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Commando Crocodile is a fictional Australian comic series that is written by Matty Shub. It is one of the most notable comics at Greg Heffley's school and it appears in No Brainer.


Ms. Masie struggled to retain Commando Crocodile on shelves, despite how many copies she purchased and if a student wanted to check out a copy, they needed to wait on a register which was half a mile long. One day, a parent complained about the crocodile being naked and so to retain the books on shelves, Ms. Masie drew clothes on him. However, students began passing off uncensored versions of the series and so to combat this, the school had to examine everyone's bags for Commando Crocodile.


Unfortunately for the school, it didn't stop the issue and students discovered other methods of passing off Commando Crocodile. The complaints were never ending and eventually, Ms. Masie just gave up and included all the challenged books such as Commando Crocodile in the back room; if students wanted to read them then they would have to require a permission slip from their parents.


Eventually so many books ended up getting banned that the library ended up asking for donations to fill the shelves. As a result, people began donating books they didn't want anymore including romance novels, which had a lot more inappropriate content than Commando Crocodile.[1]

Later, Greg mentions that his school had an assembly where the illustrator of Commando Crocodile attended the school. [2]



The following is a list of all known books in the Commando Crocodile series:

  • Full Swing
  • Tunnel Vision



  • Commando Crocodile is likely based off of the Commando comics, a popular British comic series that depicts events from WWI and WWII. It's also likely based off of the Crocodile Dundee film series due to it being an Australian comic. Commando Crocodile's design is likely inspired by Vector the Crocodile from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.[1]



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