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Dean Delarosa is a boy that Greg Heffley has known since third grade, who appears in Cabin Fever. He replaces the role of Byron Brown from the online book.[1]

When Greg was in third grade, he got invited to his birthday party, but Greg went to his house the week before. Greg liked the gift for Dean so much so he played with it and ended up breaking the toy, causing him to skip Dean's party. Dean was assigned as Greg's secret holiday buddy, when kids had to give each other presents anonymously. Greg was determined to redeem Dean and made sure that his mom, Susan Heffley, delivered the gift. Little did he know, Susan didn't know that the gift had to be anonymous which ended up embarrassing Greg and Dean who wanted to crawl under his desk.


  • It's possible that the online version of Dean, Byron Brown, is related to Abigail Brown, as they have the same last name.
    • However, this is unlikely, as Byron is a version of Dean's character that appears exclusively in the online book, while Abigail is introduced in The Third Wheel, and also because Brown is a very common name.
  • While Dean is never mentioned within the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series again, a boy who looks extremely similar to him appears in Wrecking Ball.[2]
  • Judging by his last name, he is likely of Hispanic descent.




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