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Diaper Hands, Greg Heffley!
The Diaper Hands chant at the Player Expo

Diaper Hands is a viral video and meme in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. It came about when Manny was stuck in a slide at Corny's, and Greg had to go into the slide to save him. However, when he tries to find him in the ball pit, he finds a diaper which gets stuck to his hand and starts yelling. People notice Greg and start taking photos and videos which were posted on social media websites, which then goes viral online on YouTube. As a result, he becomes an outcast, as Greg mentioned. In the Player Expo scene, the meme turns Greg's experience at the video gaming convention upside down: when he fulfills his dream of meeting popular gaming YouTuber Mac Digby, Digby recognizes Greg from the meme after Susan revealed it, and he leads the crowd in a chant of "Diaper Hands, Greg Heffley". Near the end of the movie, Mr. Beardo jumps into the trash can near the motel the Beardo family stayed in to retrieve his keys and picked up a diaper from the trash can. In a scene during the movie's credits, Greg meets two girls who take selfies with him, recognizing him as Diaper Hands.

Despite coming out as embarrassing and humiliating for Greg, it earned him fame and attention as a celebrity.


  • This is one of the reasons why The Long Haul film is disliked, with many people calling it a "cringy" attempt to be relatable.
  • Diaper Hands never appeared in the book adaptation of The Long Haul.
  • The meme has two variations: Diaper Hands Dunks and Power to the Diaper People.