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Go on the Cranium Shaker. You haven't lived till you've done that.
Rodrick to Greg

The Cranium Shaker is a thrill zipper ride in Amusementland that Greg Heffley goes on at the boardwalk in the end of Dog Days. In the movie, Greg goes on the Cranium Shaker with Rowley Jefferson.


Dog Days[]

Greg's desire to visit the beach was fueled by his newfound height, finally reaching the threshold to ride the adrenaline-pumping Cranium Shaker. This aspiration was heavily influenced by his older brother, Rodrick Heffley, who told him that riding the Cranium Shaker was a rite of passage into manhood.

The prospect of experiencing the Cranium Shaker became the sole reason for Greg's agreement to join the Jeffersons' beach trip. After enduring a lengthy wait in line, Greg used his last five dollars to embark on the daring ride. According to Greg's vivid account, the ride flips you down multiple times, propels you mere inches from the ground, and then sends you spinning backward into the sky.

During the ride, Greg realized that he couldn't stop it, as the music drowned out his attempts to communicate with the operator. The relentless motion left him feeling extremely nauseous and disoriented. In contrast, Rowley chose to opt for the gentler kiddie rides, leaving Greg to brave the intense experience of the Cranium Shaker alone.

Dog Days184

After the tumultuous ride, Greg took a considerable amount of time to recover from the overwhelming sensation. Meanwhile, Rowley proudly commemorated his adventures by getting a shirt from his dad that proudly proclaimed, "I survived the Cranium Shaker."

Despite the sense of accomplishment from conquering the ride, Greg admits that the experience was the most nauseating thing he had ever done in his life, even surpassing the awkwardness of a previous incident involving his little brother Manny in the shower room.

Dog Days (2012 film)[]

In the movie, the worker scares Greg and Rowley by saying someone got decapitated while riding. Greg says in his journal that Rodrick has gone on about a billion times and that you can't call yourself a man until you ride it. After Greg got off the Cranium Shaker, he almost threw up. The Dog Days book and the film are the only time the Cranium Shaker appeared. At the top of the ride, fearing that they won't make it, Rowley and Greg then confess their dirtiest secrets to each other just in case. Linda Jefferson and Robert Jefferson are known not to support the Cranium Shaker, as it is a "scary ride".

While this ride is indeed fictional, during the movie 'Dog Days', it was filmed on a ride called "Revelation" at an amusement park called Playland (the location where Amusementland was filmed) in British Columbia, Canada.


  • In the book, the ride resembles the Chance Rides Zipper, which is a real-life ride.
  • The movie diary said that the scene for the Cranium Shaker was filmed using the Revelation, because there was no ride like the Cranium Shaker in Playland.



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