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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011 film) a.k.a. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules is the second film in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film franchise. It is based on the book of the same name, and the first half of The Last Straw book, combined into one film. It was released on Friday, March 25th, 2011, by 20th Century Fox, who distributed all the live-action Diary of a Wimpy Kid films. The movie was rated PG by the Motion Picture Association for some mild rude humor and mischief. This sequel features a returning cast that includes Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, Rachael Harris, Devon Bostick, and Steve Zahn as the primary characters. The film was a box office success, making $74.2 million on a $21 million budget, but received mixed reviews from critics.



At the start of the film, Greg Heffley (played by Zachary Gordon) and his family visit a roller rink where he runs into his best friend, Rowley Jefferson (portrayed by Robert Capron), along with their classmates Fregley (Grayson Russell) and Chirag Gupta (Karan Brar). There, he meets Holly Hills (played by Peyton List), who quickly captures his heart. Additionally, Greg tells Rowley that he passed on the Cheese Touch to Jeremy Pindle. Eventually the rink changes tones allowing couples to skate on the rink. Fregley also walks up to Patty Farrell with interest in skating with her causing Patty to run away in fright.

Maxresdefault (3)-0

Greg, Rowley and Fregley eating pizza at the roller rink.

Greg's older brother, Rodrick (Devon Bostick), tricks Greg into trying to skate with Holly and starts attracting a mob of violent teenagers to enter the roller rink. Their mother Susan Heffley (Rachael Harris) and father Frank Heffley (Steve Zahn) misunderstand and humiliate him by speaking to him on the speakerphone and then carry him off the rink. Then Greg tries to tackle Rodrick, only to land on Taylor Pringle's (Dalila Bela's) birthday cake, and then kids punch and kick Greg.

Afterward, Susan has noticed that the boys haven't been getting along and devises "Mom Bucks" to pay them if they spend time together where they can trade in for one real dollar, but this unwittingly makes things worse.

At Westmore Middle School, Greg and Rowley enter 7th grade. As Greg spots Holly in the same classroom as him, he tries to sit next to her, but Patty takes the spot just before he could, and (either way) Mr. Draybick orders Greg to sit in front of his desk so he could keep an eye on him (after concluding that Greg is related to Rodrick). After school, a talent show is advertised on TV. The brothers see this as a big opportunity – Rowley suggests that he and Greg perform magic tricks, but Greg rejects the idea whilst Rodrick sees this as his band's big break.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules 2011 - homework lie

Susan is upset because Greg lied to her after he promised to use computer for homework only.

The next day, Rodrick and Ben pick up Greg and Rowley and take them on a wild ride on the way to Greg's house. In Greg's house, Susan offered Greg and Rowley Rockin' Rapids. Greg promises to use computer for homework only. Manny gives tinfoil ball to Greg. In Greg's room, Greg and Rowley watch a funny YouTube video where a lady falls. Greg wants to be famous like the lady in the video so him and Rowley attempt to make a funny YouTube video where Rowley lip-syncs to "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha; unfortunately (despite Rowley at one point sitting on a tinfoil ball with spikes made by Manny) it proves to be awful, getting only 4 views. Then, Rowley and his father leave Greg's house. Susan shuts the front door. Susan is upset because Greg lied to her after he promised to use computer for homework only. Next, Greg chooses to be 100% honest.

On Sunday, the Heffley family goes to church but Greg is reluctant to go inside, as a melted 3 Musketeers chocolate bar, intentionally placed on his seat by Rodrick, has stained his trousers. Susan gives him her sweater to cover up the stain, but the cover-up backfires when Rodrick purposely exposes Greg's pants, catching the attention of a young girl. Then, the church people get shocked at Greg's pants. When Greg licked the chocolate, everyone was disgusted thinking it was poop. Upon realizing that it was chocolate, and that Rodrick had pranked him. The boys ultimately end up in a scuffle on the floor as the service ends in chaos. Frank carries them out of the church while Susan scolds them both. A few days later, as punishment, they are to spend a whole weekend together to bond without inviting anyone over while their parents and Manny leave on a trip to Rockin' Rapids without them. Against his parents' orders, Rodrick commences a party for his friends at the house and locks Greg in the basement. Rowley comes to "save" Greg, but Rodrick locks him in the basement as well, until a call from their mother results in Rodrick letting the two-out, in return for their silence on the matter.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Church

The church that Greg, Holly, Rowley and Taylor's families all go to.

