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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (a.k.a. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: Dog Days) is the 3rd film in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film franchise. It is based on both the beginning of the third book and also the fourth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The movie was released on Friday, August 3rd, 2012. It starred Zachary Gordon, Devon Bostick, Robert Capron, Peyton List, Karan Brar, Rachael Harris, and Steve Zahn. This movie is rated PG for some rude humor.

This film was also the final installment to feature the original cast, as they had all outgrown their roles, mainly Zachary Gordon as Greg. It was made by Dune Entertainment, Color Force, and distributed by 20th Century Fox or later known as 20th Century Studios in 2020.


The film opens with the Heffley family arriving at the town's public pool during its opening on Memorial Day. Greg, his father, and Manny go to the bathroom. Greg tries to avoid the undressed men having showers right in the open stalls. Frank walks off and tells Greg to look after Manny. Then, Greg turns and sees that Manny is missing. Greg walks around the shower room trying to find Manny, until he finds him and chases him to the toilets, where Manny 'washes his hands' in the urinal, thinking it's a sink. Greg leaves the shower room with Manny and goes to find his family at the pool. Greg starts playing video games on his PlayStation Portable, but Frank confiscates it and tells him to get into the pool and swim. Lenwood Heath stops by the Heffleys and explains about Spag Union to Frank Heffley. Greg finds out that Frank might be planning to send him there. Greg gets into the pool and Manny starts laughing, as he's peeing himself, and then splashes Greg in the face with water as he looks around and sees lots of other toddlers peeing in the pool.

Dog Days - Greg are Crowd in the Pool

Greg in the crowded pool.

Greg goes to school for his last day before summer break and forgets his history book at home. As a result, he is forced to share one with Fregley. When work time is over, everyone signs each other's yearbooks. Greg asks Holly to sign hers, and she does. He also asks her to write her phone number. The class bell rings, and everyone runs out of school. Greg notices that Holly was in a rush and didn't write the last two numbers. Greg runs into the hall to try to get to Holly to finish her number but gets crushed in a crowd. Greg makes it out of school and sees Holly. When Greg asks to finish the number, she tries to, but Heather Hills arrives in her car and demands Holly to get in. Holly gets in, and Rodrick flirts with Heather Hills, who drives over Rodrick's foot and drives away. Greg becomes disappointed when Holly signs Rowley's yearbook saying he's "cute" and signing Greg's yearbook calling him a "friend".

Dog Days - Greg & Holly Sign Yearbook

Holly signing Greg's yearbook.

On the first day of summer, Greg gets up early just in time before his dad goes off to work. After waiting for him to leave, Greg closes all the curtains, gets snacks and starts up a clock, and begins playing video games on his Xbox 360. Greg's dad arrives, and Greg jumps into the sprinklers and gets a football. He then tells his dad he was playing sports. As Greg's dad turns on the TV, he sees that Greg forgot to turn off his console, and he finds out he was playing video games. He unplugs the TV before heading for the basement but is stopped by Greg's mom. She tells him he needs to spend more time with Greg, stating that they need to bond. Greg's dad tries to bond with Greg by going fishing, but Greg puts an end to the fishing by throwing bait in as water. Next, they go to a civil war reenactment where Greg blows a trumpet at the wrong time and then runs away as people with guns that shoot blanks are chasing him.

Rowley invites Greg to go to the country club and comes along with him, preferring to go there instead of being in his mom's Reading Is Fun! Club. Greg finds out that the country club is not as crowded as the public pool and begins to like it. Greg finds out that Holly Hills gives her tennis lessons and sets up a game with her the next day. Frank signs up Greg for an internship at his office, but Greg lies, stating that he got a job at the country club, and Greg's dad becomes really happy that Greg did something.

The next day, Greg and Rowley meet up with Holly for the tennis match. Greg finds out that Patty is there too. Greg and Rowley get hit by Patty many times with tennis balls and make it obvious they know nothing about tennis and that they have only played Ultimate Tennis on the Wii. Holly is flattered that they tried to impress her and offers to help them with becoming better and Holly teaches Greg personally.

