Darren Walsh

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Name Darren Walsh
Age 13-18
Gender Male.png
Actor Harrison Houde
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes (as Darnell Washington)
Book Appearance? Yes

Darren Walsh (also known as Darnell Washington in the online book) is a boy who started the Cheese Touch by touching the Cheese with his finger. He appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, its movie adaptation, and the online book.  In the movie, someone calls Darren out after he touches the cheese. Despite Darren denying this, all of the other kids run away from him, and actively avoid him in the school hallways. He eventually manages to pass the Cheese Touch onto a girl, who passes it to a number of other people until the last person who gets it moves away during the summer. 

Darren had the same role in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, though he plays a much smaller role in this version and was depicted by Greg as actually enjoying chasing the other kids with it. The same goes for the online book, with the only difference being his name.


  • On the Popularity List, Darren is shown in 50th place and somehow later falls to 198th place.
  • It is possible that the online version of Darren, Darnell Washington, is Mr. Washington's son, though that is unconfirmed.



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