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Custom Fit Training is a gym Frank Heffley goes to. It appears in Big Shot.[1]


Greg's school is having a Field Day and if his class wins they get a day off of school so to get in shape Greg decides to go to the gym with his father. The gym is packed and there was all sorts of fancy equipment Greg couldn't wait to try out. Frank takes him to the area of the gym where he works out and Greg states that he could see why Frank hasn't been getting any results. After Frank did a few push ups and jumping jacks he told Greg that he was gonna relax in the sauna for a while which left Greg free to exercise on his own. Greg tries using the exercise equipment but he didn't do it the right way. Greg wanted to try out the equipment with screens on them but people were hogging them and staying on longer then they were supposed too. So too pass time, Greg changed the channel on TV to something more interesting.


When a lady got up to change the channel back, Greg went to the equipment. There was a big screen on the treadmill where you could choose all these famous places to take your walk and Greg chose the Great Wall of China. Greg hears some weird noises coming from the other room so he went to check it out. It turns out the room was a whole different area of the gym where the serious people worked out. Greg wanted to know how to get started but nobody was interested in teaching a beginner like him. Greg eventually decided to take a few bicep curls and go from there but he could not even get the dumbells off the racks. Greg thought he would have better luck with the medium-sized barbell but he couldn't budge it either so he took the weights off the barbell to make it a little lighter but it slid off the other side. Greg and Frank get kicked out of the gym as people don't like loud noises in the weight room.




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