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The movie's tagline

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (a.k.a. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4: The Long Haul) is the 4th released film and final movie in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid live action franchise as of 2024. It is based on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It was released on Friday, May 19th, 2017. The film is based on the four books, The Long Haul and Old School (the evolution and old school concept) and loosely based Hard Luck and partly from The Third Wheel (quotes from the beginning of the books).[2] The film is also known for its poor critical reception.

The film was universally panned by critics and fans alike for its juvenile humor, the new casting, particularly Charlie Wright as Rodrick Heffley, which later spawned a meme on Reddit that later spread across social media, named #notmyrodrick. Other criticism includes changes from the source material, although Silverstone's performance was praised by some.[3] The film was also the lowest-grossing film in the series and a box office flop, grossing only $21 million domestically and $40 million worldwide against a budget of $22 million.[4] Because of this film's failure, it is possible that a new live-action film will never be made, especially considering there are already 3 animated flims.

Main Cast


The film opens with the Heffley family and Rowley Jefferson entering Corny's Family-Style Restaurant. While seated at their table, Greg, Rodrick and Frank are on their phones when their food is served. Susan demands them to place their phones in her purse. Frank and Rodrick obey her, but Greg ignores her. Susan snatches Greg's phone and places it in her purse. She then instigates a conversation about their upcoming road trip to Meemaw's house for her 90th birthday, which is met with a negative response from both Greg and Rodrick. Their objections are cut short when Susan sends Greg and Rowley into an indoor playground to help Manny, who has gotten stuck inside it. Greg ends up in a ball pit after falling down the slide and ends up with a diaper on his hand and begins to thrash his hand around while screaming wildly. A bunch of people notice him and run over with their cellphones to record him. The videos get posted on the internet, which turns into an embarrassing meme dubbed 'Diaper Hands'.


The Diaper Hands meme

Later, at the Heffley residence, Greg complains to Rowley about his unwanted fame as a meme. Shortly after, Greg learns that Player Expo is taking place not very far from Meemaw's house in Indianapolis. Greg's gaming idol, Mac Digby, will be attending and Greg hopes to appear in one of his videos so people will forget about his memetic mutation as Diaper Hands. He acknowledges that he will have to somehow sneak off from the road trip and attend the Expo without his parents' knowledge, however.

The Heffley family hits the road, where Greg, Rodrick, Frank, and Manny's devices are immediately confiscated by Susan, who wants the road trip to be absolutely technology-free. During the trip, Greg and Rodrick play a prank on their parents by causing other drivers to think they are being kidnapped, resulting in them being pulled over and lambasted by a policeman.

Later, after the boys complain they're hungry, Susan sends Greg and Rodrick off into a grocery store with a list of items to buy, but Rodrick veers from the instructions and instead buys a bunch of food he likes instead, such as cheese curls, bubblegum and a microwave pizza.

After arriving at an incredibly ramshackle motel, Greg and Rodrick run to the pool to go swimming, but instead find the pool drained and the hot tub occupied by the Beardo Family. After heading inside, the family discovers Rodrick's deviation from the shopping list, and Rodrick attempts to save face by showing them the pizza, only to acc. Discouraged, Frank and Susan tuck Manny into bed and get ready for bed themselves but allow Greg and Rodrick to go back and get in the hot tub when they see the Beardos have left. Before going to the hot tub, Greg gets into the family car and takes his phone out of the bag Susan had put it in and plans to use it discreetly. Later, when Greg and Rodrick are relaxing in the hot tub, Rodrick hears a notification from Greg's phone and discovers his plans to go to Player Expo. In a panic, Greg accidentally drops a bag of Cheez Curls into the hot tub, turning the water orange and making his body appear orange.

Greg discourages Rodrick from telling Susan, saying that they had a rock band video game tournament there that Rodrick could participate in. Liking the idea, Rodrick opts to keep quiet and go with Greg to the Player Expo. Going back into the motel room. Greg opens the bathroom door to find Frank sitting on the toilet, typing on his laptop. Frank explains to Greg that he was using it for work, and discovers Greg is in possession of his phone. They both agree to not tell Susan their secrets in order to keep her from getting mad and to let them continue to use their devices.

