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Corey Lamb (known as Scotty Lamb in the online book) is a boy in Greg Heffley's class who is unfairly punished when he is believed to have stolen a dictionary. He appears in The Last Straw and the animated adaptation of Rodrick Rules.


The Last Straw[]

When a dictionary belonging to Mrs. Craig goes missing, she keeps her class inside during recess until it is returned. A couple of guys who are sick of being inside every day and decide to try and find out who took Mrs. Craig's dictionary. After interrogating their first suspect, they targeted Corey who Greg believes was targeted because of him being smart and always using big words. [1]

Corey quickly confesses because the pressure made him crack, and his belongings are searched through without success. He and a group of other kids, including Greg, ask Alex Aruda to help find the dictionary. After Alex reveals that he has the dictionary, Corey grabs it from him and tries to return it to Mrs. Craig's desk but is caught when she returns to the room at that moment. She reneges on a promise that there would be "no consequences" and keeps Corey inside for recess for the next three weeks. Despite not liking Mrs. Craig's decision, Greg decided not to protest this decision out of fear of also being kept inside for supporting him but said that Alex will keep Corey company. [2]

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

According to a pamphlet that lists all of the acts at the Talent Show, he plays the violin in act two of it.[3]


  • Given estimates made based off of illustrations of him, Corey Lamb is most likely between 3' 8" (111.76 cm) and 3' 9" (114.3 cm) tall. However, this is entirely conjecture, as his height has never been stated conclusively within the series.




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