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The hazards of growing up before you're ready are revealed through Greg's words and drawings in his diary.
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The online version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the precursor to Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the forerunner to the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series in general. The book was first published on FunBrain by Jeff Kinney in 2004, with new pages being added each day until 2005. In August 2021, the book was removed from the site, though archived versions of the book can still be viewed elsewhere.

The book was published online in order to see what people thought of it before considering releasing a published and printed book. While the online book does not exist within the same canon as the book series, it is used as the direct inspiration for several of the events from the first eight books.

The first artwork of the online book was made in California, February 1998, with six years elapsing before Jeff Kinney decided to publish it. Although he had made many strips, only a few made the cut in the main books.

Main Characters

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It's a new school year and Greg Heffley finds himself in middle school where undersized weaklings share the hallways with kids who are taller, meaner and already shaving.


The following is the storyline of the entire online book, with each month being split into its own page to avoid lengthiness.

Note: This is still a work in progress.


  • This is the very first Wimpy Kid book to be released. Although it is an online-only version.
  • Many characters have different names than their series counterparts. For example, Greg's mom's first name is "Ann" instead of her bookname, "Susan."
  • The online version most likely takes place in New Jersey -- for example, Greg mentions that his old best friend, Ben, moved to a town called Piscataway, and there's only one town in the United States called Piscataway, and it's located in New Jersey. Another indication that the online version takes place on the East Coast is a store called "Shop 'n' Stop" (changed to "Home Depot" in the books).
    • The book version could possibly take place in Ohio (probably somewhere in the Greater Columbus Area) due to references to I-270 and to King's Island being 100-miles away.
  • As mentioned above, the book is basically a mashup of the first six books in the series but draws mostly from the first three.
    • This book would stretch through five full Wimpy Kid books and 198 extra pages (+2 if you count the last 2 only on Fun brain).
  • In this version, Rodrick owns a ute car while Bill owns the van.
  • In this version, alcohol references are made, such as when Rodrick's party was discovered and shown in the picture taken by the camera that Rodrick was holding alcohol, a man smoking was replaced with a person eating chips in the same drawing.
  • This version of the novel is considerably less kid-friendly than the physical books.
  • The final page is where Jeff Kinney asked if the fans would like it to be adapted as a book. There is also a Q&A page.
  • The online version shows more violence and questionable scenes than in the publishes books
  • Greg and Rowley are revealed to be in 7th grade.
  • Greg's birthday is in the winter (apparently sometime in February, which would make him either an Aquarius or a Pisces) while in the books, his birthday is during the summer (apparently sometime in June, which would make him either a Gemini or a Cancer).
  • Scenes inspired by the online book have been seen as late as Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, where Greg was dragged by his feet into a puddle. However, unlike in the online book, Rowley was the one who dragged Greg, and it was on accident.
  • On-Page 225, the one-armed drummer Rodrick is referring to is Rick Allen from Def Leppard.
  • In the online version, Fregley's name is spelled "Fregly".
  • In the online version, Rowley moved from Ohio, However in the books, it doesn't tell us where Rowley moved from.
  • In this version, Greg writes not only the day of the week, but the month and day it is.
  • In this version, Manny's age is changed. In the series, Manny is three years old. However, in the online version, Manny is five years old.


  • When Mr. Underwood tells Greg he's paired up with Stinky, he calls him "Fregly"
  • After Frank went downstairs and catches Greg eating Cheerios at 3 am from a prank by Rodrick, the sentence was written as " getting yelled at our having to see your father" instead of the grammatically correct sentence of " getting yelled at or having to see your father in his underwear.",
  • On page 25, there's a sentence that started with the word "Nobody", only it's spelled "Nodoby".
  • On page 29, "conspiracy" is spelled as "consipracy".
  • On page 35, Greg's speech bubble is facing the wrong way and is all the way at the top right corner. Plus, Rowley and Greg are on the left and right respectively on the page before, but afterwards, they are in the opposite places.
  • On page 102, it says that Rodrick will mention to him how he'll get The Belt whenever he's in trouble, but it says ”he tells me mentions to me” instead of “tells me” or “mentions to me”.
  • On page 117, trying is spelled as "strying."
  • Between pages 208-209, Greg's outfit changes from the Red Socks uniform to his regular everyday outfit.
  • After Ann told Gramma where she got the tabloids, in the sentence "Mom found where Gramma was stashing the tabloids", the word "the" is spelled as "he" This also happens on page 493.
  • On Day 34, St. Peters is referred to as "Saint Patricks".
  • At the last sentence on page 257, the word "about" is spelled "aout".
  • The color of Rodrick Heffley's pickup truck was changed from black (page 275) to white (page 339).
  • On page 384, there's a punctuation error where "Everyone" is next to a period like ".Everyone."
  • On page 392,"words" is spelled as "wordsl".
  • On Page 493 when Rodrick is seen talking to his friend Ward on the phone his is misspelled as "this."
  • Page 875 and 876 both show a picture of Greg wearing his speedos and talking about he wished he hadn't worn it. It's normal at the bottom of page 875, but both the sentence and picture are duplicated to the top of page 876.
    • Also, the left speech bubble points to Rowley while the second (Greg's) goes offscreen.
Page 35 (Greg playing a prank on Rowley)


Page 36 (Rowley and Greg are in the wrong places)


  • On page 906, Frank says "kind of". However, it is seen as "kindof".
  • On page 608, Fregley needs to use the bathroom. But the speech bubble for the teacher is facing the wrong way.
  • On page 70, "with her arms full" is written/typed twice before "of books".
  • On page 111, it says, "Let's just say I can't understood how George Washington ever got elected president." Understood should be changed to Understand.
  • On page 118, "trying" is spelled "strying".
  • On page 817, the "s" is directly to the right of the ",".
  • On page 819, "technically" is spelled "technicaly".
  • On page 870, the skating kid is "Tyler Murphy", but on page 880, he is "Taylor Murphy".
  • On page 1122, the period is too faraway.
  • On page 957, the Country "Luxembourg" is spelled Luxemburg.
  • On page 1129, Ben Fielders is known as Ben Fielder.
  • On page 178, the word "got" in the first paragraph is duplicated.
  • On page 241, October 30 is listed as "Friday", when it should be listed as Saturday.
  • On page 303, in the last paragraph, one of the "I's" is missing.
  • On page 363, Rodney's hair isn't colored in.
  • On page 584, the 'a' in the first paragraph is duplicated.
    • So is the word "to" in the last paragraph on page 586.
  • On page 631, there is a apostrophe next to "it" in the first paragraph.
  • On a page around the 300-330 range, the last sentence of the paragraph along with its illustration repeats itself at the top of the next page.
  • On page 493, there is no T in ‘the'
  • On page 1005, Rowley claims that in Brazil, ice cream is called "gelado". However, in Brazilian Portuguese, ice cream is called "sorvete", and in Portugal, it's called "gelado".
  • On page 218, the bed that Shane Smedly is under is black, however on page 220, the bed is white.
  • On the bottom of page 1016, "pick them" is lacking the space, thus making "pickthem"
  • On page 630, Greg says "I'm guess it's none of my business" instead of "I guess".
  • On page 719, Greg says "All of the sudden" instead of "All of a sudden".
  • On page 557, Ann is drawn too high which makes it look like she's floating.


Here is a small preview of the first seven pages in Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online).


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