After cleaning up in the bathroom, Greg discovers that all of the sleeping places in the motel room had been taken, so he decides to sleep in the closet with only a pillow. His attempts to fall asleep are thwarted, however, when a loud, continuous banging noise disturbs him. He storms out of the motel room to find the Beardo siblings crashing a trolley full of cleaning supplies into a wall, over and over again. Enraged, Greg threatens to tell their father if they don't stop. Mad, the eldest sibling pushes the cart toward Greg, who dodges it just as Mr. Beardo comes out of his motel room. The cart crashes into the Beardo's van, leaving a huge dent and scratch. The eldest then blames it on Greg.

Ticked off, Mr. Beardo goes after Greg, who distracts him just long enough to make a getaway and hides out in the parking lot. After the Beardos have returned to their room, Greg goes back to his own and pushes his sleeping father aside so he can fit in the bed. However, it turns out he went to the wrong room, and wakes up next to Mr. Beardo the next morning, who screams and attempts to intercept him on the way out, but Greg is able to slip back to his own room without being detected. Later on, that day, the Heffleys attend a county fair. Susan has to use the restroom and instructs Frank to stay with the boys and keep an eye on them, then gives Greg and Rodrick money, which they spend right away on deep-fried butter on a stick. Rodrick eats nine of these, despite them being unhealthy.

Greg then spots the Beardos, once again, walking near their location. He runs over to Frank, who is busy with a work call, and hands the responsibility of taking care of Manny over to Greg. The two of them go to the Livestock Show, where Manny accidentally guesses a pig's weight correctly by counting up to six from four and receives a baby pig as a prize. Greg and Manny start returning to Frank, when Mr. Beardo sees Greg and begins chasing after him. Greg hurriedly meets up with Rodrick and attempts to escape Mr. Beardo by hiding in a Gravitron. Somehow, Mr. Beardo drags himself onto the ride while it is operating and begins making his way over to Greg, who begins climbing up the wall and over riders' heads in an attempt to get away.

The Deep Fried Butter

Greg and Rodrick eating deep-fried butter at the country fair.

While rolling over Rodrick to get to Greg, Mr. Beardo puts pressure on Rodrick's stomach, which causes him to vomit after the nine sticks of deep-fried butter. The vomit comes up and then falls down onto Mr. Beardo's face, which allows Greg and Rodrick to walk off the ride without any inconvenience. After Susan returns from the bathroom, Manny reveals the pig he won to Frank and Susan, who are both in shock. Frank explains he was on a work call and wasn't actually present at the time Manny won the pig, so he couldn't reject the offer. He also accidentally lets slip that Greg has been using his phone as well by saying that using his phone is "in his DNA". Susan storms off in a huff, stating that they are taking the pig with them.

When they get back on the road, Frank receives a work call and instructs everyone to remain absolutely silent to make it appear as if he's at work. However, Rodrick begins chewing several pieces of his gum very loudly during the call, so Susan shushes him, rivaling him in volume, much to Frank's annoyance. Susan opens up the sunroof and instructs Rodrick to throw out his gum but begins to close it again when Frank complains about the noise from the wind. As the sunroof, Rodrick takes the gum out of his mouth and throws it up, getting it stuck in the sunroof and making it unable to close.

Distracted, Frank begins veering off his lane and the driver of a large truck begins honking at them, causing a chaotic chain reaction that eventually leads to the car running through a construction zone. Frank expresses his frustration over the failed call, accidentally letting it slip that he is on a road trip to his client, who is still on the other end. After Frank and Susan get out of the car to discuss the situation, Greg reroutes the GPS to the address of the Player Expo convention. The Heffleys, unable to take care of the pig, drop it off at L'il Critters Petting Zoo, much to Manny's dismay. He cries quietly in his car seat as the car pulls out.