The Heffleys go to a Fourth of July party at the Warrens' house, where Rodrick tells Greg about his suspicions about him having a job. Meanwhile, Frank speaks to his boss, Stan Warren, who tells him about how he's always shaping his boys to be active, doing activities such as Wilderness Explorers. Rodrick keeps intimidating Greg about the latter's suspicions of lying, which causes him to admit to Rodrick that he doesn't have a job at the country club to hang out with Holly. Rodrick sees this as an opportunity to see Heather Hills and blackmails Greg into sneaking him into the country club. Frank looks over and sees Susan and some neighbors playing with a dog, which Stan takes notice of. He tells Frank it's never too late to take responsibility and that he should get a dog for his family.


Later on, Frank Heffley does what Stan suggested and gets a dog for the family. Manny names the dog Sweetie and Susan and Frank agree on it. Greg explains how he always wanted a dog but has second thoughts as he has to pick up dog poop, deal with Sweetie sleeping on his bed, and the fact that Sweetie constantly jumps on him and steals his food.

Greg sneaks Rodrick into the country club the next day, and Rodrick begins to order tons of food on Jefferson's bill. Rodrick comes up with a plan to get Heather's attention by pretending to drown, but while he's pretending, Heather is on her phone and is later seen arguing with a little girl and doesn't even notice Rodrick. A bald guy sees Rodrick's fake drowning and comes to him and, even after he is showing signs of life, gives him mouth-to-mouth as Rodrick cries in disgust. After Rodrick's horrible event, Rowley invites Greg to come to the beach with him and his family. Rodrick tells them that they should head down to the boardwalk and ride the Cranium Shaker while they're there. The next day, Frank enrolls Greg into the Wilderness Explorers, making Greg believe he will be sent to Spag Union.

Cranium Shaker

The Cranium Shaker.

Greg is about to leave with Rowley to the beach, and his parents give him a phone before he goes. The phone is a ladybug phone, which only contacts the home and the police. They stay at the house and play "I Love You Because.." before heading to the boardwalk, where Greg and Rowley wait for the Cranium Shaker's line to decrease and go on other rides and games. The Cranium Shaker eventually opens, and Greg and Rowley overhear a story of a guy who died after he went on the ride, making Greg and Rowley scared. They survive, and Rowley's parents say they've been looking for them and are disappointed with him. In the middle of the night, Greg gets on Mr. Jefferson's computer and sends an email to his mother, but accidentally sends it to everyone on his contact list. The next morning Mr. Jefferson has over 949 emails, and Greg calls 911 by accident while trying to call home. While coming downstairs, Rowley and his mom and dad aren't too happy with Greg about the computer email incident and are concerned if he has anything he'd like to tell them (the truth), but in the meantime, the police come and tackle Mr. Jefferson for having a knife in his hand, thinking he hurt someone. Greg is then sent home early, and Frank thinks that Rowley is a bad influence because Greg always gets in trouble around him.

Greg calls Rowley to ask if he's going to the country club, and Rowley says he isn't. Greg sneaks himself in like he sneaked Rodrick in. Greg finds out that Rowley did come to the club and lied to him, saying his parents say he can't invite Greg to come to the club with him anymore. Greg and Rowley make up, and he runs into Holly and Heather. Heather says that her DJ for her Sweet 16 party got canceled and has no music. Greg says that he and Rowley are roadies for Rodrick's band Loded Diper and asks if they could perform at her party. Heather has no choice, but to accept it, and Rodrick is thrilled that he gets to perform at Heather Hills' party.

Greg's dad decides to take Greg to "work" the next day. Greg gets dropped off and heads inside where an infuriated Mr. Jefferson is with a bill of $260 worth of smoothies. When Greg's dad comes in to drop off his sunscreen, Mr. Jefferson tells him about the bill, and Greg's dad finds out Greg doesn't have a job after all. Greg's dad pays for the bill himself, and Greg is in the car with his dad waiting for him to yell at him. Greg's dad says he's just disappointed and isn't going to yell at him. Later on, Rodrick finds a Spag Union DVD package in the mail and they watch it. Rodrick tells Greg that his last chance is to go on the Wilderness Weekend to prove to Frank he doesn't need to go to Spag Union.

