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Oops. Hi, I'm Stew Pid.

Creighton the Cretin is a comic written by Greg Heffley after he abandoned his co-creation with Rowley Jefferson on Zoo-Wee-Mama!. It appears and is referenced throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Creighton the Cretin was created due to Zoo-Wee-Mama's repetitive humor. Greg registered it into a comic contest to replace Wacky Dawg. He ensures his comic would win by hiding potential competitors under a stack of paper in Mr. Ira's office. As he expected, it was accepted and was put into the school newspaper but Mr. Ira completely ruins Greg's comic by changing its name to Creighton the Curious Student as well as severely changing the comics themselves, likely because the content was deemed "too offensive" and used it to advertise the school library. Greg quits and lends his position over to Rowley.[1]

Rodrick Rules[]

In Rodrick Rules, the Comic Artist job was open since Rowley wanted to retire, so he could have more to play with his action figures. Greg wrote this comic again to send it to the school newspaper, it is unknown whether he got selected or not.


Creighton is a kid who is loyal of almost everything and does chores to make him look cool. He is often confused with many things.

Creighton is the opposite of Rowley in the books, as Rowley has his mouth open every time he appears, except for one time in a silhouette. Creighton, however, never opens his mouth to talk. There is only mouth movements such as closed mouth smiles and frowns. Creighton has three special abilities among everyone else:

  • He doesn't know much about things (example: putting an English muffin in a DVD player, saying that his butt has a crack on it (even though every butt does) and thinking a brick is a box).
  • He can talk with closed lips, which was possibly because it would look ridiculous seeing him open his mouth with the two front teeth.
  • He has a body condition (Huge head, teeth, ears, eyes) and (Skinny body, arms, hair, brain).


He is thin, he has only five sprouts of hair, has big round eyes and has two buck teeth sticking out of his mouth. He also has large ears and a tremendous head.

Known Strips[]

Creighton the Cretin[]

The first comic introduces Creighton, who is told by a guy that his name is Stewart Pid. Creighton shortens it to Stew Pid, sounding like the insult "stupid".

Unnamed strip 1[]

Creighton attempts to open a brick that he thinks is a box.

Unnamed strip 2[]

Creighton asks a doctor if he could get a new butt because it has a crack in it.

Creighton the Curious Student[]

This was Mr. Ira's allegedly "minor edit" to the strip, which turned Creighton into an inquisitive student asking his teacher about math problems. According to Greg, in the original, Creighton is taking a math test, and he accidentally eats it and the teacher yells at him for being such a moron. This was mainly an ad for the school's library, this made Greg quit as a cartoonist as it made him look like the teacher's pet and because Mr. Ira refused to change it back. Mr. Ira likely made the edits due to said material being considered too offensive for school, specifically the teacher calling a student a moron.

Creighton the Comedian[]

This appears in the Do-It-Yourself book. Creighton is a comedian who makes people laugh but keeps making horrendous jokes. His three jokes were, one was a knock-knock joke and when the person said "knock-knock" he would say "Creighton is here", his second joke was the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" but he said he muffed it up and one was a wacky headline but it was of tragic news like a man getting eaten by alligator, a homeless shelter burning down and a plane crash killing seven people.

Creighton the Dinosaur[]

Creighton is performing in a dinosaur costume in front of little kids. They want him to sing a song to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Creighton, however, sings a self-aware reminder, and the kids think they were ripped off. This comic was presumably a reference to the children's TV series Barney & Friends.

The Late Show: With Creg The Cretin[]

This is basically "Creg The Comedian" but without the “Why did the chicken cross the road?” part and the “plane crash” headline. Also, the homeless shelter is replaced by a hospital.



Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]


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