The Heffleys get a hotel room late the same day, and early the next morning Greg and Rodrick sneak out using the excuse that they are going to get a present for Meemaw, while actually going to Player Expo.

While being there, Greg begins playing a bunch of the games while Rodrick attempts to drum in the video game tournament, which he doesn't succeed at. Meanwhile, Frank and Susan get worried about the whereabouts of Greg and Rodrick since they got distracted and hadn't returned at a normal time. Susan calls the police to file a missing person report but takes back the call when she sees the two boys on live TV. They instead begin going to Player Expo to get the boys themselves.

Greg finally sees his idol, Mac Digby, participating in a video game competition. However, he is stopped from going to him by a security woman. Greg shows the woman the email Mac sent him, only for the woman to reveal that "they sent that out to every kid in here", meaning Greg will need to join an incredibly long queue in order to meet Mac Digby. Without the time to do that, Greg instructs Rodrick to record him going up on stage with Mac to make it appear as if he had collaborated with Mac, boosting his popularity. Greg sneaks on stage but freaks out when Digby notices him and begins demanding what's going on, causing him to accidentally back into a power cord, unplugging the display.

Mac digby live

Mac Digby at the Player Expo.

Digby is furious that he lost the world record of the game he was playing until Susan arrives, storming up onto the stage and hyperbolically announcing that Greg is grounded for life and will never play a video game again. During this, she unintentionally reveals that he is Diaper Hands to the crowd, who now knows his real, full name and his popularity as a meme. They chant 'Greg Heffley, Diaper Hands!' as he is dragged off stage by Susan.

Near the front doors, Greg loses it and loosens his arm from Susan's grip, saying that she embarrassed him in front of everyone and that now the "Diaper Hands" meme will never be forgotten. Susan says that the meme will blow over but Greg lying to her won't. Susan laments that all she wanted was family time and a nice road trip that they would all spend together, and she accuses Greg not caring about that, to which Greg says that she doesn't care about what he loves either, which is the whole reason why he had to sneak out getting to the Expo. Susan finally gives in and permits Greg to have fun doing whatever he wants, saying that she is "done fighting."

On the road again, the tarp on the boat that had been carrying the majority of their belongings, hitched to the car, flies off, and their suitcases, clothes and other items fly out all across the road. Forced to pull over, the Heffleys begin picking it all up again when the Beardo van pulls up and begins stealing suitcases and clothes in what Mr. Beardo calls 'payback.'

Worried because the Beardos had stolen a suitcase with a present with irreplaceable pictures she had hoped to give to Meemaw, Susan and the family get into the car and go after the Beardos as they drive off. However, they are stopped by a long line of traffic and are forced to wait it out. In the backseat Greg begins tossing food from his bag of Cheez Curls to seagulls on the roof of the car. The seagulls eventually fly through the sunroof in an attempt to get the bag of Cheez Curls, and Frank slams his foot on the accelerator and panic and makes the car go off an embankment and crash into a stack of hay, busting the radiator. However, Rodrick recalls a TV show in which a character in the same predicament simply runs his heaters on full blast in order to make the car work, and the family decide to try it.

Taking a back road, the Heffleys are greeted by a plethora of hunting and danger signs. A can of cinnamon rolls Rodrick picked up explodes from the heat, and Rodrick believes he has been shot and passes out. In the moment of confusion and the loud noise from the explosion, Frank had driven into a mud puddle, stopping the car from moving.

Susan, Greg, Rodrick, and Manny get out of the car so there is less weight for the car to carry as Frank attempts to get it out of the puddle but are sprayed by mud that the turning wheel spews in their direction. Dirty and caked with mud, the family gets back in the car and pushes on but stops once again when Greg notices the Beardo van outside a motel. They conspire to get their stuff back from them and wait until the Beardos head off to the hot tub before infiltrating their room.

They begin trashing the place looking for their belongings, until they realize that they are covered in mud from earlier and instead decide to take turns washing up while the others check to see if their stolen items were in the Beardo van, not in the motel room. Greg and Rodrick both keep watch while the other uses the restroom, so they stay behind while Frank and Susan take the Beardo's keys to get into their van.

