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Cody after stepping in dog poop

Cody "Dookie" Johnson is a middle school student who appears in Cabin Fever. He is mentioned by Greg Heffley when the latter discusses bullying and name calling at his school.[1]


Cody is drawn in a white shirt and black pants, although since he is in a monochrome world, the actual colors may vary. His size varies between pictures: the picture that shows him stepping in dog poop has him smaller.


Cody accidentally stepped in dog poop during recess one day causing his peers to give him the nickname "Dookie," which everyone has been calling him since including the teachers and even the school principal.

Greg says that he hopes he never gets a nickname like that and he'd probably have to move to a different town to escape it, and even then what Greg thinks would happen is that someone from his old school would move there as well and start up the nickname up again.


  • Whether Cody escaped his nickname or was condemned to live with it has never been revealed; realistically speaking, the former should be likely.
  • Cody Johnson is one of the few characters to get a nickname, as he was called "Dookie" after stepping in dog poop. Others include Preston Mudd who was called "Pee Mud" and Peter Uteger who was called "P.U." Greg Heffley is often called names like "Bubby" and "Ploopy" by Manny Heffley.




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