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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (a.k.a. Disney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules ) is an animated film based on the second book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Rodrick Rules. It was released on Disney+ on December 2nd, 2022. [1] This is the 2nd animated movie, and the 6th overall Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, including the previous live-action films.


The riotous antics of angst-ridden, disaster-prone, middle school student Greg Heffley continue in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules,” focusing this time around on his complicated relationship with older brother Rodrick. A spikey-haired high school student, Rodrick is lazy and undisciplined and spends way too much time practicing with his rock band, Löded Diper. While he loves to torment Greg, he ultimately has a deep affection for his younger brother.


In the story, Greg Heffley talks about the benefits of having an older brother but wishes that his brother, Rodrick Heffley, would treat him better. Despite this, Greg is willing to learn anything from Rodrick as long as they live under the same roof.

One weekend, Susan and Frank Heffley inform their sons that they are going away, and Manny is staying over at their grandmother's house. Rodrick sees this as an opportunity to host a party and manipulates Greg and his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, into setting up the party for him. Greg, happy that his brother is taking an interest in him, makes sure everything is perfect. However, Greg and Rowley get locked in the basement before the party, unaware of Rodrick's manipulation. Greg unscrews the doorknob, takes pictures of the party, and plans to use them as blackmail against his brother. In the morning, they are released, and Greg rickrolls the partygoers and confronts Rodrick. They receive a call from Susan, informing them that Manny is coming home early. Rodrick begs Greg to help him clean up, and after some persuasion, Greg agrees only if his brother treats him better from now on.

The brothers quickly clean up the house and switch the bathroom door with Rodrick's door, which has "Rodrick Rules" written on it. Greg demands that Rodrick give him advice in return for helping clean up the party. Rodrick teaches Greg about his "Rodrick Rules," which involve getting things done without making an effort. Greg becomes impatient but is calmed down when Rodrick teaches him how to play the drums. Greg meets his bandmates from Löded Diper, who are entering a talent show. Greg assists Rowley with his magic act, but Frank suspects that the boys are hiding something.

At the nursing home with Grandpa, Rodrick reveals to Greg that the board games contain "mom bucks" they can use back at home. He gives some to Greg, but Greg's pants get wet during a game, and he is forced to change in the women's restroom, where he is accused of being a peeping tom. A chase through the nursing home ensues, but he manages to get back to the room. Grandpa tells Greg that he admires that they hang out, something that Frank fails to do with his siblings.

The next school day, Greg rushes to Rodrick for help with his life science project. Rodrick gives him his old project on the condition that Greg hands over some mom bucks. Greg does so but realizes that it is a failed project about plants sneezing. Greg angrily reveals his blackmail to Rodrick and demands he pay up in mom bucks. However, he accidentally bumps into Susan, who sees the photos and grounds both boys. Rodrick reveals that he took photos of the pictures in Greg's diary about the restroom incident and threatens to send them to his friends, but they accidentally send the photos themselves. To Greg's surprise, the story at school is twisted to being about him winning a bingo competition and making a big getaway, making him popular. Greg is still upset, but Löded Diper approaches him about being their new drummer, and he agrees.

Upon seeing Rodrick leaving the show, Greg goes out to talk to him and explains that he just wants him to be proud of him and worries that they will grow apart. Rodrick tells Greg that he cares about him, and they will continue to hang out together. Greg gives Rodrick his position as drummer back and returns to Löded Diper. Frank and Susan extend Greg's grounding, but Grandpa commends Frank for raising two good brothers while Susan excitedly dances to the band's song.

Rowley's magic show ends up winning the competition while Löded Diper gains a wider audience thanks to Susan. Despite their differences, Greg and Rodrick's relationship improves.





  • Kimberly Brooks as a News Anchor
  • Loretta Devine as Irene
  • Lindas Lavin as Barb
  • Priscilla Lopez as Merle
  • Venna Sood as a Elevator Lady
  • Vincent Tong as Leland
  • Hudson Yang as Larry

Additional Voices[]

  • Johnny Gidcomb
  • Lex Lang
  • Matt Nolan
  • Susan Leslie
  • Jen Cain
  • Ruth Zalduondo
  • Andre Robinson
  • Tristan Chen
  • Marley Garner
  • Ava Mae Leslie
  • Juliet Donenfeld
  • Paul-Mikel Williams
  • Michael Leone
  • Ava Acres
  • Noah Bentley
  • Benjamin L. Valic
  • Viviann Yee
  • Asher Bishop
  • Sky Alexis


On November 12, 2021, in a tweet posted by Jeff Kinney, announced that the team was working on the second film for Disney+ adaptation.