After washing up, Greg is alerted by Rodrick through the window that Mr. Beardo is returning to the room, and the moment he does so, he immediately goes for the bathroom. In a split-second decision, Greg hides in the shower behind a curtain while Mr. Beardo uses the toilet. Once Mr. Beardo leaves, Greg accidentally turns on the shower before the handle falls off, stopping it from being deactivated. Mr. Beardo finds him and tries to grab him, though Greg manages to temporarily blind him with shampoo and escape. Mr. Beardo grabs the shower curtain, causing it to be torn from the bar. Mr. Beardo topples into the shower.

Greg runs out and gets into the van. Mr. Beardo, Mrs. Beardo and the Beardo children run outside while Frank throws their keys into a dumpster. As the Heffleys drive away, Mr. Beardo tries to get his keys out of the trash but fails and ends up getting a diaper stuck to his hand.

The van eventually arrives at a dead end, and Frank drives the van up a hill before it eventually breaks down, as the family had forgot to run the heater in their excitement. Greg discovers that Meemaw's house is just down the hill, and they agree to push the car down it to get to the party and so their car could be towed.

They manage to get the car rolling down the hill, and Frank, Susan, Rodrick, and Manny (in his car seat), manage to jump into the car as it's rolling down the hill. Greg, however, lags behind and is forced to jump into the boat.

The hill is bumpy, however, and the hitch comes undone, allowing the boat to diverge from the car and travel freely. Greg attempts to control it using the boat's wheel but hits a stack of hay bales and is launched into the air. The boat flies over Meemaw's fence and lands into her pool.


Meemaw's party

The Heffleys end up celebrating happily at Meemaw's and getting their car fixed, but the radiator breaks once again on the way home. A Spanish-speaking man who works for a towing company pulls over to assist them, but none of the Heffleys can understand him, expect Manny, who speaks in fluent Spanish to the man and explains their current situation. It's implied that he learned this skill from a CD Susan put in during the road trip, which was a guide to learning Spanish.

The man, Luis, tows their car, before getting to a mechanic for their car fixed, Manny gives him instructions to the petting zoo where his pig is, and the two reunite.

In the end, Greg explains that although the road trip wasn't perfect, he still wouldn't have changed a thing. He says that Manny was allowed to keep his pig as a pet; Rodrick was able to get a new van; and Dad was able to explain having time off from work to bond with family. Greg mentions to the viewers he can't wait see where his family will go next year to which Susan comes in and says wherever it is they're flying and she hugs him.

In the after credits scene, two girls take selfies with Greg, who they recognize as Diaper Hands. After that Greg is happy that he is "Diaper Hands". This is the mark of the end of the film.

Deleted scenes


Reception and controversy

As soon as the trailer of this film released, countless memes and hashtags were made about the new cast such as #NotMyRodrick, which was a trend on Twitter in retaliation to Charlie Wright's portrayal of Rodrick in contrast to Devon Bostick, who was deemed superior by fans. Wright received hate messages and death threats. There was a lot of backlashes, and many critics and fans consider this to be the worst film in the franchise thus far. It scored a 4.3 on IMDb, a 39 on Metacritic meaning “generally unfavorable reviews” and Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 18% rotten rating of approval. The film made only a little more than twice its budget.

Criticisms also criticized it for its poor grasp in the original source material, such as removing important parts in the book. More criticisms include the overuse of trendy things (such as YouTube stars, gaming conventions, and memes) and crude gross-out humor, none of which were present in the original films. Even though YouTube was mentioned in the Rodrick Rules film, it was not a major plot point. Other criticisms include how uncharacteristically mean-spirited the characters acted, even though the other films were about them growing as people. It doesn't help that the book this movie is based on is considered by some fans to be the start of the series' decline.

