Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel
Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel cover.jpg
The book's official cover.

Author/Illustrator/Cover Artist

Jeff Kinney


Abram Books (Amulet Books) (US), Penguin Books (Puffin Books) (UK)

Release Date

November 13, 2012


217 (234 including activity pages)

Preceded by

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck



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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel is the seventh book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It was released on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

Main Characters


Manny snurples.PNG


Greg talks about his baby days and explains (probably from his imagination) that before being born, he was in a dark place swimming and napping anytime he wanted, until being woken up by classical music that his mother Susan would send through "parental speakers". Susan would also tell Greg about her life through the speakers too and Frank would also tell him about his day at work. Greg then got tired of it and got out three weeks early. Then he explains how everything he got was a hand down from his elder brother Rodrick. Susan used to not let Greg crawl a lot and that resulted in Greg being way behind his playmates in the physical stuff. Greg finally learned to walk, but was in preschool by the time and was still quite behind his classmates. His classmates could do things like use zippers and buttons and many other things Greg was unable to, so he tried to slow them down by giving them wrong information. However, the teacher thought he wasn't learning well and called Susan and told her. Susan made him skip a grade to kindergarten, but he was scared there so he went back again.

Greg then explains whatever Susan did for Greg would not work for Manny as she uses a different technique. Manny's social skills are a bit bad, he also watches The Snurples, a show in which the characters have their own gibberish language and he also made imaginary friends escape danger, have fun and get extra dessert. Greg's mother starts a Family Night thing where they go out or play games rather than watch TV, Greg then talks about the family restaurant, Corny's. Greg is doing house chores until he heard a knock and finds his Uncle Gary at the door. Uncle Gary had bought some Boston counter shirts after loaning some of Frank's money, but the shirts have a typo and he needed a place to stay in. Living with Gary is bad for the Heffley family, his nightmares make Manny shift his bed away from the wall and whenever Rodrick is kicked out of bed in the morning, he has to sleep on the up part of the couch.

Greg explains how Gary has been trying to get a job, but whenever he gets one, he quits after a few days. One of Greg's teachers, Mrs. Moretta announces in Phys Ed that the ballroom dancing unit is starting and people should find a partner by writing their names in slips and submitting them. Greg explains he will be fine with pairing with anyone except for Ruby Bird, a girl in Greg's school who has a bad habit of biting people and was suspended for biting Mr. Underwood in the elbow. At the partner announcement day, in Greg's favor, Ruby is paired with Fregley, but Greg and four other kids were partnerless. The teacher paired them up with each other.

An assembly by Vice Principal Roy and Mrs. Birch announces new members for the Student Council. Greg cannot sign up due to him having three detentions, but sees Rowley could be perfect. Rowley signs up to be Social Chairperson. The winner of the President voting is Eugene Ellis who promised to replace the school's toilet paper with quilted toilet paper the teachers use. At Greg's house in his room, Uncle Gary played a future game when you are an adult, but Uncle Gary buys scratch tickets.

Javan Hill came out of the faculty room carrying a toilet paper for the bathroom.jpg


Javan Hill found that Pillow Soft Ultra toilet paper was being used by the teachers, not the kids. So Eugene went to the lounge and showed Mrs. Birch. The school introduces a program where students can bring in their own toilet paper. However, the plan backfires when some of the boys start a toilet paper fight in the cafeteria. The school then sets a rule that kids are only allowed to have five squares of toilet paper, much to Greg's dismay because he brought in twenty rolls. Now that the staff is checking peoples' bags and lockers to see if they had more than five, Greg decided to have his own bathroom stall to keep all of the toilet paper, but that backfired when people founded out that Greg was hoarding toilet paper. After this whole toilet paper experience, students learned that they are going to raise money of their own if they want something.  

The Student Council brainstormed ideas for a fundraiser, but most of the boys in the council decided on a mixed motocross/wrestling event. The fundraising community was formed, and, in the end, Valentine's Day Dance becomes a school fundraiser. Greg tries to find a date, but it starts to fail. A pantsing fever starts in the school which is quickly stopped by Roy, but a kid under the bleachers quickly pantses him and escapes. Now he (or she) is dubbed as the Mad Pantser. Greg found a leather jacket of his Dad's, but in school, it is confiscated by his mother who said it was not a winter coat. Abigail Brown's boyfriend breaks up with her, and after that Greg and Rowley decide to go with her for the school dance. Greg heads to Rowley's house but he sees two bumps on his chin that looked like mosquito bites, but he realizes it's chickenpox. He tries to cover it up since the chickenpox has been contagious in school. 