Teasers were released throughout September and its release date was announced on September 12, 2022.[2]

On October 14, 2022, one of the film's original songs "Can You Smell Us Now" was released on Spotify.[3] It is written and produced by Jon Levine, with lyrics by Jeff Kinney, and performed by Jimmy Tatro. It is a Löded Diper song that plays during the movie.


The special Disney+ cover

On October 18, 2022, the trailer dropped on Disney+ and Youtube.

On November 24, 2022, the special Disney cover edition for the Rodrick Rules book that was just like original Disney edition released.


The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics, audiences and fans. With some being mixed on the film having some flaws the first film have, but was mostly praised for its longer runtime and some fans considered it as a improvement over the first one.[1]

Changes from the Book and 2011 Live-Action Film[]

  • Rodrick's party starts at the beginning of the movie rather than the middle.
  • Although Greg stays locked up in the basement during Rodrick's Party, Rowley is locked up as well, but unlike the movie they are never let out.
  • Greg is the one who takes pictures of the party through the removed doorknob.
  • The message written on Rodrick's door is “Rodrick Rules” much like in the 2011 film, unlike in the book where it was “hi Rodrick”.
  • Frank's original complaint when he and Susan come home is that Greg and Rodrick didn't wash the dishes. In the 2011 film, he complained about General Grant being moved off the Civil War Battlefield and onto the thermostat.
  • The way Greg's parents find out about the party is him accidentally bumping into Susan who was dancing around with the burgers and the pictures of the party flying out of his hands instead of Susan sending Frank to pick up photos from Thanksgiving and coming back with a picture from Rodrick's party.
  • Greg is chased out the woman's bathroom by the ladies instead of being carried out.
  • Greg is grounded from playing video games for three weeks instead of two weeks like in the book and original film.
  • Rodrick's middle school project is "Do Plants Sneeze?" (which was a high-school project in the book) instead of "A 100 Years Ago" assignment.
  • Rodrick finds out about Greg's accident by reading in his Diary, and the scene takes place in Greg's House instead of at Leisure Towers. Rowley is the one who accidentally sends the message to Rodrick's friends once he and Greg slam Rodrick's arm on the door.
  • Greg's incident at Leisure Towers gets messed up just like in the book but in a different way - instead of Greg infiltrating the girls' locker room at Crossland High School it's Greg sneaking into a bingo game at Leisure Towers, winning the grand prize and parkouring his way out of the building while being chased by security guards.
  • Grandpa joins the Heffley's to watch the talent show unlike the book and film.
  • Rowley wins the grand prize for the talent show instead of Leland. Neither Scotty nor Greg perform as Rowley's partner for the show and the former does not appear.
  • There are multiple scenes from the book and film that are removed entirely in this one:
    • The Invisible Chirag Joke.
    • The scene where Greg and Rowley have a sleepover.
    • The scenes where Greg goes to swim class.
    • Thanksgiving.
    • Rowley's birthday party.
    • The roller rink scene.
    • The church scene.

Book/Live-Action Film Parallels[]

  • Susan and Frank's weekend away is cut short after Manny gets sick, the same thing that happened in the live-action movie, but as with the book - Manny stays at Gramma's house.
  • Rodrick looks in Greg's current Diary rather than his first, as with the movie.
  • Rodrick is the one who cheats out of the Mom Bucks system, as with the movie.
    • He gets his counterfeit Mom Bucks from his grandpa's retirement place at Leisure Towers.
    • The message written on Rodrick's door is Rodrick Rules as with the movie.


  • The movie is likely to have been set in 2021 as it is revealed Bill graduated high school in 2003 and would confirm his age of 35.
  • This is Edward Asner's final credited role following his death in August 2021.
  • According to a pamphlet, Curtis Litz does a stand-up comedy in act one of the Talent Show[4], which could be a reference to Double Down, where "Curtis Litz" is an imaginary person that Greg made up as an excuse for not eating the apples Susan gives him.
  • This film was nominated for the 2023 Leo Awards for Best Direction Animation Program.[5]

Goofs & Errors[]

  • Some of Greg's head clips through the door when he and Rowley are sleeping and leaning against the door.
  • Patty Farrell is shown to have misspelled as "Patty Ferrel" in the pamphlet under act one of the Talent Show. This could be a spelling error.


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