Greg goes on a Wilderness Weekend with Rowley, Fregley, and Chirag. Frank is still upset with Greg, and they silently ride the bus to the campsite without talking to each other. They are driven away from the campsite by Stan Warren and his troop. Greg's troop is sent over by the latrines, and they tell ghost stories. Fregley tells a story about the Muddy Hand, and a paranoid Greg accidentally bangs Frank's hand with a mallet. Greg, Rowley, Fregley, and Chirag overhear the Warrens making fun of Frank Heffley and his troop. The boys angrily devise a plan to get back a Stan Warren. They plan to make a web and cover it in honey and then get ants to put in the Warrens' sleeping bags, where they'll be chased off into the web and trapped. Greg goes into the tent to plant the ants and discovers that the Warrens' have a whole bunch of technology with them and aren't camping. As Stan is coming back, Greg hides, but the ants get lost and crawl all over him. Greg ruins the Warrens' tent and sets it on fire. Greg takes the blame, and Frank finds all of the equipment and technology they were using and calls Stan a phony, realizing that Greg and his friends were telling the truth. As for Stan, he falls into the trap and is chased by bees and a bear. Frank takes Greg to a motel where he admits to hating camping. Frank tells Greg that he's proud of him and won't send him to Spag Union. While Greg and Frank are watching TV and eating pizza, they are dismayed when they find out the Lil' Cutie comic strip was not canceled and is going to be continued by Tyler Post, the original author's son.

As summer is close to its end, several days later, Heather's Sweet 16 birthday party commences. Everything at the party is very fancy, complete with a chocolate fountain, an ice sculpture of Heather, as well as men in tuxedos and women in dresses. Loded Diper arrives at the party along with Greg and Rowley as roadies. Before the band hits the stage, Rodrick tells them that he needs to make a love connection with Heather and asks Ben to play drums while he sings lead vocals. Heather is already infuriated that the band members weren't wearing tuxedos as planned, but she moves on after being told by her family to calm down.

Loded Diper performs a rock version of the Justin Bieber/Ludacris hit single "Baby" as an attempt to impress Heather. The band then goes hardcore, bringing the crowd to a shock, and Heather reacts in dismay. When Rodrick attempts to hold her hand, Heather resists in disgust. Rodrick sings the chorus again wildly, accidentally knocking down the ice sculpture. Heather finally loses her temper and grabs a microphone stand to assault Rodrick, but he dodges, and she instead hits the chocolate fountain, splashing chocolate on her, Madison, and the other guests, ruining the party.

Chocolate sprayed

Heather Hills and Madison covered in chocolate.

Greg apologizes to Holly, but Holly is happy saying that Heather wants people to remember her Sweet Sixteen, and they will. Holly holds Greg's hand, and they happily smile at each other, becoming a couple.

Dog Days - Greg, Rowley & Holly Relaxing

Greg, Rowley and Holly in the pool.

Greg states that summer was not how he planned it to be, but everything turned out fine for him. Greg, Rowley and Holly swim at the municipal pool together with Greg's family. Greg says that things between him and Frank will be okay and says that they are good at working together, with Greg saying it was the best summer ever. The film then ends with an animated scene showcasing Greg and Frank chasing Sweetie. This marks the end of the film.

Deleted Movie Scenes[]

  • You're Going to Have an Accident: During breakfast, Frank says the Heffley men should start spending more time together since it's summer. Meanwhile, Greg and Rodrick fight over a sausage until Susan made them stop and listen to what Frank said. Out of anger for throwing Thingy away, Manny interrupts Frank that he was gonna have an accident before leaving. Susan expresses starting a book club, but Rodrick and Frank made up excuses to get out of it however before Greg could say anything, Frank threw him in on Susan's idea.
  • Dad Gets Drafted: After arriving at the troop, Frank is blackmailed by Barrett to help with the troop.
  • There's an alternate ending where Frank tells everyone about the new Lil' Cutie comic strip and how it's worse than the original before Greg throws the comic in the trash. This scene was most likely deleted in favor of the Sweetie scene. The alternative ending is available on the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film as an extra.
  • The Anthill: No screenshots or clips of this scene have been found (possibly it is not in Fox's archives anymore) but it has been mentioned in The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary. Greg and his friends come across an anthill in the forest.

Almost all of these are available on the DVD.


Critical reception[]

The film has received mixed reviews. It holds a 51% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus stating, "Dog Days is overly familiar and relies a bit too much on slapstick, failing to improve upon previous installments and appealing mostly to its target audience." On Metacritic, the film has a score of 54/100, indicating "mixed or average reviews." Abby West of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B+ and wrote, "Though often self-centered and conniving, Greg remains a likable kid, and the movie entertains by pulling off over-the-top scenarios that set up digestible life lessons for youngsters."