Greg goes with Rowley and Abigail to Spriggo's. The host tells him that gentlemen have to wear sports jackets. Greg has to wear a smelly sports suit which makes them go to Corny's due to the dessert bar, however, Rowley and Abigail order expensive desserts which makes Greg lie that it's Rowley's birthday to make him get a free cake. At the dance, the theme is Midnight In Paris but old people take one half of the hall for their meeting, but the lights had to be on the gym for the old folks to have the meeting. Later Uncle Gary tries to sell the Boston T-shirts, but people were ripped off and wanted a refund. Uncle Gary distracts the kids by playing music, making elder people complain. When the volume was down, all the girls took out their CD players and danced. Meanwhile, Gary announces the final song and Greg danced with Abigail. But Greg sees pimples on Abigail which he thinks is chickenpox. Later they head home, Greg realizes the "chickenpox" on Abigail was a pimple. He doesn't think Abigail saw it that way, because she wasn't chatty with him on the way home.

In the end, Uncle Gary moves out after he wins $40,000 on a scratch card which he wasted a lot of the Heffleys money on to buy scratch cards. Greg ends up getting the chickenpox, but he gets to take a bath in peace, but the experience isn't like how he lived before he was born and when he opens his eyes, the towel next to the bathroom was gone. Greg says either someone's messing with him, or either Johnny Cheddar is at it again.

Extract quotes from the book

  • I looked for a way to escape, but I was trapped. Luckily, Abigail walked out of the bathroom at that exact moment and I grabbed her hand just before Ruby got to me. Abigail's makeup was a mess from all of the crying, but I didn't really care. I was just happy to have an excuse to get away from Ruby. And to be honest with you, I think Abigail was happy to see me, too, so I led her to an empty spot on the dance floor.
  • I'd never slow-danced with a girl before, So I didn't know where I was supposed to put my hands. She put hers on my shoulder, and I put mine in my pockets, but that kind of felt dumb. So we met in the middle, and that seemed about right.
  • And speaking of Rowley and Abigail, I heard that the two of them are a couple now. All I can say is if that's true, it makes Rowley 'the worst wingman in history.'
  • I'm supposed to stay home from school for at least a week. The good news is that with everyone out of the house, I can take a long bath without anyone bothering me.
  • Or at least I THINK I'm alone. Today I had a fresh towel next to the tub, and when I open my eyes it was gone. So either somebody's messing with me or Johnny Cheddar is at it again.
  • Everything probably would've been just fine, but at lunch, someone threw a roll of toilet paper at somebody else, and within about fifteen seconds it was a total madhouse.
  • I couldn't find any cologne in Rodrick's junk drawer, but I DID find a bottle of that body spray they're always advertising on TV. I was a little nervous about using it, though, because if that stuff really works as they say in the ads then tomorrow night could be a nightmare.
  • I just watched everything play out from my spot against the back wall, wondering why I'd wanted to go to the dance in the first place. I was also to regret not wearing the body spray from Rodrick's junk drawer because Great Uncle Bruce's cologne was attracting people outside my age group.
  • Even my PACIFIER was a hand-me-down from Rodrick. I don't think he was ready to give it up, though, which explains why he never really liked me.
  • Every once in a while, a few latecomers would walk in and turn right back around when they saw what was happening. But, at around 9:00, Michael Sampson came in hold hands with Cherie Ballenger.
  • Also, the service is TERRIBLE at Corny's, so we always just get the buffet and serve ourselves.


