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The Civil War Battlefield Diorama is a recreation of the American Civil War that is being worked on by Frank Heffley throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It includes custom painted figures like Ulysses S. Grant and a massive battlefield.


Rodrick Rules[]

Since, Susan reassigned the dishes to Greg and Rodrick, Frank's been going down to the furnace room after dinner to work on his Civil War battlefield. Frank spends at least three hours working on it, but he would be happy to spend the whole weekend on it. However, Susan has other ideas. She rents these romantic comedies and makes Frank watch them, but he is just waiting for the first chance he has to get out and work on his diorama. Frank makes sure to keep everyone away from the diorama because he thinks they are going to mess something up and earlier, Greg heard Frank tell Manny that he has heard some grunting noises in the furnace room, so he doesn't mess around back there.

When Rowley Jefferson comes over to Greg's house, he gets the same greeting from Frank: The basement is off limits which is because one time Rowley was eating dinner and he accidentally smashed a plate, so now Frank has this idea that Rowley's going to ruin his battlefield in one clumsy move.[1] Susan once again made Frank watch a movie she rented and when she got up to go to the bathroom Frank stuffed a bunch of pillows under the blanket to make it look like he fell asleep and went down to work on his diorama. Susan found out right after the movie was over and made Frank go back to bed even though it was only eight thirty at night.[2] During Thanksgiving, after dinner Frank went downstairs to work on his diorama where Joe Heffley followed him. Frank gave this big speech to him about the 150th Regiment but Joe wasn't really listening as he slapped him and said nice toys, big brother. [3][4]

The Last Straw[]

After Frank throws away Tingy (Manny's favorite blanket), Manny mercilessly destroys the battlefield.[5]

Hard Luck[]

Greg shows the places where Rodrick put the flowers in his science project "What type of music do flowers like best?" with one of which being the diorama.[6]

Wrecking Ball[]

Susan announces at a family meeting that when Reba Heffley died she left all her money to the family. This made everyone begin discussing what they are going to do with their share of money and Frank wanted to buy some really expensive civil war figures for his diorama. Susan shut all those ideas down and told them she wanted to use the money for an extension. Everyone began discussing what the extension should be with Frank wanting it to be all glass so he could show off his diorama.[7]

Later, while packing for the move Frank is taking the longest due to him using a full sheet of bubble wrap so none of his civil war figurines break.[8] After finding out she wrote the date wrong by a week for the move, Susan started packing and she slid the rest of the civil war figurines into a box damaging and breaking most of them.[9]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010 film)[]

While Greg's saying how this entire year is terrible and nobody even cares, it shows Frank (animated) playing with his civil war figurines.

Rodrick Rules (2011 film)[]

It was put in the basement for safekeeping and was briefly brought upstairs for Frank to work on.

Dog Days (2012 film)[]

After banning Greg and Rodrick from TV and video games for the entire summer, Frank says that he is going downstairs to work on his diorama.

Cabin Fever (2023 film)[]

After three days later in the snowstorm, the pipes burst and water is in the basement. Frank rushes down to save his battlefield from sinking.


The diorama plays the same role as in Rodrick Rules.[10]





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