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Diary Of a Wimpy Kid: Do It Yourself Book


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The art of the hardcover and papercover version of the book.


Jeff Kinney


Jeff Kinney

Cover Artist

Jeff Kinney




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Amulet Books (Abram Books)

Publication date

October 1, 2008

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself Book is an activity book created by American author and game designer Jeff Kinney.

This book is divided into two sections: an activity section and a "What's Your Story?" section, allowing the reader to write their own journal at the end of the book. The hardcover version of the book features 16 pages of full-color comics in the middle of the book, between the two sections (32 in the updated version).

It was published by Abrams Books through their imprint, Amulet Books.


The first half of the book is filled up with activities. The activities include quizzes, personality questions, mazes, and drawing. It features several comic strips like Gregory's "Creighton the Cretin."  "Lil' Cutie is also featured. Many characters are mentioned in the book, mainly Greg HeffleyRowley Jefferson, and Fregley. In the back of the book, there are blank, lined pages with random characters in the corners, intended for you to write your own content. You can write a novel, draw, or do many other things. There are some things that have not been seen in other books such as The Fart Police, (a comic made by Greg), Lyrics of Explöded Diper and Zoo-Wee-Mama Comics. Two pages feature activities by Rodrick. Activities by Rowley Jefferson and Fregley also appear in the full version.


  • Your DESERT ISLAND Picks
  • Have you EVER...
  • Predict the FUTURE
  • Predict YOUR future
  • Design your DREAM HOUSE
  • A few questions from GREG
  • Good advice for next year's class
  • Draw your FAMILY the way Gregory would
  • Your LEAST favorites
  • Things you should do before you get old
  • Five things NOBODY KNOWS about you
  • The WORST NIGHTMARE you ever had
  • Rules for your FAMILY
  • Your life, by the numbers
  • The FIRST FOUR LAWS you'll pass when you get elected president
  • The BADDEST THING you ever did as a little kid
  • Practice your SIGNATURE
  • List your INJURIES
  • A few questions from ROWLEY
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKES you've made so far
  • Rodrick's ACTIVITY PAGES
  • How well do you know your FRIEND?
  • If you had a TIME MACHINE...
  • Totally awesome PRACTICAL JOKES
  • Your DRESSING ROOM requirements
  • Your best ideas for INVENTIONS
  • Make a map of your NEIGHBORHOOD
  • Make your own GREETING CARDS
  • The BEST VACATION you ever went on
  • If you had SUPERPOWERS...
  • Draw your FRIENDS the way Greg Heffley would
  • A few questions from FREGLEY
  • Autographs
  • Color Comics - Zoo Wee Mama, Trevor The Talking Sideburn, Gareth The Green Bean, Creighton the Comedian, Girls Rule!, Jerome The Man With Incredibly Red Lips, The Amazing Fart Police, Ugly Eugene, Action Fighterz
  • Create your own COVER
  • What's YOUR story?


  • There is a version where the cover is red instead of orange, but other than the color, the book is exactly the same. It is the paperback version of the original Do-It-Yourself book.
  • There is an extended version where the cover has a paper bag design with a hole in the center. In the hole, Greg is seen writing in his diary. The hole is surrounded by characters that he has drawn. This version has 32 more pages than the original. There is a sticker saying, "Now with even more!"
  • In "Create your own COVER", you can print it in



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