by telling him to "pay" for everything that he does in his household, even though Rowley justifies that he's his guest and should be treated as special. Susan hears about this from Rowley, and backs him up, much to Greg's frustration. He's left in a grumpy mood, making Rowley try to cheer him up with a joke, which only makes Greg mad, leading him to badmouth Rowley; he reports Greg for this, which makes Susan angrily tell off Greg for his misbehavior. It occurs again when Greg says it's "opposite day", and the same result happens, with Greg being made to apologize this time. Thankfully, Susan suggests that they should spend time apart for a while, which Rowley is happy with. He plays with Manny, and then meets Greg again during lunch. Susan gives them chocolate-chip cookies and milk for dessert, with Rowley having two. Annoyed by this, Greg tricks Rowley into getting trapped by balancing his glass of milk with his fingers, which he uses to steal Rowley's cookie. A half hour later, Susan finds Rowley in his predicament, and he naturally tells on Greg. Furious with her son's treachery, Susan announces that Greg will have to give up one toy of his to Rowley as payback. Greg reluctantly lets Rowley take a knight with a missing arm. After Susan is gone, Greg and Rowley get into another argument about their toys, and they try to come to another deal, like Rowley sniffing Greg's "99 scents" and even putting up with the opposite day nonsense when Greg tricks Rowley into exchanging his knight for a LEGO dragon. They soon get into another fight, this one physical, but luckily Susan breaks it up, telling them to separate for the rest of the night, each of them staying on one half of the room. Rowley takes Greg's bed, while Greg has to sleep on an air mattress. After Susan has gone again, Greg turns on an "invisible force field" that will stay on until the morning, and that crossing it will result in a "zap". They each try to get back at the other by enjoying themselves, with each of them "partying", and soon making so much noise that Frank shows up, more ticked off than ever before. They are warned to stay silent for the rest of the night, which sits fine with Rowley, who wants to sleep anyway. However, because of the force field, Rowley can't go to use the toilet, and a mug on Greg's night table gets swiped by Greg, because of his invisible gadgetry, which makes it nearly impossible for Rowley to use the toilet without the risk of getting zapped, or even sneaking past Greg. Early next morning, with no other option, Rowley urinates through the window onto the front lawn, worried more so about waking up Greg's dad rather than the "force field". However, Frank is already outside, and sees Rowley's urine, but thankfully doesn't see or realize it was him. A few hours later, it's breakfast time, but Rowley soon discovers that his toy knight is missing. Susan correctly suspects Greg stole it, and sure enough, while the duo are searching for it, Greg flushes the knight down the toilet, but isn't so discreet, as Rowley got a glimpse of the knight, and Greg had locked the door. Comeuppance predictably arrives when Greg has to give three of his toys to Rowley, which aren't broken this time. Things are at last okay as Rowley's parents finally return before lunch, ending the sleepover.

By now, Rowley is up to date with Greg's life, and shows his biography to him. But Greg hates it, pointing out that it's all about Rowley rather than him, leading him to tell Rowley to trim anything about him. Rowley justifies that the book would be only a page long, then suggests various ideas, like making the autobiography about the both of them, or making a spooky series about solving mysteries. Greg again retorts that both ideas are dumb, and says that he can do anything with his diary, especially make Rowley into a different character--named Rupert, and also dumb and drooling. He then gets Rowley into looking at his book, which leads to Greg closing the book on Rowley's face, as payback for when Greg fell into the puddle from earlier. In retribution, Rowley strikes Greg with the book, which results in a repeat of what happened with the puddle in Mr. Yee's yard. That evening, while Rowley is hiding from Greg, he hopes that his ideas will be successful, and in return for Greg's idea of changing Rowley's name to Rupert, he reveals that during their first sleepover, Greg too wet his pants when they got afraid.

In the last chapter, Rowley decides to make the diary all about himself instead, and explains what happened later that night with Greg; Rowley's parents say that he should find new friends, but Rowley is unsure, as Greg takes up so much of his time together. While yes, they don't always get along together, he brings up what Greg's mom Susan said about friends--that sometimes they get on each others' nerves. As Greg and Rowley do so a lot, Rowley quips that it makes them best friends regardless.

Sneak Peek

The book's listing on Amazon has a sneak peek of the first 7 pages of the book.

On February 25, 2019, another sneak peek was released.


