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The Larry Mack Junior Middle School Comic Contest was a contest at Larry Mack Junior Middle School (Westmore Middle School in the movies) to find a replacement in the school newspaper for Bryan Little's Wacky Dawg.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Due to criticism that Wacky Dawg has gone downhill due to Brian using it for his personal life and to call out other students, Bryan was removed from making his comic and there was going to be a new comic artist and strip to replace Wacky Dawg. Greg knows that Wacky Dawg made Bryan Little famous at his school and wants to become popular himself so he decides he wants to enter the contest. He and Rowley decide to team up and Greg comes up with the idea for "Zoo-Wee Mama!" wherein every comic, someone gets into a worsening situation and they or someone in the comic says "Zoo-Wee Mama!" at the end. Greg thinks this idea and formula will work because it's the same phrase every time Greg decides to draw all of the pictures and write the words while Rowley draws the boxes around the comics. Rowley begs Greg to do the writing because he doesn't think doing the boxes is enough and Greg allows him but doesn't like Rowley's writing skills. Greg gets bored of the idea and asks Rowley if he wants to work on something else but Rowley refuses and Greg doesn't like Rowley's drawings, so he lets Rowley keep drawing the comic at his own house and Greg creates Creighton the Cretin instead. Greg is more motivated to draw this comic as he feels it is funnier and he won't run out of new material because of so many idiots running around the school The cartoons of Creighton the Cretin show as for example, Creighton asks somebody or tells someone that he's going to try to do acts, such as opening a "box". Then, the person realizes what he's doing wrong and gets angry and calls him names.

To enter the contest, each member has to submit a sample comic for Mr. Ira to judge. Greg submits a comic of Creighton eating his math book, making his teacher yell at him for being stupid. Greg is confident he will win as Rowley's comic is unoriginal and drawn badly and many of the other contenders also wrote corny comics. He sees Girls Rule! by Tabitha Cutter and Lisa Russel, which Greg describes as "garbage", as it contains gender bias. Xtreme Sk8ters by an unknown creator shows two stick figures skateboarding, however one person convinces the other to slide down, causing injuries. Greg describes this comic as half-decent and thinks the kid who wrote it could be on to something if he could draw properly. There was also a comic called Dumb Teachers (called "Dumb Techers at Our School" in the online version) by Bill Tritt, featuring Mr. Ira visibly pooping his pants and denying it. He only sees a few decent entries but hides them, including an online-only comic drawn by Sara Choo called "Pikki and Matz", which Greg hides out of fear that the teachers will choose it because of their love for "cute animals". As he hoped, Greg wins the contest but nobody praises it and Greg finds out Mr. Ira completely butchered his strip. The new strip is called "Creighton the Curious Student" and revolves around Creighton wanting to learn math, followed by an ad to visit Mr. Humphrey or go to the library if students want to learn more about math. Greg quits in his anger over the edits and Mr. Ira chooses a new winner, Rowley Jefferson with "Zoo-Wee Mama!" Mr. Ira doesn't edit Rowley's strip and people enjoy the new strip, although Greg is angered as this was his idea first and Rowley didn't credit him, and Rowley's fame is perceived unfair by Greg. Rowley gets requests to have people put them in his strip, has teachers reference it, and even wins Class Clown for writing the comic strip.

Rodrick Rules[]

Rowley leaves his comic book position to spend more time playing with his Dinoblazer Action Figures, re-opening the contest for a new spot. Greg decides to give Creighton the Cretin another try but it is unknown who the new winner of the contest was.

Dog Days[]

This contest is briefly referenced again. However instead of entering a school newspaper contest with Creighton the Cretin, Greg considers entering the city newspaper contest with Hey, People! as he feels this will appeal to a larger audience and this is one panel. Li'l Cutie is facing cancellation due to Bob Post's retirement so the newspaper is looking for a new comic artist to write a one-panel comic in the newspaper, as L'il Cutie was one panel. Nobody won this contest, as it was canceled due to L'il Cutie's return run by Tyler Post.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010 film)[]

Bryan Little comes down with mono and has to be out from school for three months, leaving the comic position temporarily open until he recovers and comes back. Similar to the book, Greg is interested in joining the contest and initially teams up with Rowley, although on thinner ice as Greg didn't like it earlier when Rowley milked the broken hand, and initially believed the "Get Well Soon" card was for Rowley before being told it was for Bryan. However, in the movie, Greg is really interested in high-quality comics and doesn't like Zoo-Wee Mama! as he does not find it funny and doesn't like the reused catchphrase every time. Rowley created Zoo-Wee Mama! himself this time and wins the contest immediately while Creighton the Cretin never won. Greg is agitated that so many people like Zoo-Wee Mama! and thinks nobody has humor. Rowley knows that Greg hates his cartoons and lists this as one of the reasons Greg isn't a good friend to him when the two have a falling out. At the end of the movie, they make up and the comics aren't mentioned during the rest of the films as it is believed Bryan Little recovered and went back to writing Wacky Dawg. There is no newspaper comic strip contest in Dog Days, instead, of having it be replaced simply with the announcement of the comic leaving, with nothing taking its place.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2021 film)[]

An ad for the comic contest is briefly seen on the bulletin board and Greg wants to use that to get him popularity, since he believes he cannot get popular trying to compete with Rowley's injury. This time the position is open due to a comic artist quitting, not from being fired or on medical leave, however it doesn't specify whether the comic artist was Bryan Little although his Wacky Dawg character was shown on the ad. Rowley is not invited to make comics with Greg, instead he walks in on Greg making comic and notices a crumpled-up comic of a Zoo-Wee Mama! comic Greg made and is impressed but Greg says he thinks Creighton the Cretin is funnier and shows Rowley the comic of Creighton asking his doctor for a new butt since his old one had a crack in it. Greg wins but the comic of Creighton and the doctor is changed to Creighton asking the doctor a math question and then talking about new math and science books. The reason is of the change is because the librarian in charge of the school paper. Greg quits and like the book, it is replaced with "Zoo-Wee Mama!" drawn by Rowley Jefferson. The librarian doesn't censor Zoo-Wee Mama and everyone uses the phrase, to the point of a bully punching Greg for not "respecting" Rowley. Rowley makes a new friend, Chirag, replacing Collin Lee.


  • In the film Bryan's comics didn't become unpopular, he just came down with mono.