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At the grocery store that he and his family usually shop at, there at least used to be a special for kids called the "Cupcake Club," where kids under the age of 8 could receive a free cupcake. Greg was a part of it (complete with a membership card) and kept taking a cupcake even after he turned 8. However, Greg was secretly worried that he'd get in trouble for it -- in fact, when he was at the store one day with his mom, the alarm went off just as he had bit into a strawberry-frosted cupcake with sprinkles. Assuming that the alarm went off because of him, Greg immediately ran out of the store so he wouldn't get caught and Susan found him a few streets away.[1]

As he got older, Greg eventually realized that the alarm had nothing to do with him and figures that what actually was that someone else had (somehow) set off the alarm just as he started eating the cupcake.


  • In Rodrick Rules, and the rest of Cabin Fever, Greg had buck teeth (resembling Manny) when he was little. But on the Cupcake Club card, Greg has four visible teeth.




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