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Crossland High School is a high school that is located in Plainview. It is where Greg's older brother, Rodrick attends as a junior.

It is the only known high school in the town that Greg lives in, as he has never referred to other high schools within his town. However, in the online book, Bishop Garrigan High School was located in Plainview.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Crossland opens up their haunted house which Greg and Rowley attends after years of hearing Rodrick's experiences. After admission, they were hit with multiple jumpscares before being chased around by the Chainsaw Alley guy. Although their experience was cut short by Greg's Mom, it gave them the inspiration to open up their own haunted house which Greg deems the interior superior.[1]

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

Bill Walter was shown to graduate Crossland in the year 2003, suggesting the movie takes place in 2021 given Bill's confirmation age of thirty-five.[2]


When Frank Heffley considers enrolling Greg into Bishop Garrigan High School, Greg says one of the reasons why he doesn't want to go is because it's all boys, unlike Crossland where Rodrick is said to be a junior. Later, Greg and Rowley went to their The Labyrinth, which was hosted by the Junior class. After a traumatic experience, Ann Heffley said she was going to write an angry letter to the school's principal.[3]

Eventually, Greg becomes the new goalie of the Red Socks. He sees this as a potential way to get out of going to Bishop Garrigan High School as Crossland has a soccer team in contrast to Bishop Garrigan.[4]

Known staff[]

  • Crossland principal
  • Rodrick's Science teacher
  • Rodrick's English teacher
  • Mackie's teacher (possibly)

Known students[]

Known Graduates[]


  • In the original online version of the book, Greg expresses the desire to go to Crossland for high school instead of Bishop Garrigan, since Crossland's co-de (meaning they have both male and female students) while Bishop Garrigan is an all-boys school.
  • In the first book of the series, Greg and Rowley go to their annual haunted house with Greg's mom sometime near Halloween. However, Greg and Rowley discover that the house is much scarier than they imagined it to be, and while being chased by a guy in a hockey mask down a place called "Chainsaw Alley," Greg's mom stepped in and made the guy apologize and show them an exit.
  • Crossland High School only appear physically once in any of the books or the films, but it is mentioned several times in the books.
    • In the Stealthinator scene (a deleted ending in the second film), Crossland High School is seen in its animated form. This also appeared at the end of the second book. This is also the only time Crossland physically appears in the series
    • The high school appears in animated form in a deleted alternate ending of the Rodrick rules film.
  • In Camp Springs, Maryland, there is a high school with the same name. This school is near author Jeff Kinney's hometown of Fort Washington, and is likely the inspiration for the name within the series.




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