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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Class Clown is a three-minute animated short released in 2012. The short, set sometime after the Dog Days film, has the main plot of Greg trying to become the Class Clown in seventh grade, but Rowley ends up winning, in canon to the ending for the first book.

The plot for this short is based off of fragments from the first five books. It was also included as a bonus feature on the Dog Days DVD and Blu-Rays.



The film starts with Greg explaining that last year, Rowley won Class Clown, which Greg thinks is unfair because he thinks that he is the funniest kid in school. Mr. Worth enters the classroom and sits on his chair, which has a pin on it and the class laughs at him while Greg tells one of the kids that it was Greg who did it. Greg then says that he doesn't think the teachers get his sense of humor. When one of the teachers asks Greg to come up to the front and do the problem, Greg yells out a bunch of made-up insults, which everyone laughs at but lands Greg in detention.

When Greg is at sports practice, he is at the side drinking water with some other kids. Mr. Litch tells them to 'get their butts back on the field' and Greg runs back on the field with his butt facing forward. Mr. Litch makes Greg do some press-ups, which he fails at. Greg then says that his classmates understand his humor. In the cafeteria at school, a kid asks what Greg is doing, and he replies by telling them that he is eating chocolate. When the kid asks where he got it, Greg replies by saying 'a doggie dropped it'. The two people at his table laugh but when Greg tells a girl that he came up with the joke, she walks away and tells him that he is disgusting.

Greg then says that he has played a billion pranks on Rowley and that he has taught Rowley everything he knows about comedy, including 'timing is everything'. The two then use a rope to trip up Mr. Jefferson and Greg runs away but Rowley stays, causing him to get caught. Greg says that he learnt most of his tricks from Rodrick. The two put clear-wrap over the toilet seat moments before Frank goes to the bathroom. But Greg says that sometimes his pranks backfire. Rodrick puts a whoopee cushion on Gammie's chair and when she sits down, it backfires.

Greg then says that his next trick is going to be good, & he proceeds to roll a giant snowball onto the school, then wins the title of class clown.


  • Greg - OK, So last year my best friend, Rowley Jefferson got voted class clown in my grade.
  • Rowley - Zoo-Wee Mama!
  • Greg - Well, I don't think I can take another vote or do a recap or whatever, but, I totally got robbed on that one.
  • (Greg honks clown nose)
  • Greg - Everyone knows the funniest kids at school, even my teachers will tell you that.
  • Mr. Worth - YOW!
  • (Kids laugh)
  • Greg - That was all me! (snickers)
  • Greg - Well, at least most of my teachers would, a couple of them don't seem to appreciate my sense of humor.
  • Teacher - Greg Heffley, could you come to the front of the room and do the problem?
  • Greg - Yo' mama!
  • Teacher- Excuse me?
  • Greg - Yo' slap-happy grandpappy!
  • Teacher - Well, I hardly think that's-
  • Greg - Yo big-fanny grandnanny!
  • (Kids laugh)
  • (Teacher groans)
  • (Mr. Ray clears his throat)
  • Greg - OK, so maybe not just on the same wheel.
  • (Mr. Litch blows his whistle) Get your butts back on the field!
  • (Greg grunts) One...,
  • (Mr. Litch facepalms) Unbelievable....
  • Greg - But my classmates can. And that all counts, because they're the ones doing the voting.
  • Kid - Whatchya doin'?
  • Greg - Eatin' chocolate.
  • Kid - Where'd ya get it?
  • Greg - A doggie dropped it!
  • (Kids laugh)
  • Greg - I came up with that one too!
  • Girl - You're disgusting.
  • Greg - Well, if there's one person who knows how funny I am, it's Rowley.
  • Greg - I play a billion pranks on him. (laughs)
  • Greg - I taught him everything about comfort.
  • Greg - One of the things I taught him is that timing is everywhere.
  • Mr. Jefferson - W- Woah! (grunts and gets angry at Greg and Rowley)
  • Greg - But I got to give credits where credits do, I've learned most of my tricks from the master.
  • (Rodrick slaps Greg and laughs)
  • Greg - I mean, got an older brother like Rodrick? You can't help it and pick up a few things.
  • Man - Aaaaaah!
  • (Greg and Rodrick laugh)
  • Greg - Although, I'll admit having Rodrick as a teacher hasn't always been the greatest experience.
  • Wooahh!
  • (Rodrick laughs)
  • Greg - But Rodrick's pranks are small time, and sometimes they backfire. (laughs)
  • Gammie - Pardon me.
  • Greg - If I wanna steal the class clown title from Rowley, I'm gonna have to do something big.
  • Greg - I don't wanna give my plans right, but let's just say my next rig is gonna make a big splash.
  • Greg - I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
  • (Massive snowball rolls down and Greg gets on it)
  • (People yell when they get crushed by the massive snowball)
  • (Massive snowball hits students and school)
  • (Greg spits and honks clown nose)

Meme culture[]

Class clown has become an internet meme, specifically the scene where Greg insults a substitute teacher.

People have remixed the insults into random sounds, an example can be found here.


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