Greg and Rowley Movie

Greg and Rowley screaming, thinking that The Foot has got them.

The next day, the two get a call from their mom, informing them that Manny got sick in Rockin' Rapids and they are returning early from their trip. The house is trashed, and the boys only have an hour to clean it up and erase all evidence of the party before their parents arrive home. When they see that one of the people in Rodrick's party wrote on the bathroom door in permanent marker, they replace the door with a different one from the basement. Afterward, Greg realizes that the new door does not have a lock, while the old one did. When Susan, Frank and Manny arrive home, they are happy to see the siblings together in the living room. Frank asks Rodrick who came over, and Rodrick lies to him that nobody came. When Frank leaves, he returns a few seconds later and asks the boys what General Grant was doing on the heater. He angrily scolds them that his figurines cannot be touched. Greg privately discusses with Rodrick what they should do about this, so Rodrick tells Greg to "deny, deny, deny" if asked, never to admit to anything no matter how much they find out. When their mother notices this, she confronts both boys individually. Rodrick denies it, claiming he never knew about a lock, and therefore never used one as there was never one, to begin with. Greg confesses, but in order to prevent Rodrick from getting angry at him, he says that the party was only a band rehearsal, and the two-escape punishment. Rodrick thinks Greg denied everything, and the brothers become friends.

The boys go out for a night of fun, getting smoothies and pulling pranks on unsuspecting people with fake vomit on their car trunks. However, one prank goes too far, and Coach Malone chases them into a mall. They escape by tricking him at Plainview Mall and return home laughing, only to find that their father has come across photos of the party and discovers their mother knew about the party, to which he scolds her for not telling him and Rodrick scolds Greg for telling their mother and taking pictures during the party. As their father and their mother think about their punishments, Greg tries to apologize, but Rodrick only says that they are no longer friends. Greg is grounded for two weeks with no video games. Rodrick is grounded for a month and is not allowed to participate in the talent show. He is also only allowed to drive to school and back for 1 month. Rodrick begs them to give him a different punishment, but they refuse. Devastated by his punishment, Rodrick tells Greg he is dead. Then Greg and Rodrick spend the weekend with their grandfather in his retirement home. Greg reunites with Holly at the retirement home and bond over their mean older siblings and irritating little siblings. Greg writes his feelings in his diary believing running into Holly was a change of fortune, which Rodrick gets a hold of and reads out loud, waking Greg up. Rodrick then threatens to tell Holly and runs towards the lobby to do so. Greg chases after Rodrick in his underwear and manages to snatch away the diary. He runs to the bathroom, rips out the pages of the diary, and flushes them down the toilet. He discovers he is in the ladies' bathroom but manages to escape the mob of angry women who think he is a "peeping tom". However, he finds that Rodrick caught everything on tape via a security camera and an old VCR and threatens to show it to everyone sooner or later.

At the talent show a few nights later, Rowley's performance is derailed when his soon-to-be-eight-year-old assistant, Scotty, succumbs to stage fright. Greg's mom proposes that Greg step in for Rowley, but Greg declines, fearing he'll be embarrassed. Following Rodrick's dismissal from his band, Greg witnesses the moment Bill Walter kicks him out. Greg strikes a deal with his mom, offering to do the magic show with Rowley if she allows Rodrick to perform. She agrees, and Rodrick, grateful, acknowledges Greg's gesture. The magic show captivates the audience, earning praise from Holly backstage. However, Patty Farrell dismisses it as "pathetic" and ends up with bird poop dumped on her. Rodrick and his band's performance initially falls flat, but the crowd gets into it when they see Greg's mom dancing. Greg is content, having successfully addressed the family issues.