Release Dates[]

Country Date
Canada August 3, 2012
August 3, 2012
August 3, 2012
United Kingdom August 3, 2012
U.S.A August 3, 2012
Philipines August 15, 2012
Singapore August 30, 2012
Turkey August 31, 2012
Australia September 20, 2012
Germany September 20, 2012
New Zealand September 27, 2012
Spain September 28, 2012
Poland October 19, 2012
France October 24, 2012
Brazil November 2, 2012
Hungary December 12, 2012 (premiered with DVD)
Taiwan December 14, 2012 (premiered with DVD)


March 20, 2013 (premiered with DVD)


In an interview, Devon Bostick (Rodrick Heffley) said that The Last Straw could be in the works and is "90% sure it will happen" depending on the success of Rodrick Rules.[4]

Zachary Gordon portrayed Greg Heffley in the film adaptation of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." For the inconsequential scene where Greg unintentionally skinny dips into the country club pool, he wore a tight-fitting "skin-colored bathing suit," likely made of moleskin, to ensure his modesty. In this scene, his character's bathing suit gets caught on the corner edges of the high dive and slips off (off-camera) while jumping into the water.

After the take that was used in the final cut of the film, Zachary Gordon confessed in an interview with WJTV that wearing the skin-colored bathing suit felt embarrassing, despite him remaining gracious and signing autographs for nearby fans and onlookers, as mentioned in "The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary." http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=407388845983882&set=pb.320242754698492.-2207520000.1355004548&type=3&theater

Book Parallels[]

A list of scenes in the film that are exact adaptations or slightly altered adaptations from the books.

  • The Heffley family going to the town pool is adapted from Dog Days.
  • Lenwood Heath telling Frank about his enrollment at Spag Union is adapted from The Last Straw. In the film, Frank and Lenwood talk at the pool, while in the book, they talk in a movie theater.
  • Greg swimming in the kiddie pool while kids are peeing in it is adapted from Dog Days.
  • Greg attempting to impress Holly Hills is adapted from The Last Straw.
  • Greg sitting inside playing video games all day is adapted from Dog Days.
  • Susan starting the "Reading Is Fun" club is adapted from Dog Days.
  • Rowley inviting Greg to the country club is adapted from Dog Days.
  • Frank bringing home Sweetie is adapted from Dog Days. In the film, Frank gets the dog to make the family happy, while in the book, it's the result of coping with his discovery of the death of his old dog.
  • Greg and Frank sharing their hatred for Lil' Cutie are adapted from Dog Days.
  • Greg receiving a Ladybug cellphone is adapted from Dog Days. In the film, he's given the phone before he leaves for the beach with the Jeffersons, while in the book, it's a birthday gift.
  • Greg joining the Jeffersons on their trip to the beach is adapted from Dog Days.
  • Greg and Rowley riding the Cranium Shaker are adapted from Dog Days. In the book, Rowley decides to not ride it.
  • Rowley being scolded by his parents is adapted from Dog Days.
  • Greg attempting to send an email to his mom is adapted from Dog Days. In the film, he accidentally sends it to Mr. Jefferson's work colleagues, while in the book, his mom responds to the email.
  • Greg calling 911 on accident adapts a similar scene from Dog Days. In the film, he attempts to call his parents, while in the book, he intentionally calls 911 on Frank.
  • Rowley telling Greg isn't allowed at the country club anymore is adapted from Dog Days.
  • Frank paying back Mr. Jefferson for the smoothies adapts a similar scene from Dog Days. In the film, Greg doesn't work to pay off the debt and instead Frank pays it, while in the book, Mr. Jefferson consults with Susan and has Greg and Rowley find a way to pay it off.
  • Greg going on the Wilderness camping trip adapts similar scenes from The Last Straw.
  • Greg smashing Frank's hand with a mallet thinking it was the Muddy Hand is adapted from Dog Days. In the book, it was Greg's hand being smashed by Rowley.
  • The Wilderness Troop choosing to stay at a motel adapts a similar scene from The Last Straw.
  • Frank telling Greg he won't send him to Spag Union is adapted from The Last Straw.