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The upstairs bathroom is mine!.jpg
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Pre-school teacher tells Susan that Greg is not learning colours and shapes.jpg
Greg's worst nightmare in kindergarten knowing how to do stuff.jpg
Greg hides in teacher's desk as Susan helps him.jpg
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Susan helds playgroup at Heffley's house.jpg
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Wesley Stringer terrorizes Manny.jpg
Bradley terrorizes Greg in preschool.jpg
Remember Bradley.jpg
Susan reading Bad Bradley to Manny.jpg
Manny blubbers that he left Charles Tribble.jpg
Greg knocks on the bathroom door.jpg
Time-out for Johnny.jpg
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Frank is shocked when Corny's Employee cut off his tie.jpg
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Greg seats on a peanut butter and jam sandwich.jpg
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Ball Pit.PNG
Frank and Susan searching Manny in the ball pit.jpg
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Greg tries climbing up this area that is too tight.jpg
Greg crawls through a tube that is filled with dirty socks smell.jpg
Greg and Susan are lost in the corn maze as firemen found them.jpg
The children are running away from one of the kids throw up in the tube.jpg
Corny Saviour.png
Greg sniffs his jeans after washing three times with bleach.jpg
Happy New Year.jpg
Greg sleeps and warms himself in his room.jpg
Sequences of Greg dreaming to be the winner of best biceps.jpg
Greg hears a knocking sound while cleaning the dining room.jpg
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Gary calls Frank that he needs a loan.jpg
Botson T-Shirt Seller tells Gary Heffley he will have to take over his business.jpg
Botson T-shirt.jpg
Greg and Frank helping Gary Heffley moving things from the moving van.jpg
Rodrick wears a Botson T-shirt.jpg
Gary Heffley wakes up and had a bad dream in Manny's room.jpg
Manny away from the walls.png
Greg returns home from school as Susan tells him to be quiet when Gary Heffley sleeping.jpg
Rodrick sees Gary sleeping in the couch.jpg
Gary Heffley and Rodrick sleeping together in sofa as Frank saw them.jpg
Gary Heffley in the pepper spray company.jpg
Frank asks anyone seen his pants.jpg
The kids in the cafeteria while getting entertainment.jpg
Greg watches Frank doing his important project in the computer.jpg
Frank is not happy when Greg crunches his jawbreakers.jpg
The janitor finds Greg in the toilet.jpg
Susan gives Greg, Rodrick and Gary Heffley the allowance after chores.jpg
Greg in the bath without bubbles after Gary Heffley borrowed his bubble soap.jpg
Greg wears a corduroy pants that is three inches too short to attend Mrs. Moretta's ballroom dancing unit.jpg
Baylee Anthony herself.jpg
Baylee Anthony says to Greg and everyone.png
Baylee Anthony tells everyone not to write her name down.jpg
Ruby Bird herself.jpg
Ruby Bird bites Mr. Underwood with her one front tooth.jpg
Greg is terrifed to see Ruby Bird in the hallway and offers her to use water cooler first.jpg
Greg's slip that shows do not put him with Ruby Bird.jpg
Greg prays that the plumber will not use the bathroom after fixing it.jpg
Greg prays that he wanted to have lightsaber for his birthday.jpg
Greg prayed that Mrs. Moretta calling out Ruby Bird to partner for the ballroom dancing unit.jpg
Fregley and Ruby Bird.jpg
Greg and the boys do not have a partner with girls.jpg
Greg and the kids hi-fives they are not going to do ballroom dancing unit.jpg
Greg and Carlos Escalera dancing.jpg
Amazing Jerk.PNG
Amazing Andrew says cucumber.jpg
Martin Ford fakes hypnotizing the two kids.jpg
Greg is shocked to see hypnotizing trick worked as Martin Ford tried saying cucumber.jpg
The teacher found Amazing Andrew working in the fast-food to request him saying the magic word.jpg
The kids ripping a reference books in the library.jpg
Krisstina sings a positive lyrics song.jpg
Krisstina's World Tour T-shirt.jpg
Guy talking about being a NARC .png
Greg reports Mrs. Johnson about David Marks shooting spitballs.jpg
Greg and Rowley spying people.jpg
Private investigator.jpg
Mr. Millis watching television as Greg and Rowley spying on him.jpg
Greg asks Rowley to act really tough on Scotty.jpg
Greg is shocked to see Rowley and Scotty playing his video game at Scotty's house.jpg
The students playing outside and skipping meetings for the Student Council.jpg
Eight-Graders offering Greg a Elevator Pass.jpg
Elevator Pass.jpg
Greg being tricked by eighth grader.png
Vice Principal Roy catches Greg offering a Elevator Pass to a kid with a money.jpg
Double recess and ½ fridays.png
Rowley signs up for a Social Chairperson.jpg
The students going around to hand lollipop and badges for the student councillor election.jpg
Go Tigers.jpg
Greg writes a letter from a bunch of Gary's T-Shirt.jpg
Greg offers a T-Shirt with bubble gum to the kids.jpg
The kids in the gym trying to stand in the right order but they are herding cats.jpg
Rowley is in nervous wreck while rehearsing a speech.jpg
The kids are making obnoxious noises as Bryan Buttsy is doing his speech.jpg