  • The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book has a section titled "Diary of an Awesome, Friendly Kid." The title page is very similar to this book's cover as well. The Do-It-Yourself Book version is written in a similar style, except the text is all cursive and the drawings are in full color.
  • This book is the same color as the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.
  • This book shows Greg's negative traits a lot more deeply and clearly, which caused many fans to criticize Greg's behavior in this book.
  • This book contains multiple recycled storylines and jokes from other Diary of a Wimpy Kid-related media.
    • One of the "original" superheroes that Greg and Rowley try to come up with is called "Diaper Whip." This is also the name of a game Fregley invents in The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book. Diaper Whip was also the planned name for the Löded Diper.
    • Greg and Rowley try to communicate telepathically. The way this is done is similar to a question in The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book asking if you think people will have "instant messaging chips" implanted in their brains in the future. The accompanying illustration shows Greg thinking "u r a dork" while Rowley responds ":(".
    • Greg mocks Rowley with the question "Are you embarrassed that you wet the bed yesterday?" In The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, one of the questions on Rodrick's activity page is "Are you embarrassed that you pooped in your diaper today?"
    • While chasing Rowley with a slug on a stick, Greg nearly falls in a puddle. He asks Rowley to help, and Rowley mishears his request to "get him back on his feet" and causes him to fall in the puddle. Greg then chases Rowley and waits outside his house with a stick. The reverse happens in Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online, where Greg tries to hit Rowley with a stick and chases him up a tree. Later, he chases Rowley and nearly falls into a river, and Rowley runs away. Kenny Keith and his thugs then come and Kenny pulls Greg's feet, causing him to fall into the river.
    • Rowley saves Greg from attending Tevin Larkin's party after he accidentally falls on a beehive. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online, Greg falls in a hornet's nest while going to get Tingy at the Snellas' birthday party, saving Frank from doing something silly in front of the baby.
    • Greg puts a plastic wrap on a toilet at Rowley's house. Rodrick did the same thing in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Class Clown.
    • When Greg and Rowley are playing "Viking vs. Ninja" in the woods, Rowley sprains his ankle by tripping over a rock. Greg claims its a gravestone and they disturbed an ancient burial ground. In Old School, Gareth tripped over a rock that had some scrapes on it, which Emilio said it could've been done by Silas Scratch. Jeffrey says the rock was probably Silas Scratch's gravestone, and they were cursed because they disturbed him. The "Viking vs. Ninja" thing came from the online version when Greg and Rowley are playing "Viking vs. Indian" and then some teenagers come and insult them.
    • Rowley states that once Greg gets an idea in his head, he doesn't let it go. Greg says the same thing about Susan in Double Down.
    • One of the "That's you" drawings of Rowley depicts him as a broken egg. This could be a reference to Rowley Junior from the original book
    • This book and the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book have pictures of Rowley making a knock-knock joke to Greg.
    • This book shows Zoo-Wee Mama comics that Rowley and Greg wrote during the events of the first book, however these examples in the book were never published into the school paper.
    • In Dog Days, Robert Jefferson called Rowley an "awesome friendly kid", and it maybe can be the inspiration for the book name.
    • In Cabin Fever, Greg's book on magic reappears.
    • In The Third Wheel, when the family is going to have dinner with the Stringers, they cleared out stuff, and the Good Boy Reward appears. This maybe can be the inspiration for Greg's reward system.
    • A few characters from The Meltdown reappear, like Joesph O'Rourke, and Mr. Yee.
  • This book reveals that Rowley's grandpa is dead.
  • The Good Boy Award is mentioned in The Third Wheel on page 144.
  • This book contains a few pop culture references:
    • LEGO is mentioned on page 194.
    • Chewbacca is mentioned on page 203.
    • Spiderman is referenced on page 155.
  • 520 words are written in all capital letters in this book.
  • The imaginary character "Rupert", maybe came from Rowley's German name, which is Rupert as well. He first was mentioned in "The Ugly Truth" when Greg stated in his future autobiography, "I used to live near this kid. I think his name was Rodger, or Rupert, or something"
  • Rowley's grammar and punctation usage in the book is more incorrect than Greg's, which shows his childishness compared to him. He also seems to more informally address the audience than Greg does.
  • There are two times in which empty brackets (___) are used. The missing word is cheese.


  • Tevin Larkin is missing a freckle on page 26.
  • Mr. Hardy's moles are facing the wrong way on pages 113 to 119.
  • Susan Heffley is missing the curl on the back of her hair on several pages.
  • On page 184, Susan's right leg isn't colored in.
  • On page 164, you can see Greg's left hand holding the phone, but his left arm isn't drawn in.
  • On page 17 Manny has round teeth but on page 185 he is shown to have square teeth.


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