Film critic Caillou Pettis of the YouTube channel TwistedFalcon scored the film a D, stating "This is the messiest movie I might have seen all year."[11]

After the criticism, in a interview Jeff Kinney responded with “A lot of people give ‘The Long Haul' a hard time, and I think it was hard for people, because we had that cast that was so consistent for three movies, then we started with a new cast, and I think that was a little upsetting for people. I thought was fun. I think a road-trip movie is always fun. We're starting things up again with Disney+.…It's pretty cool to see Greg in that animated 3-D kind of world, so that's what we're going to be doing for a while. I don't think we're going to be going back to the live action soon.” [12]

On March 24, 2024, Charlie Wright uploaded a YouTube video detailing his experience dealing with the controversy and mentioned two other movies in the series were cancelled due to the poor performance of The Long Haul.[13]

Differences Between the Books and The Film

  • The road trip is for a casual summer road trip in the book, but is about getting to Meemaw's 90th birthday and, for Greg and Rodrick, attending a gaming expo in the film.
  • As such for the gaming expo, Mac Digby also only appears here.
  • Greg and Rodrick's prank where they hold up signs to the car windows reading "These people are kidnapping us!" is mentioned in the book as something that happened on a prior road trip. In the film, the prank is done during the present road trip instead.
  • Rowley appears in 3 scenes in the film while he only appeared on one page in the book.
  • Manny has a much less significant role than he did in the books but he's still important in the film.
    • For example, his tantrums about leaving the pig at the petting zoo are unseen. However, Manny is still seen crying in the car.
  • The subplot about Greg becoming a viral meme on the internet is an original plot.
  • The Heffleys' trip to Soak Central Water Park is entirely removed, likely having been replaced by the gaming expo plotline.
  • The Beardo family are much more antagonising towards the Heffleys in the film, stealing their belongings to get payback on Greg.
  • Greg accidentally enters the Beardos' hotel room after being blamed for getting Mr. Beardo's van scratched by his children, but in the book, Greg yelled at the kids and a kid told Mr. Beardo. Greg made a run for it to his room and not the Beardo's room. In the book this never occurred, and Mr. Beardo was only angry at Greg for scolding his kids for playing with the cart.
  • Greg manages to return safely to his own room after waking Mr. Beardo and does not run into them again until they are at the fair.
  • The scenes of the Heffleys at the fair from the book are altered or completely removed, with new scenes added.
    • In the book, Rodrick entered a stinkiest shoe contest while he did not in the film.
    • Susan, Greg and Manny were all present when Manny won the pig but, in the film, only Greg and Manny were present.
      • Also, Manny wrote his estimate for the hog's weight in the book as 243.1, but in the film, he vocally guessed the weight as 456.
    • Rodrick eats more deep-fried butter than he did in the book, causing him to vomit on Mr. Beardo.
    • Mr. Beardo catches up with Greg on a Gravitron ride while he did not catch up to Greg at the fair in the book.
  • The Heffleys falsely believe that the Beardos had stolen their clothes, wallets and driver's licenses in the book, but this is later proven to be untrue after it was discovered Greg had the key, he thought they had taken at Soak Central.
    • However, in the film, the Beardos are actually shown stealing the Heffley's personal items after they fly out of the boat as "payback".
  • Meemaw was said to have died in Hard Luck, but is alive in the film. This is not an error, as the films take place in a different universe than the books.
  • Flat Stanley is absent from this film.
  • In the book, Rodrick shot his gum through the sunroof, but then it redirected itself back and it got stuck in the sunroof's gear track. In the movie, Rodrick shot his gum, but it instantly got stuck in the gear track of the sunroof without it redirecting itself back.
  • Manny only speaks to one Spanish man who helps tow the Heffley's van, but in the book, he spoke to two men.
  • Greg is shown running around in his tighty whities which is reminiscent of The Last Straw, though the film is not based on this book.
  • Rodrick has a larger role in the film, interacting more with Greg and assisting him with the plan to go to the gaming expo.
  • The van that The Beardo's owned is a green Volkswagen Type 2 in the movie, instead of the purple version of The Heffley's minivan.
  • There are several other scenes from the Long Haul (book) that have been removed from the film.
    • Greg, Manny, Rodrick and Susan visiting the place that claims to have "the biggest popcorn kernel in the world".
    • The Heffley's visit to the museum of butter life sized carvings of the US presidents.
    • The visit to the vet after the pig biting Greg's finger (though the pig still bites him).
    • The visits to two restaurants on the way to the third visited hotel.
    • The incident at the pet cemetery with the Heffley's misleading a funeral procession.
    • The Heffley's planning to go to the beach (although the scene with the seagulls remained).
  • The road trip was also shortened to three days instead of one week.
  • Greg and Rodrick are the ones who convince the family to go on the road trip, even though the Family Frolic magazine did appear in the film.
  • The rest of the Heffleys were shown to be happy that Manny getting his pig back, whereas in the book, they did not expect Manny to take them to the petting zoo.
  • Player Expo and Mac Digby are original aspects of the film.
  • Greg sits in the back in the book, while in the film, Manny sat in the back.
  • In the book, there wasn't exactly a happy ending, but in the film, there is a happy ending, with Manny getting his pig back from the Lil' Critters Petting Zoo.