Eugene 2.PNG
Mrs. Birch tells Eugene Ellis and student councillors about the toilet paper campaign.jpg
Chocolate Crunch.jpg
Frank lectures Gary Heffley on using all his money to buy Scratch Cards.jpg
Manny won't step foot outside when it is raining.jpg
Frank is mad that Gary Heffley gave him a scratch card for christmas.jpg
Frank is gasping when he looked at the scratch card.jpg
Frank is angry when Gary Heffley tricked him.jpg
Gary Heffley playing scratch cards on the computer in Greg's room.jpg
Javan Hill came out of the faculty room carrying a toilet paper for the bathroom.jpg
Eugene Ellis busted Mrs. Birch about the toilet paper.jpg
Eugene Ellis is victorious for the toilet paper campaign.jpg
The kids went overboard with the toilet papers.jpg
The kids brought so many toilet paper that it was not enough room to fit in their lockers.jpg
The kids are throwing toilet paper during lunch.jpg
Teachers looking for toilet paper.png
Greg spying in the hallway he had many toilet papers in the locker.jpg
Greg slips old trainers into one of the toilet cubicle to make it occupied.jpg
Greg relaxing in the toilet.jpg
Dag, is that kid still in there.jpg
A kid spots a spare shoe in one of the private stall.jpg
Greg is shocked to see kids raiding his private stall for the toilet paper.jpg
Caramel popcorn.jpg
Mixed Motocross & Wrestling show.jpg
Hillary Pine tells Eugene Ellis about the event planned.jpg
The girls are talking about Valentine's Day Dance.jpg
Bryce Anderson received a Candy Gram for the Valentine's Day Dance.jpg
Candy grams.PNG
The kids tossing mash potatoes into the ceiling.jpg
Greg sees a mashed potato landed on his lunch.jpg
The kids are scooting in the floor during basketball scrimmages.jpg
Greg wores two pairs of shorts underneath his sweatpants.jpg
Vice Principal Roy lectures the boys in the gym.jpg
Prince Pantsed.PNG
Travis Hickey says woo hoo!.jpg
Gary Heffley tells Greg that he advices how to impress girls.jpg
Here's another one for Greg Heffley!.jpg
Candy Grams written to Adrianne and Julia.png
Greg's note.PNG
Jamar 2.PNG
You may now kiss the bride!.jpg
Greg Heffley.PNG
Evan Whitehead had a chicken pox that he infected six unknown girls.png
Peyton Ellis.png
Gag Gag Gag.jpg
The children wooing at Peter and Lisa back in elementary school.jpg
Greg tells everyone that he and Bethany were going to woo.jpg
Greg gags and thinking about frogs in front of Bethany.jpg
Rowley trips in front of girls during lunch.jpg
Greg tells Rowley to be his wingman.jpg
Rowley Wingman.PNG
Greg calling 1.jpg
Greg calling 2.jpg
Hello, this is Greg Heffley and bwah ha ha!!!.jpg
Hello. this is Rowley Jefferson, and I'm calling on behalf of snarf!.jpg
Hand-me-down underwear.jpg
Susan in PTA suggests that the students should wear school uniforms.jpg
Greg hides from the big boys outside.jpg
Rodrick's sleeveless shirt with snake and skull.jpg
Greg founds Frank's black leather jacket in his closet.jpg
Black Leather Jacket.jpg
Greg asks Frank to borrow his jacket.jpg
Susan tells Greg not to wear an expensive black jacket.jpg
Greg sneaks out of the door with jacket as Susan feeds Manny without noticing.jpg
Greg chatters himself as he regrets to wear a black jacket.jpg
Greg notices something inside the black jacket pocket.jpg
Greg gags at Frank and Susan's photo as he walks.jpg
Greg looking cool as he walks by in hallway.jpg
Greg looks cool in the classroom.jpg
Greg is shocked to see Susan in angry looks pounding the classroom door.jpg
Susan tells Greg to take off his black jacket in front of everyone.jpg
Greg wears Susan's winter coat on the way home.jpg
Everyone is talking about Greg wores Susan's winter coat.jpg
Greg rans one of his friends in the church.jpg
The Stringer Family in the Church.jpg
Greg and Frank helping out moving the christmas tree away in the living room.jpg
Greg struggles to take out the diapers with tapes.jpg
Cover up.PNG
Gregory's charts.jpg
The Stringer Family came into Heffley's house as Wesley Stringer terrorizes Manny.jpg
Greg attempting to eat asparagus.jpg
Mrs. Stringer talking to Susan about the babysitter.jpg
Greg telling Mrs. Stringer that he will be the babysitter.jpg
The Stringer Family in the future.jpg
Susan drops Greg in Stringer Family's house to babysit.jpg
Mrs. Stringer talking to Greg what to do when babysitting Wesley.jpg
Wesley Stringer asking Greg wants to get his bike.jpg
Greg is shocked to hear the door locked by Wesley Stringer.jpg
Wesley Stringer on a bike messing around his house.jpg
Greg hears a rumble and crash sound from Wesley Stringer riding down the bike in the stairs.jpg
Greg hears a rumble and crash sound again from Wesley Stringer riding down the bike in the stairs.jpg
Rodrick tells Greg to do a time-out when he was little.jpg
Greg times-out while Rodrick is watching the TV.jpg
Rodrick tells Greg to time-out for breaking the picture with the ball.jpg
Greg tells his parents that he has done the time-out.jpg
Greg serves a double time-out from his parents for breaking that picture.jpg
Greg pushes a spare freezer out of the way blocking the door.jpg
Greg went through the window.jpg
Greg enters Laurel Stringer's room.jpg
The Stringer Family finds Greg in the Laurel's bed.jpg
