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In the online book, dates are shown so the timeline for the online book is made.

Timeline (Unfinished)

  • September 7th - Greg Starts writing in his Journal.
  • September 8th - Greg says that Rodrick tricked him into thinking it was his first day of School.
  • September 9th - Manny is introduced
  • September 10th - Cheese Touch is introduced
  • September 11th - Rowley is introduced
  • September 12th - Frank plans to send Greg to Bishop Garrigan.
  • September 13th - Greg explains every morning, he has to make Manny breakfast.
  • September 14th - At school and at lunch, Albert Sandy told everyone that he has a TV and a DVD player and some cool stuff in his room, and his parents bought him that items.
  • September 15th - Manny has a tantrum because the milk was first, then the cereal on his bowl.
  • September 16th - Bryce Anderson is introduced.
  • September 17th - Frank has a Civil War Battlefield.
  • September 18th - Greg watched cartoons on TV.
  • September 19th - Greg and Rowley have a sleepover,
  • September 20th - Greg talks about Twisted Wizard and Collin Lee is introduced.
  • September 21th - Greg talks about Herbie Reamer.
  • September 22th - Greg tries to wash Mom's car, but he accidently used Brillo.
  • September 23th - Greg's punishment was that he had to clean the basement.
  • September 24th - Greg tries to be careful not to break a honesty streak.
  • September 25th - Susan tries to trick Greg to lie.
  • September 26th - Greg goes to church, and Ben Fielders is introduced.
  • September 27th - Jimmy Jury is introduced.
  • September 28th - Greg watches a TV show.
  • September 29th - Greg makes Jerome The Man With Incredibly Red Lips
  • September 30th - Greg makes The Boy Who's Family Thinks He's A Dog
  • October 1st - Greg goes to soccer.
  • October 2nd - Frank got a R rating movie and watched it.
  • October 3rd - Susan throws Gramma's tabloids in the trash can.
  • October 4th - Frank always wake up Greg early every day.
  • October 5th - Greg is mad at Rodrick for not doing the dishes.
  • October 6th - Greg wants to name his soccer team the "Twisted Wizards".
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