Rodrick drives Greg to school, as the boys have now forgiven each other. Rodrick also gives him a tape containing that "embarrassing moment" at Leisure Towers. The boys then create a new friendship, realizing it is fun to have a brother. Later, Greg and Rowley put the video of the talent contest on YouTube and call it "Lame Band with Crazy Mom Dancing" which becomes an instant hit. Rodrick shouts that Greg is "so dead", closing the movie. Then the at the end of the credits at the end where right after Ownership of this motion picture is protected by copyright and other applicable laws, right below that the Greg and Rodrick drawing stand next to the title of the movie and start punching and kicking each other while they look at the viewers.

Deleted Diary Pages (Deleted scenes)

Meet Patty: Patty skates up to Greg, informing her "he'll always have The Cheese Touch to her". Greg says there's a 5 dollar bill in his skates (but there isn't) then Patty goes to take a look, but Patty smells some nasty stench instead. Out of anger, she stomps on Greg's foot.

Who Drank All The Soda?: While Susan is talking about how important honesty is to her after Greg asks why he's in the paper, she says that what she wrote was a cute story. Cuts to a shot of Susan opening the bin then asking Greg if he just drank 'ALL the soda for your father's card game?". He then burps the word "no". Shot back to Rowley, then he giggles and says that is a cute story.

Dad's Worried: The scene where Frank arrives home & sees Greg and Loded Diper in the garage was longer with different narration by Greg. Instead, Frank walks in on Susan writing an article called "Brothers and Best Friends" on the computer in the kitchen. They then greet each other. Frank walks in the kitchen says that he doesn't Rodrick is being a good role model to Greg. Mom responds with saying that she doesn't think Greg doesn't want to be like Rodrick and she's happy they're acting like real brothers. Frank says okay and goes to the garage without arguing. The scene with Loded Diper and Greg laughing as they say "Somebody farted" in the microphone with an echo effect is now placed after this, although Frank opening the door is longer (also different audio placed on that shot) and you don't get to see Bill say it, but you see him hand the mic to Rodrick, and see Rodrick say it in a shot where you can see everyone [except Frank] in the garage. There's no echo on "farted", and instead an echo on EVERY word, and there's no close-up shot of Greg laughing and looking at his dad. The scene then ends with Rodrick giving the microphone back to Bill.

The Elevator Lady: Greg does not yell "RODRICK!!" when the elevator door closes. He instead does a sobbing "no!", then the camera pans to the stairs. Greg runs down to the stairs, then the music (This is War by Ben Kweller) stops and cuts to a scene of Rodrick in the elevator with an elderly lady. The old lady says Rodrick reminds her of his grandson, and Rodrick thanks her. The old lady tells Rodrick that her grandson's in prison. Rodrick has a confused face and looks back to the lady. The music plays earlier in this version and the rest of the scene plays.

Old Lady Chase: The part where an old lady is put in a headlock and mistaken for a Peeping Tom was not in the movie in favor of Greg exiting the ladies' room, panting then being chased down by old ladies. After Rodrick records the tape, we get to see Greg looking at a worker with a cleaning tub. He hides beside the tub, walking along with the cleaner. We get to see a shot of the cleaner walking with the tub, but Greg is not walking beside her. He is now under a sign for the Leisure Village. Some old men are looking at Greg's arm, wondering what it is, look at each other, and Greg has already ran away. A shot of him running in the sign behind 3 elderly people having some food and drinks and then looking behind him. The old ladies are still chasing him. So he drops the sign and runs away with his diary. Greg runs to a dead end with only trees, tables, and chairs. However, once the ladies have arrived, Greg is not in the shot because he has climbed a tree. Greg goes back to his Grandpa's apartment, which was in the completed film.