Greg walks home while seeing the couples walking home.jpg
Abigail Brown is upset and talking to the Dance Committee.jpg
Susan embarrasses Greg and Abigail in the Heffley's minivan.jpg
Mr. Jefferson offers Greg and Abigail a ride in Jefferson Family's Car.jpg
Greg looks smart on wearing Rodrick's suit.png
Greg is being chased by the girls.png
Cellophane Box of a few chocolates.jpg
Greg is shocked to see Rowley with his little red bumps on his face.png
Four boys infected with chicken pox from Evan Whitehead.jpg
Rowley shrieks when he sees chicken pox in his face through the mirror holding by Greg.jpg
Rowley chews the chocolate to quiet him down.jpg
Rowley rubs his face with socks on his hands.jpg
Greg dabs Rowley's little red bumps on his face with a concealer.jpg
Greg looks at Rowley with a get-up fashion.jpg
Robert Jefferson notices his son with a sort of fashion thing walking towards his car with Greg.jpg
Greg notices Rowley's old booster seat taking up one of the spots on the car.jpg
Rowley in Jefferson Family's Car as he waves at Greg.jpg
Greg asks Robert Jefferson to honk his car.jpg
Greg knocks the door in Abigail's house.jpg
Mr. Brown sees Greg outside Abigail's house.jpg
Mr. Brown watching Greg in the living room as a state trooper.jpg
Greg sees Abigail Brown walking the stairs with her dress.jpg
Greg finds a way to seat in the front of the car.jpg
Rowley and Abigail are making jokes as Greg overheard them.jpg
He's not being funny on purpose!.jpg
That won't help my investment portfolio!.jpg
Bob's Vacuum Repairs.jpg
Greg is shocked to see greasy smears on his suit.jpg
Greg, Abigail and Rowley walking down the pavement towards Spriggo's.jpg
The host at Spriggo's tells Greg to wear sports jackets.jpg
The host leads Greg, Rowley and Abigail.jpg
Greg smells something from the loaner jacket.jpg
Greg dries the dirty jacket with the blower in the toilet.jpg
Greg tells Rowley and Abigail to take off the restaurant.jpg
Rowley and Abigail telling Greg they were hungry.jpg
Rowley suggesting to Greg and Abigail that they should eat at Corny's Restaurant.jpg
Rowley Tie Cut.PNG
Corny's becoming a total chaos.jpg
The kids are pounding windows next door as Greg, Rowley and Abgail looking at the menu.jpg
The situation is not an improvement after moving seats.jpg
Greg covers the window with menus as Abigail is watching him.jpg
Greg serves the corn chips with a straw to Rowley.jpg
Greg mmrfs himself as he heard the chicken pox could be airborne.jpg
And that's why my family will never rent that beach house again!.jpg
Potato peelers, please!.jpg
Greg tries to stay calm with the molecule passed from Rowley.jpg
Have you decided on a main course.jpg
Greg is hand signaling Rowley to buy something cheap .png
Waitress wipes out the mayonnaise sauce on the hamburger.jpg
Rowley and Abigail looking into the desserts menu.jpg
Happy Birthday To Cornys.PNG
Greg yanks out the five dollars out of his sock from the shoes.jpg
Greg asks Robert Jefferson to borrow a five-dollar bill to trade.jpg
Rowley and Abigail having a conversation.jpg
Rowley hugs Robert Jefferson in front of Greg and Abigail at the school.jpg
Midnight In Paris theme.jpg
Midnight In Paris photo booth.jpg
Greg photo.PNG
Gary giving kids a T-shirts.jpg
Abigail talks to the girls in Valentine's Day Dance.jpg
Greg overheards girls in the next door toilet next to the boys toilet in the gym.jpg
Senior Citizens from Senior Citizen Centre showing Mrs. Sheer the paper work.jpg
Dance Committee conversation to senior citizens.png
Partition plan.jpg
Janitor pulls the partition to separate Valentine's Day Dance and Senior Citizen Centre meeting.jpg
Midnight In Paris theme ended with the lights on.jpg
Kids are demanding Uncle Gary to refund their money back after they discovered the T-shirt was rip-off.jpg
Hit the dance floor.jpg
The girls dancing in a big group as Greg tries to make a move to break into the circle.jpg
Senior complains to Gary that the music is too loud and telling him to lower all the way down volume.jpg
The girls stopped dancing when they heard Senior Citizen Centre speech.jpg
Greg and the boys see the girls dancing with their personal music players.jpg
Rowley Pantse.png
Cherie and Michael.png
Greg tries to comfort Abigail as she was crying.jpg
Seniors from Senior Citizen Centre are raiding refreshments.jpg
The boys help themselves in a chocolate fountain.jpg
Mrs. Sheer fishing out the contact lens in the chocolate fountain.jpg
Valentine's Day Dance overrun by senior citizens.jpg
Greg is puzzled to see senior citizens sniffing Great-Uncle Bruce's cologne.jpg
A few kids paired up as couples while Gary Heffley the DJ announced that next song will be last.jpg
Greg is shocked to see Ruby Bird in Valentine's Day Dance.jpg
Greg asks Abigail to dance as she is out of the bathroom.jpg
Greg and Abigail dancing.jpg
Greg screams Abigail.png
Rowley comforting Abigail Brown.jpg
Rowley and Abigail walking to Abigail's house as Greg is inside Jefferson Family's Car.jpg
Gary Heffley excited to won $40,000 from one of his scratch cards.jpg
Chicken Pox.PNG
Rowley's virus attacking Greg's immune system.jpg
Greg with chicken pox relaxing in the bath alone.jpg

