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The ads in Greg's comic are a set of ads for various products that Greg Heffley finds in the back of one of his comic books and buys. They appear in The Last Straw and the online book.


After receiving the items, Greg finds out that every single one of them are rip-offs that don't function as expected. He thinks about suing the people who made them, but he realizes that lawyers cost money and that he wouldn't have been able to, since he was broke from spending his money on the items and the Cash Machine he'd bought was a piece of garbage.


  • X-Ray Goggles: Meant to allow the wearer to see through walls, metal, clothes, and other objects; causes Greg to see blurry and cross-eyed.
  • Cash Machine: Prints money when normal paper is inserted; turns out to be a magic trick where you have to insert your own money in a secret compartment.
  • Throw Your Voice Ventriloquism Kit: Supposed to allow one to throw their voice; doesn't work at all, even though Greg follows all the instructions in the manual.
  • Personal Hovercraft: Looks like a ready made hoverboard; is instead hard blueprint with a series of steps detailing how to build one, the first of which is to acquire an industrial twin turbine engine.