Movie Only Differences[]

  • Coach Malone is a minor character in the film. When Malone is talking on the phone while Greg and Rowley are trying to get the right phone number of Holly Hills and accidentally calls him, he doesn't know Greg when he answers the phone, probably because he didn't recognize him.
  • In the film, Spag Union is a prep school, while in The Last Straw, it is a military academy. Also, Spag Union is mentioned in the book while Spag Union is seen in the film.
  • Chirag Gupta appears in the movie, but he is not featured in the Dog Days book.
  • In the book, the Hills family isn't shown to be members of the Country Club.
  • The Reading Is Fun Club had various people in the book, but it had only 3 in the movie. Also, Chirag appears in the film as a member, whereas in the book, he isn't a member.
  • In the book, Greg sends an email using Mr. Jefferson's account only to Susan. In the film, Greg sends the email to all of his friends and co-workers, which is probably the reason Mr. Jefferson had 949 emails.
  • The Warrens are only briefly mentioned and briefly appeared in The Last Straw, but in the movie, the Warrens are antagonists.
  • Heather has more personality in the movie and has a bigger role.
  • Greg and Holly are implied to be a real couple at the end of the movie, but Holly is barely mentioned after The Last Straw. When the Hills are mentioned in the books, Heather is the one Greg's attracted to.
  • Greg never goes to the Country Club after being banned by Mr. Jefferson, but in the movie, he isn't directly banned and later sneaks in afterward.
  • In the book Dog Days, Frank Heffley is nearly arrested, but in this movie, Robert Jefferson is the one who almost gets arrested.
  • In the book, the Muddy Hand is in Hello, You're Dead, which is a scary movie, but here it was in a campfire story told by Fregley.
  • Greg doesn't have a crush on Heather in the movie, but he continues his crush on Holly.
    • However, in the animated credits, Greg is trying to show and flex his muscles in front of Heather and her friend.
  • Lenwood Heath was a lifeguard at the community pool in the movie, but in The Last Straw he had a job as a movie theater usher.
  • In the book, Frank gives Sweetie to Gramma in the end, but in the movie, Sweetie is still living with the Heffleys.
  • Patty Farrell is included, while in the book, she was not heard of since The Last Straw.
  • Rowley bought a shirt that says "I Survived the Cranium Shaker" in the book, but he didn't in the film. The ride also looks different in the film than in the book, while in the book, it's a one-seater with many coasters, while in the film, it's only a two-seater with one coaster.
  • In the book, Susan came up with the name Sweetie for the dog. However, in the film Manny suggested the name and didn't suggest animal names. Rodrick didn't suggest Turtle (only so they could call him Turd) or any names for the dog.
  • In the book, Joe Heffley told Frank he should get a dog. In the film, Stan Warren told Frank he should get a dog.
  • In the film, Manny found his blanket Tingy in the trash can that Frank accidentally throws away it and retrieves it. But in the book, it is thrown away and never found again, causing Manny to take on his anger on everyone.
  • Sweetie is a major character in the book but only appears in a few scenes in the film.
  • In the book, Greg was kicked out of the country club early on in the story, forcing him to go to the community pool, but in the film, Greg is kicked out of the country club at the near end of the movie.
  • In the book after the events of The Last Straw, Greg gives up on Holly Hills and moves on to other girls. In the film, Greg still has feelings for Holly and hasn't moved on to other girls.
  • The smoothie's bill was $83.00 in the book, but $260.00 in the film. Also, in the book, Susan confiscates Greg's birthday money to pay off the bill, while Frank is forced to pay himself in the movie. Also, in the book, Greg doesn't have a job at the country club.
  • In the book, it's Greg's mom who wants him to spend summer outside more, but in the film, it's his dad.
  • In the book, Greg owns a Nintendo 64, but in the movie, he owns an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation Portable.
  • Heather Hills' Sweet 16 doesn't appear in the book.
  • The Wilderness Explorers is called the Boy Scouts in the books.
  • The Battle of Philippi Civil War reenactment scene doesn't appear in the book.
  • Greg and his father going on the boat takes place before the events in the book, but it took place inside the events in the film.
  • The V.I.P Lawn Service doesn't appear in the film, and Greg and Rowley stay friends in the film, whereas in the book, their friendship split up for at least almost six months.
  • Chirag, Fregley, and Frank aren't members of Troop 133 in the book, while in the movie, they are members.
  • In the deleted ending, the credits are purple, but in the finished / theatrical version of the film they are green.