Sneak Peek

This is a small 54 page sneak peek into the book given by Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki. You might need to click on the images to view them more clearly. There was also a 7 page sneak peek if you had pre ordered the book from Scholastic.

Wimpy7 FirstDay-1.png
The Third Wheel page 2.PNG
The Third Wheel Page 3.PNG
The Third Wheel page 4.PNG
The Third Wheel Page 5.PNG
The Third Wheel page 6.PNG
The Third Wheel page 7.PNG
The Third Wheel page 8.PNG
The Third Wheel page 9.PNG
Page 10.PNG
The Third Wheel Page 11.PNG
The Third Wheel page 12.PNG
The Third Wheel Page 13.PNG
The Third Wheel page 14.PNG
The Third Wheel page 15.PNG

Major Events and Moments

  • Greg talks about the days when he was a baby.
  • Gary Heffley moves in with the Heffleys.
  • Rowley becomes the Social Chairperson.
  • Eugene Ellis becomes the President of Student Council.
  • Javan Hill becomes the Treasurer.
  • Hillary Pine becomes the Vice President. 
  • Olivia Davis becomes the Secretary.
  • The formation of the Dance Committee.
  • Greg tries to get a date for the Valentine's Day Dance.
  • Greg goes to the Valentine's Day Dance with Abigail and Rowley as a group of "friends".
  • Gary Heffley wins $40,000 from his scratch card and moves out of the house.
  • Greg gets chicken pox in the end.
  • Rowley and Abigail possibly became a couple. It is confirmed in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck that they are actually a couple until the end of the book.


