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Cool Brian is a mentorship company that bills itself as providing "wholesome mentors for growing boys". It appears in The Ugly Truth, when Rowley Jefferson's parents hire one of their employees as a replacement friend for Greg Heffley.

The company effectively provides a sort of big-brother-for-hire service, as its employees are meant to act as a best friend and role model for the boys that they hang out with. As such, it is presumed that all the Cool Brian employees are required to behave responsibly around their charges.

Cool Brian's employees all seem to be teenagers and young adults who are male and go by the name of Brian. They wear shirts with the company name on it.


The Ugly Truth[]

Initially, Rowley's parents hired a Cool Brian employee for Rowley to act as a sort of "big brother". While Rowley is rather old for this organization, due to his child-like nature, he legitimately enjoyed himself. At one point in time, an entirely different "Brian" was seen playing catch with Rowley, but Rowley didn't seem to care. Rowley's relationship with the company presumably came to an end after he began avoiding older teenagers, believing he could "catch puberty" from them.

Greg is actually quite jealous of Brian, because he viewed himself as being Rowley's "mentor" until Brian came along. But Greg's supposed "mentoring" was mainly teaching Rowley childish pranks, which is probably part of the reason Rowley's family hired "Cool" Brian. He also wanted to bet money that the guy's real name wasn't even Brian.[1]

Known Employees[]


  • The phone number for the Cool Brian organization is 555-6739, according to the contact information on the side of a company van.




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