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Dhruv Patel is the coach of Greg Heffley's basketball team, the father of Preet Patel and Big Shot's main antagonist. He is a strict man and makes an appearance in Big Shot, in which he is shown as a foil to Greg's general apathy.


Big Shot[]

During the basketball tryouts, his son Preet had to attend his uncle's funeral which meant Preet can't be on a team. So, Dhruv created his own team which consisted of the kids who got cut out in tryouts. He made Greg Heffley's team practice in an elementary school hall but the team were often fooling around angering him and is a determined but uptight person to help them rise through the ranks. Throughout the book he gives speeches to the team that were supposed to make them better players but it mostly fails. At the end of the season, they had a party at Mr. Marconi's sub shop and when he goes to his car, Greg's mom Susan tells Mr. Patel about entering the team into The Second Chance Tournament. Mr. Patel then replies that the team is rubbish and won't do any good giving up on them. Later, Preet and Mr. Patel shows up during the final match between the Funky Dunkers and the Winter Dogs.


  • Dhruv Patel and his son are presumably of Gujarati or other Indian or South Asian descent, due to their names and to a lesser extent their appearances.
  • It's possible that Mr. Patel is related to Musti Patel, as they both have the same last name. However, this is unlikely, as Mr. Patel is a character that only appears in the books, while Musti solely appears in the online book, not to mention that Patel is a very common Indian surname.