  • This is the 7th book in the series.
  • Holly Hills was rumored to be Greg’s partner for the dance by many fans, but she wasn't even mentioned and only appeared in Greg’s relationship chart as liking Bryce Anderson. This could mean that Greg has given up on Holly. At the end of The Last Straw it was hinted after Greg wrote the fake letter from Holly Hills that he gave up on her due to being too hard to reach.
  • The Mad Panster’s identity is unknown.
    • He could be Anthony Renfrew since Anthony was the starter of Pantsing Fever, but it could also be somebody else.
  • There is an exclusive version of this book, which has Fregley’s secret note in the back. It's a poem by Fregley that shows why girls (specifically Ruby Bird) must go with him to the dance. You can also see it if you have the e-book version.
  • Rowley closes his mouth for the second time in the books on Page 166 while eating chocolate.
  • It was revealed that Rodrick might hate Greg because Susan gave Rodrick’s pacifier to Greg and Rodrick never wanted to give his pacifier up, but this might not be true because Rodrick doesn't act childish and Greg is not always true.
  • It is unknown what happened to Greg’s towel at the end of the story.
  • Rodrick has a much shorter role in this book, in most of the parts when the family gathers together Rodrick is not there.
    • Also, Rodrick doesn't bother Greg, making it the first book to not have Rodrick bully Greg.
      • Rodrick also does not have any dialogue in this book.
  • This is the first time a character's lies about it being another character's birthday at a restaurant.
  • Greg has his covers yanked off the bed by his father to wake him up for school. This is the second time this has happened in the series, the first being The Last Straw.
  • Greg apparently weighed only five pounds and seven ounces at birth - the average is seven pounds and eight ounces, meaning he was two pounds lighter than average, this hints why he was so thin and another hint is that he was born three weeks premature, as well as Greg mentioning that he never met Rodrick until a few days after he was born.
  • The book's title was originally Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Odd Man Out, but Kinney changed it to The Third Wheel for a reason. The twitter post is here.
  • Rowley and Abigail Brown remain a couple in Hard Luck, marking the first time either Greg or Rowley has had a relationship and even more remarkably over more than one book.
  • In this book even in the flash-backs Greg doesn't have buck teeth, this is the first book to feature a very young or baby Greg without buck teeth.
  • This book covers the months of January and February.
  • This is the first book where someone gets Chickenpox.
  • This the third time that Greg’s Diary is mentioned, the first is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • This is the 3rd book in the series to have "the" in the title.
  • This is the second book to begin in January. The Last Straw was the first.


  • This is the second book to have an error in the length of a month. February had 5 weeks instead of 4. The first was Dog Days, in the month of June.
  • On-Page 102, when Greg states the "motocross/wrestling event somehow morphed into a VALENTINE'S DAY DANCE", the capital "V" in "Valentine's" looks slightly different from other capital V's in the books.
  • On-Page 172, Abigail appears to be taller than average when she touches the sixth line unlike the other scenes that appeared are even mid or low five lines or high four lines.
    • These mistakes are usually not uncommon and happen in many other books.
  • Rodrick is shown much skinnier then he is in other books.
  • When Greg is cracking his knuckles on page 75, it is misspelled as "Krack" instead of "crack".



Diary of a Wimpy Kid- The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney

Here is the video for The Third Wheel.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どんどん、ひどくなるよ It Gets Worse and Worse
Spanish Tres no es compañía\Buscando plan... Three is Not Company\Looking for Plan...
French Un coeur à prendre A Heart to Take
Dutch Zwaar de klos! Heavy Duty!
German Dumm gelaufen! Gone Stupid!
Italian Guai in arrivo! Trouble Incoming!
Polish Trzeci do pary Third to Pair
Welsh Y Gwsberan The Summit


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