Talent Show Goth Girl: After a shot of the Irish dancers, it doesn't cut to Fregley's act. It cuts to a girl with crazy red hair and eyeliner telling everyone about things she hates. She lists: Saxophones, rainbows, cupcakes & talent shows. Then after she is finished she smiles, thanks the audience then runs backstage.

Alternate Ending: Greg finds out Rodrick told everyone the story of how he got stuck in the ladies' room at Leisure Towers for an hour and a half. When he comes to school, everyone congratulates him, figuring out the story went from him stuck at the ladies' room at Leisure Towers, from him sneaking into Crossland High School cheerleader room. This was instead used in the animated adaptation, Disney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules, except in the Disney film the exaggerated story is of him sneaking into a bingo game at Leisure Towers and walking off with the grand prize.

These scenes can be found on the "My Summer Vacation Fun Pack", the Blu-Ray disc, and the iTunes version.


The film's trailer was shown with Gulliver's Travels on December 25, 2010. It was later released online on the official Diary of a Wimpy Kid Facebook page on January 3, 2011.


Main article: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012 film)

The sequel, based on the third and fourth books in the series, Dog Days was released on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 in the US.


The film received mixed reviews from critics, with the main criticism being the lack of improvement over its predecessor. Review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes gives the film an approval rating of 54%, based on 106 reviews with an average rating of 5.51/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "Unlike its bestselling source material, Diary of a Wimpy Kid fails to place a likable protagonist at the center of its middle-school humor – and its underlying message is drowned out as a result."[1] It also holds a rating of 56/100 at Metacritic, based on 26 reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[2] Audience surveyed by CinemaScore gave this film an "A-."[3]

Roger Ebert gave the film three-and-a-half stars out of four, writing "It's nimble, bright and funny. It doesn't dumb down. It doesn't patronize. It knows something about human nature."[4] Glenn Whipp of the Associated Press was less positive, saying, "In transferring the clean, precise humor of Kinney's illustrations and prose to the big screen, the material loses just a bit of its charm."[5] At the Movies host David Stratton gave the film one star while co-host Margaret Pomeranz gave it half a star. Stratton called the film "tiresome" and said there was "nothing remotely interesting in Thor Freudenthal's direction or the screenplay." Pomeranz disliked the character of Greg Heffley, saying "I really thought he was unpleasant. I did not want to spend time with him. I could not wait for the end of this film."[6]

OregonLive.com gave the movie a C+ grade, criticizing it for being "too often dull, unappealing and clumsy, hobbled by unnecessary changes and inventions that add no charm, energy or, truly, point."[7]

Despite the mixed response from critics, the film received positive reviews from audiences and fans of the book, with many fans hailing it the best out of the four films made so far.


