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Clue: Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a Diary of a Wimpy Kid illustrated edition of the classic board game, Clue. It was announced on Jeff Kinney's instagram on the 17th August 2023.


Join your favorite “Wimpy Kid” from Jeff Kinney's popular book series to solve the mystery and win this custom illustrated version of the classic mystery game! In CLUE®: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg Heffley has lost sight of his little brother Manny, and it's up to you to help recover the toddler before time runs out! Take on the roles of Greg, his family, and friends to figure out WHERE Manny has wandered off, WHO he's with, and WHAT distracted him!


  • Game Board (9 locations)
  • 6 Character Movers/Bases
  • 6 Peril Tokens
  • 6Character Role/Ability Cards
  • 6 Suspect ‘Clue' cards
  • 6 Secret ‘Clue' cards
  • 9 Location ‘Clue' cards
  • 25 Intrigue Cards
  • Envelope
  • 2Six-sided Dice
  • Rulebook