Collin Lee

Collin Lee



Name Collin Lee
Age 12
Gender Male
Actor Alex Ferris
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Collin Lee is Greg's backup friend. In Dog Days, Greg was banned from seeing Rowley for the rest of the summer after "burning" him, so he told Rowley to tell his parents he was going to Collin's house, but secretly going to go camping at the Game Hut for a Twisted Wizards tournament. In The Ugly Truth, Collin appears briefly during the Lock-In when they were playing ice breakers. Collin is played by Alex Ferris in the movie.


  • However, in the book series, Collin is short with curly hair and no glasses. He also has an extremely minor role, being only mentioned a few times and shown once.




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