  • The live-action film adaptation for the sequel to Rodrick Rules was named Dog Days instead of The Last Straw like the book series while combining both The Last Straw and Dog Days together.
  • When Greg finds out that Manny put a cookie in his video game, it appears that Greg owns an Xbox 360 that is a Slim type model which is black.
  • While the movie received mixed reviews from critics, many fans consider this and Dog Days to be much better than Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and received more positive reviews from fans than the first film.
  • The scene where Greg get chocolate on his pants was featured in The Last Straw.
  • In a way, Holly Hills is very similar to Angie from the original film. This indicates that Holly replaced Angie.
  • Unlike in the book, Holly Hills only appeared as one of the cast members of Greg's planned skit for the Talent Show, "The Boy Whose Family Thinks He's a Dog".
  • Holly Hills is a major character in the movie, but she only appears once in the book, and she plays her only major character in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw.
  • The scene where Greg becomes friends with Chirag again after their disagreement, as shown in the book, was not featured in the movie. Given that they are friends again in Dog Days, they may have reconciled sometime between the ending of Rodrick Rules and the beginning of Dog Days.
  • It is the first time in the films where the main characters first appeared as a drawing then transitioned into real people.
  • On June 21, 2011, the movie was released on DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • This movie was selected as Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards.
  • Patty is not wearing glasses in the movie, same with the first movie.
  • In The Last Straw, the skating rink is called Roll-a-Round, but in the movie, it's called Rocket Roller.
  • The shirt Rodrick wears before the family goes to Rocket Rapids is Sike (a parody of Nike) complete with slogan.
  • This is the first film where Susan says Greg's name in front of many people; the second time was in the fourth film.
  • This movie was released in Singapore before it was released in the US, because of how well the first movie did there.
  • Frank Heffley's Civil War battlefield makes a brief appearance in the movie.
  • In the movie, Greg posts the "Lame band with Crazy Mom Dancing" on YouTube with the name of AmazingGregHeffley. If you look on YouTube, the channel still exists.
  • In the gas station, the Rico's logo of the cheese company can be seen.
  • There was also a movie diary of this movie.
  • Many fans consider this to be the best film, and it also has (so far) the highest rating on IMDb with a 6.6/10.
  • Patty Farrell has a much bigger role as in the book she's only mentioned.
  • There's an alternate ending where Rodrick tells everyone about Greg entering the woman's bathroom, but it turns into Greg infiltrating the woman's locker room at Crossland High School. This scene was most likely deleted because the writers wanted Holly Hills to still be friends with Greg in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (film) You can watch alternate ending here. The alternative ending is also available on the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film as an extra.
  • In Australia, this is the first film to have its chronological number after the title. (Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules)
  • The drawing of Greg Heffley with cake on his face was used again in the end credits for Zachary Gordon for both this film and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (film).

Goofs & Errors

  • Frank goes into the laundry room finding his General Grant figurine on the thermostat and asks Greg and Rodrick about it, but the thermostat is outside the laundry room and Frank was in the laundry room running out of it so fast asking Greg and Rodrick questions about his off-limit figurine.
  • The video Greg and Rowley make shows that it has 4 views but 24,000 comments.

Book Parallels

A list of scenes in the film that are exact adaptations or slightly altered adaptations from the books.

  • The Roller Rink scene is adapted from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw. In the film, Greg goes there with his family and Rowley, as in the book, it's just him and Rowley.
  • The "Mom Bucks" are adapted as a way for Greg and Rodrick to bond, while in the book, it was made so Greg and Rodrick are incentivized to do more chores. They also are worth $1 in the film as opposed to a penny in the book.
  • Mr. Huff sitting Greg next to his desk is adapted from a similar scene in the book. In the film, the result of this is over a small dispute between Greg and Patty Farrell on top of Mr. Huff's previous encounter with Rodrick.
  • Rodrick texting his friends about his party is adapted from the book, where he calls them instead.
  • The Party scene is adapted. In the film, Greg and Rowley get to go to the party as in the book, Greg remains locked in the basement, and Rowley is absent.
  • The bathroom door writing is adapted from a similar scene in the book, where in the film, it says, "Rodrick Rules' instead of "Hi Rodrick".
  • Rowley sleeping over and breaking his knee bone after jumping off Greg's bed adapts from a similar scene in the book, where Greg hides a dumbbell under a pillow, and Rowley kicks it, breaking his big toe instead.
  • Greg and Rowley watching a horror movie is adapted from a similar scene in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
  • Greg saying "That is if you're alive next year" to Rowley's grandpa is adapted, where Greg says this to his own grandpa instead.
  • Frank finding out about Rodrick's party is adapted from a similar scene in the book. In the film, it is discovered when Frank wants to show the newspaper editors his Civil War set, while in the book, it is discovered when Frank goes to print pictures from Thanksgiving.
  • When Rodrick steals Greg's diary while staying with their grandpa, the incident occurs in the present, while in the book, Greg mentions it as an incident that happened during the summer before the events of the book.
    • In the film, Rodrick stole Greg's diary while Greg was asleep, while in the book, he snatched it off Greg while he was writing in it.
    • Greg only having his underwear on during this scene is adapted from a similar scene in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw, where Rodrick kicks Greg out of the hotel room, and Greg attempts to hide.
  • Greg being Rowley's assistant for his magic act is adapted, whereas in the book, Greg is Scotty's assistant instead.
    • Rowley is also the magician, where in the book, he's the assistant to Scotty.
  • Fregley doing his ventriloquist act is adapted from the book, where it is Leland who does this instead.

