Christopher Brownfield
Christopher Brownfield
Name Christopher Brownfield
Age 12
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

Christopher Brownfield is a character who appears only in The Ugly Truth and he is a friend of Greg.


Role in The Ugly Truth

Greg said he hung out with him for a few weeks in the summer because he is a good mosquito magnet. Greg goes on to say that Christopher was a better summer time friend than a school year friend.

He also appeared in the Lock-In, where Greg, Tyson Sanders, George Fleer, Nicky Wood and him were in the same team in the game "Guess Who?". They took a photo of his back but when they caught a kid from the other team spying on them, they picked Tyson Sanders' photo instead. Later at the Lock-In, when Greg's team members try to escape the chaperones, Christopher is the only one that wasn't caught, as he was hiding behind a soda machine. He is never seen again after going into hiding, and his ultimate fate is left ambiguous.


Christopher is depicted as being over-weight having a semi-circle nose just like Rowley's and has curly and short hair and has six visible teeth. He also is one of the few characters where you can see both ears in one picture.


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