  • Most fans consider this movie to be the worst in the series.
  • This film features an entirely new cast, due to the original cast like Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, and Devon Bostick having aged out of their roles following Dog Days. This is confirmed because all of the confirmed cast members have not been in any other Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. The entirely new cast is the main reason why this movie received very negative reviews from critics and fans. There is a video on YouTube where Devon Bostick reacts to the trailer of this movie.
  • This is the fourth film of the film series.
  • Unlike the first three films, Susan has blonde hair instead of brown hair.
  • The short script shared for auditioners feature lines from Hard Luck, The Long Haul, and Old School.
  • This is the second film where the movie cover doesn't show the cartoon characters and the real visual characters.
  • This is the fourth film where an animal appears, making all the Wimpy Kid movies include animals.
  • Unlike the other films, which were filmed in Vancouver in Canada, this movie was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • This is the first film where supporting characters like Fregley, Patty, Chirag, and Coach Malone don't appear. However, in the Movie Diary, it was shown that in an original script, Fregley and Chirag were going to appear.
  • This is the second film to not feature Holly Hills, following the first film. Holly made her first appearance in the second movie.
  • This is the second film where Susan says Greg's real name in front of many people.
  • An updated version of the Movie Diary containing info on this movie was released on May 9th, 2017. However, it does not contain the information on the original trilogy and only this movie.
  • Jeff Kinney makes a cameo in this film, where he appears for only a few seconds, but has no lines at all.
    • He had previously made cameos in the Rodrick Rules and Dog Days films as Holly Hills' dad.
  • "Player Expo" might be a possible reference to "Electronic Entertainment Expo" because they're both video game conventions, and they both take place in the summer.
  • Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad can be seen outside Player Expo on a wall, possibly representing Super Mario 3D World.
  • This movie shares parts from the books The Third Wheel and Old School and Hard Luck and ''The Long Haul''
  • This is the second film the Greg's Diary doesn't make an appearance (exception is being the opening in the beginning of the film) after Dog Days.
  • This film is a reboot since it doesn't feature the original cast, nor does it follow the continuity of the original three films, especially when Greg's age is 10-11 and Rodrick's age is 16 in this movie, whereas Greg turns 13 in the third movie.
  • At the end of the credits of the film it foreshadowed the 12th book The Getaway a few months before the cover reveal.
    • According to Charlie Wright, there were two films planned with the cast, likely with one of them being The Getaway. Those were canceled after the audience's response to The Long Haul.[14]
  • The Beardo's van getting scratched is a reference to the first film, where Greg accidentally scratched Pete Hosey's Ford F150.
  • The Cheese made a cameo in this when the Heffley family are staying in the first motel.
  • A Groudon action figure from Pokémon can be seen when Greg gets his Atlas.
  • The Pig's drawing can be seen as a sign named "All yeh can eat buffet" in the Corny's restaurant and not Corny sez: Feed Yer Face.
  • There are a few pop culture references in this film.
    • A female character from the film Mad Max is mentioned when The Heffleys saw themselves covered in mud inside of the motel room The Beardos are staying at.
    • The scene where Greg wakes up next to Mr. Beardo is a reference to the 80s film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Greg mentions that the U.S. defeated the British in World War II, even though they were on the same side. However, he might have gotten it confused with the American Revolutionary War
    • Granted, this is not totally out of character, as Greg doesn't have a particularly good track record with history.
  • The intro music is different from the original three movies.
  • This is the third movie to show the Heffley‘s in the beginning as drawings and transform into their real appearances.
  • When Greg and Rodrick are riding the Alien Abduction at the Country Fair, Greg tries climbing it getting away from Mr. Beardo, and he accidentally hits a girl with braided hair tied in 2 pigtails with his leg, she tells him rudely "Watch it you jerk!", she could've been Patty due to her sharp attitude, except there's no clue if it's really her, it's not stated who she is, because she doesn't even know Greg, and she's unknown in this movie.
  • When Greg accidentally drops the bag of Cheezies in the hot tub getting covered in cheese powder, Rodrick refers to him as an Oompa Loompa which is a reference to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • If a TV is seen in a hotel room, Manny changes channels and one of the shows shown is The Simpsons .
  • In the movie diary, the actor of the pig was the Juliana breed.
  • People were angry about how the new Rodrick looked. There is also a hashtag called #NotMyRodrick.
  • Even though this is just a movie, Alicia Silverstone as Susan Heffley was actually doing a great job making healthy choices during the film, especially for child actors, because all the healthy foods she's been trying to feed everyone are actually healthy for real even in a movie, it would also make sense for actors to eat healthy anyway especially to give themselves energy for acting especially since Greg and Rodrick have been eating a lot of unhealthy foods during the movie.
  • In Australia, this is the first film to not have its chronological number after "Wimpy Kid".
  • This is the first of the live-action films to have the opening scene shot first.
  • This is by far the youngest incarnation of Greg and Rowley in any Wimpy Kid media (not counting flashbacks) as Jason Drucker was only 10 years old when filming for The Long Haul began.
  • There was a deleted scene that was briefly shown in the trailer of the movie, showcasing a little girl in a pink outfit, with pigtails and blonde hair, that apparently won the drum competition at player expo, succeeding Rodrick, and afterwards faced toward the camera (presumably at Rodrick) and stuck out her tongue and made the "Loser" sign on her forehead, with the audience clapping for her in the background.