  • The movie has the basic plot of The Last Straw, but the setting was changed to the summer.
  • While the movie received mixed reviews from critics, many fans consider this and Rodrick Rules to be much better than the first film, thus making it receive more positive reviews.
  • This is the third film in the film series.
  • Rodrick is nicer to Greg in the whole movie, unlike in the movies Rodrick Rules and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • This is the last film with the original cast, as they had all outgrown their roles when production wrapped up.
  • If a plane flew ahead during filming, Steve Zahn would refuse to say his lines.
  • This movie is The Last Straw and Dog Days combined into one story.
  • This movie was released the same year as The Third Wheel, in 2012, but Dog Days (2012 film) was released before the 7th book came out.
  • This is the only Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie that didn't come out in Japan. However, the Japanese dub is accessible on Disney+.
  • There is also a movie diary, too, which is an expansion to the original movie diary, like Rodrick Rules.
  • Mr. Draybick's map of Europe at the front of his classroom is pre-WW1.
  • There was a short animated bonus film that came with this movie named Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Class Clown.
  • This film made the most money out of the four Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies.
  • Previously, this was the only film to not be streaming on Disney+. It is instead streamed only on HBO Max, due to HBO having the cable rights to the film.
    • On March 4th, 2022, the film was available to be streamed on Disney+ due to Disney purchasing 20th Century Fox.
  • Mr. Underwood appears in the animated opening credits, despite being replaced by Coach Malone in this movie and its prequels.
  • In Australia, this is the last film to have its chronological number in the title. (Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: Dog Days)
  • For the Löded Diper performance of "Baby", Rodrick makes a small alteration for the final line in the second verse, "I just can't believe my first love won't be around" by replacing "first love" to "Heather Hills".
  • When Greg and Rowley ride the Cranium Shaker, You can see Rowley's finger sticking up for a few seconds
  • this is Alf Humphreys's Last role following his death in 2018.


  • At Heather Hills' Sweet 16 party, during LD's performance, Heather Hills swings at Rodrick with his mic stand, missing him, but in turn, knocks her chocolate fountain over & away from her. In the next shot, she's seen standing next to Madison on the opposite side of the fountain, without the mic stand, & the chocolate fountain has been splattered onto her somehow.
  • When Frank Heffley tells Greg to keep an eye on Manny, the captions (on DVD only) say "Watch Manny." However, on Disney + if you turn on the Describing English captions it DOES say "Keep an eye on Manny.".
  • When Greg is walking with Rowley at the beginning, his legs disappear as they are walking.
  • When Susan is telling Frank about Manny's lost Tingy, Frank replies with "I'm sure it'll turn up" while facing forward and talking to Susan. In the next shot, Susan is behind him finding the Tingy.
  • When Rodrick hands Greg the remote control for the pyrotechnics at Heather Hills' birthday party, he is wearing a sleeveless shirt. In the next shot, he is wearing an over-shirt which he takes off to reveal the sleeveless shirt.
  • The hand on the spinner constantly changes places throughout the scene in which Greg and Rowley's family play a board game.
  • When Rodrick is singing a song for Heather's Sweet 16, and Rodrick hits the ice sculpture, a lighting crew is seen on top of a table in the background.
  • When the Cranium shaker moves upwards, we see some mountain scenery and movie studio buildings below, and not the usual boardwalk scenery where the movie should take place.
  • The characters played by Joshua J. Ballard and Matt Mazur are swapped in the end credits; in fact, Ballard was Spag Union Tracking Device Boy, and Mazur was Spag Union Math Boy.
  • When Frank Heffley checks his watch and says that he's late for work, he looks at his left arm, which doesn't have a watch on it. However, this was deliberate and not a mistake, as Frank needed an excuse to leave and so didn't bother to check the time properly.
  • Although the movie is set during the summer holidays, fall foliage is visible throughout the film.
  • Greg's Xbox 360 is working in Dog Days, but in Rodrick Rules (film) his black Xbox 360 is broken by Manny. Either Susan or Frank bought him one after Rodrick Rules (film) and before Dog Days (2012 film).
  • Greg hacks Mr. Jefferson's computer and tries to send a message to his mom but accidentally sends it to everyone, while he's dragging the icon with the cursor, it says that he's sending 668 emails to everyone, but in the morning, Mr. Jefferson says he receives 949 emails.
    • It's likely that more than one person responded twice to the message.
  • When Greg is writing his message on the computer to his mom, he writes the word "Help" twice. This isn't an error, but it actually happened in the book.
  • The receptionist of the Country Club says they don't employ minors, but Heather, who is 16, works as a lifeguard.


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Official Trailer[]


Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Dog Days - Official Trailer

Here is the trailer for Dog Days.