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At first, some kids were uncomfortable being around a faceless machine, so the school put googly eyes on it to make it seem a little more human. But if you ask me, that makes it even creepier.
Greg Heffley describing the cleaning robot in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: No Brainer.

The cleaning robot is a sentient machine that was bought by Larry Mack Middle School that appears throughout No Brainer. It is currently the school's acting principal.

In the midst of severe budget cuts, the school bought the robot second-hand from a local grocery store as a cost-cutting measure to replace its janitorial staff, which had been cut from ten to three. Initially, students were uncomfortable with having a faceless machine roam the halls, prompting Principal Bottoms to stick a pair of googly eyes on it, which didn't make things better.

Greg Heffley believes that the robot ultimately made the littering situation at school even worse, as students and even teachers began throwing their garbage out on the floor whenever they wanted, knowing that the robot would clean it up.

As time wore on, the robot began to skip out on its job and exhibit increasingly human behaviors, such as seemingly looking at people, playing cards with the janitorial staff, and sitting in on classes, where Greg believes it copied off one of his quizzes. When students began leaving candles and other offerings at the site of Larry Mack's former statue ahead of final exams, the cleaning robot sprayed the site with extinguishing foam when it became a fire hazard.

When the school was reopened by Larry Mack Junior after its brief closure, the cleaning robot was installed as the temporary principal while the school looked for a replacement, causing Greg to become seriously concerned.


  • The robot shares several similarities with Marty the Cleaning Robot, a cleaning robot that operates at Martin's Grocery Stores. The real-life counterpart is also adorned with googly eyes.
  • The robot is the first sentient non-living thing in the series.