The church is located on Surrey Street. Greg and his family attend, and so do many other people from several other neighborhoods.

In Rodrick Rules

It was briefly mentioned when Greg, Manny and Susan were driving back from there.

In The Last Straw

In The Last Straw, Greg visited it on Easter where when Greg got out of car and there was chocolate over his

Greg at the church.

trousers. Greg didn't want to go in like that, so Susan made Greg wear her sweater like a kilt. During this time, Greg had a crush on Holly Hills. When the got there, they were seated three rows forward to the Hills family. When the song started Joe Heffley joined hands with Greg and his wife. Greg couldn't get out of it, as Joe had a strong grip. Then they were handing out baskets and Greg asked Susan to give him money to put in. Greg wanted to put money in to make Holly Hills think he was generous but he realized it was a twenty dollar note and it was too late. Greg then calls Manny a 'Ploopy' and Manny started bawling, and it was so bad that the minister had to stop, and they had to leave. Then, when Greg came there a second time, when it was time to shake hands, Greg shook hands with Holly Hills.

In Dog Days

It briefly appears with Greg and Susan behind Heather Hills and Holly Hills when Greg was describing Heather Hills.

In Cabin Fever

After Rowley spends the night at Greg's house, Greg and his family take Rowley to a service at their church. During the service, Greg realizes that Rowley and his family must not go to church that much, because seemed unsure of what to do during the different parts of the service. For example:

  • Rowley thought that "peace be with you" was "peas be with you."
  • During the sharing of the peace, Rowley gives a kiss on the cheek to the woman next to him, when you're supposed to just shake hands.

In Hard Luck

It is briefly seen in a flashback when Greg and Rodrick are sleeping during service in their Body Blankies, which Greg thinks is the reason he lost it after that.

In The Long Haul

It makes a brief flashback when Greg said that Rodrick slept through half of the Easter service before anyone realized he was missing, which probably got him in big trouble as Susan didn't look too happy to see him in the back.



  • According to Greg, the Easter service at the church he and his family go to is always at least two hours long.
  • Although the church's denomination is never specified, it is shown to have confessionals in the online version.
  • The church either appears or is mentioned in every book up to The Getaway.
  • Each time the church is shown, it is always in a flashback.
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