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The Daily News is Greg Heffley's downtown local newspaper in Plainview. The office is known for printing out Li'l Cutie and tried to cancel Precious Poochie on multiple occasions, leading to controversies from the elderly. In the film, this is referred to as The Daily Trumpet.


Dog Days[]

Around the start of Dog Days the newspaper announced the final Li' Cutie comic will be printed in August.[1] Later Greg spent the afternoon playing video games and catching up on the Sunday comics where he turned to the back page and sees an ad that was looking for a replacement for Li' Cutie. The newspaper clarified that any comic containing an animal will not be considered due to backlash from attempting to cancel Precious Poochie multiple times. The last time the newspaper tried to get rid of that comic, seniors from Leisure Towers came to their offices and didn't leave until the newspaper brought back the comic.[2]


Falling the The Wizard of Oz play, a photographer took a picture of the audience where Rodrick Heffley can be seen wearing a tie at a middle school play, after failing to record Greg singing.[3]




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