This page is for requesting bureaucratship at the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki. Only admins can request for bureaucratship.

Rules & Regulations

  • Sysops requesting bureaucratship must be able to type and edit in correct grammar.
  • Only self-nominations are allowed. If you are an administrator and you think that another system operator would make a good bureaucrat, then you can convince them to nominate themselves. You cannot, however, make a nomination on behalf of another system operator.
  • After sufficient time has passed to allow all users who wish to express an opinion the chance to do so, a decision will be made based on community consensus as to whether or not the request will succeed. Once a decision has been made, the discussion will be archived and moved to an appropriate subpage.
  • Selections of bureaucrats are not a simple vote count, or majority opinion. Sysops who wish to be promoted should demonstrate a steady commitment to this wiki, and be able to point to reasons that the bureaucrat tools would allow them to do better editing and make this wiki a better place.
  • When supporting or opposing a candidate, give good reasons. Comments that describe in detail why the candidate should(n't) become a bureaucrat carry far more weight than simple support/oppose. Also, support comments that reference only edit count carry almost no weight in the selection process.
  • If a user has been blocked for any reason (except for an IP auto-block or wrong button click,) or has a history of vandalism, spam, or trolling, (s)he must wait a period of at least nine months from the expiry of his/her ban before (s)he may be even considered for bureaucratship; (s)he must also be prepared to answer questions about his/her ban or history and how (s)he has changed. Even after considering this, however, it is still very unlikely that such a person would be granted bureaucrat powers.
  • One should become an admin before aiming for bureaucratship.
  • For users that have had previous unsuccessful RfBs and are planning to open a new one, consider the reasons that the previous nominations failed. Has anything changed about you that would make a new nomination successful?


How to make a request

Go to the "Current requests" section and type in:

{{subst:Request|Insert your username here|Insert comment here|~~~~}}

Current requests