Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki

Diary of Wimpy Kid Wiki was created on December, 11, 2008, 1 year and 8 months and 10 days after the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series' first book release. It was created by BaronXoop who created it when he was in middle school and he was bored. Despite creating the wiki, he retired 7 years later due to loss of interest.

How to help out

You can create, edit, and move pages!


Stubs are pages that need more to be filled in. You can help out by filling the page with facts and stuff and if you can even add images! 

Vandalism Warnings and Blocks

Remember! this wiki is about thing related to Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and must be canon! no fanon, spam or any other bad pages are not allowed to be created,also you aren't allowed to vandalise.If you vandalize once,you will get a warning,vandalize twice, then you will be blocked for 3 days.Thrice will get you blocked for a week,if you do four times,then we would block you for 1 month. If you are careless and do again,you will have a block that will last for a  year to forever. Also no inappropriate images are allowed to be uploaded.


Remember! a lot of young children also visit Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki! You aren't allowed to swear,spam, advertisement, cyber-bullying, do flame wars, harass other users,if you do it, this will lead to a warning and also blocks for a period of times if you ignore the warning and continue still.