  • Greg accidentally enters the wrong hotel room (the Beardos' room) after all the lights turn off and everyone going to bed, he didn't even know that he was in someone else's room until he woke up in the morning. But the room he went to wouldn't be accessible since he doesn't have the key.
  • When Rodrick is talking to the old lady apologizing for toilet papering her house, it's obvious that he's not really talking to her, because the phone has been on the lock screen the whole time, even when he gives it back to Susan.
  • Greg accidentally drops the Cheez Curls in the hot tub spreading cheese powder all over, but later in the movie, he suddenly has the bag of them in his hand and feeds some to the birds which they take away; however, Rodrick could've bought 2 bags of Cheez Curls.
  • When Greg steps on a bug in the bathroom, the squishing sound is heard sounding like it's dead but all of a sudden when he lifts his foot up off the floor, it's suddenly still alive and moves.


The last film was released in 2012, and because the original actors have become too old for their characters, it was largely believed that there would be no more films in the series. This changed when Jeff Kinney announced on Twitter that they were "gearing up" to make a movie for The Long Haul and that they first need a Greg and a Rowley. [15] In the tweet, he shared a link to the website for the online casting call [16] and during the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down's Virtually Live event (where Double Down's cover, color and book title were revealed) Jeff Kinney hinted at this movie. Then a news article on the website of The Today Show revealed a few cast member names and stated the film would start filming in September, which it did. Jeff Kinney announced on Twitter that filming would start in September in Atlanta, Georgia (US state). [17] After those announcements, the film was definitely going to happen.


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