Movie Only Differences

The film focuses more on the bond between Greg and Rodrick, and thus, a handful of scenes from the book were completely changed or removed entirely. Some scenes are exclusive to the film as well as the book.

  • Rowley sings TiK ToK by Kesha.
  • Greg and Rodrick have a chase scene between Coach Malone.
  • Holly Hills makes a bigger part in the film than she does in the book.
  • Bill Walter is made an antagonist of the movie as trying to kick Rodrick out of the band while he is only a minor character in the book.
  • At the end of the film, Rodrick kicks Bill out of the band, however, this doesn't happen in the book.
  • Uncle Joe and his children were absent from the movie, which enhanced the entire Thanksgiving scene from the book.
  • Leland is absent from the movie, but he is seen in the "My Magick Summer" film that came with the Rodrick Rules disc.
  • Greg and Rodrick only had one hour to clean up all the mess from the party in the movie while they had four hours in the book.
  • Chirag ended the prank Greg played on him on being invisible by sending a fake letter as if written by Holly to Greg in his locker, and disguising a girl to look like Holly painting on an eissel so that he can make Greg know he exists, and Chirag invites everyone to watch . (In the commentary of this film you'll hear Jeff Kinney say it's not in the books.)
  • Anna Wrentham is not mentioned in the movie.
  • Rowley getting his own diary doesn't happen in the film although there was a deleted scene of him telling the viewers he got a diary.


  • Greg never wanted to be an internet sensation.
  • The scenes in the movie with Rowley, are not necessarily in the book.
  • Greg was not in his underwear when Rodrick stole his diary and Rodrick didn't steal the diary when Greg was sleeping.
  • Rodrick stole Greg's original diary.
  • Greg is extremely more disrespectful towards Rowley in the novel. He has a more selfish and short-tempered character even going against his best friend. However, in the film, he does treat Rowley as a good friend and the magic trick act becomes the climax of the film.
  • Greg and Rodrick never had formed a bond.
  • Holly didn't have an important part in the series until The Last Straw, but in the movie, Holly has a very important role.
  • The Mom Bucks deal started with 10 bucks in the novel.
  • All the scenes of Greg playing the joke of non-existence on Chirag were more compressed/connected together in the novel and took place earlier than in the movie.
  • Chirag told on Greg to the vice-principal for pretending that Chirag didn't exist. Also, there were more scenes of Greg playing the joke on Chirag in the novel than in the movie as Chirag had limited screen time.
  • Greg did not read Rodrick's poem in front of the class in the book. It's also slightly different from the one in the book.
  • Greg got carried out of the ladies' room by a security guard.
  • The door on the bathroom said, "Hi Rodrick".
  • Fregley doesn't appear in the book.
  • Greg and Rodrick never became friends and were still siblings' rivals, the only exception is when Greg helps Rodrick work on his school project on plants.
  • Greg and Rowley did not make the cut in the talent show.

Home Media

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules was released on a stand-alone DVD and a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack on June 21, 2011. Bonus features include: an alternate ending, seven "My Summer Vacation" shorts, and more. One of the bonus shorts premiered during iParty with Victorious on Nickelodeon at 8:00 PM on June 11, 2011.

Box Office

  • The film made $7,300,000 on its opening day, ranking #2 behind Sucker Punch. The film managed to rank #1 in the weekend box office. It is also the most successful Wimpy Kid movie to date.


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