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Christoph is a vampire and the boyfriend of Shae'Vana who was bitten by a bat as a teenager. He is immortal, living most of his life being locked in his tower alone for 300 years after both of his parents died. He later joins with Roland the Kind and his gang on their journey to save Roland's mom after receiving a visit. He appeared in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure.


After Greg Heffley suggested adding a vampire to the story, he makes his debut when Roland and Shae'Vana went into the castle that he lives in. Christoph tells them they were his first visitors in 3 centuries and tells them his background story about how he became a vampire when he was a teen giving him the ability to be immortal meaning after his parents died he locked himself in his castle to never bite anyone. After he finishes his backstory, Shae'Vana invited him to join their journey to save Roland's mom even though Roland doesn't seem approve.

They climbed down and introduced Christoph to the whole team but he tells them since he's a vampire everyone would have to travel at night. As the team continued walking Christoph and Shae'Vana begins to have feeling for each other and was holding hands despite Roland telling everyone to be hands-free. However one night the moon peaked out from the clouds and transformed Christoph into a werewolf then Lefty proceed to pin him down until he turns back. He then tells everyone that he got bitten by a wolf and became a vampire so now everyone can't travel when there's a full moon.

When Shae'Vanna steals their map and supplies, Christoph breaks into tears as he misses his girlfriend and blames it on Roland for the leaving the map out in the open then would later watch Lefty drowning in the lava river. The group would march for a long time so much so the group just finds it annoying every time Christoph into a werewolf.

During the final battle at the Ice Fortress Christoph would attack the One-Eyed Wizard along with the group however he was quickly snatched up by Righty where he would've suffocated if it weren't for the surprise of Roland's mom crashing through the floor. Roland would hit the final blow and defeats the One-Eyed Wizard turning him good then Christoph and Shae'Vanna says farewell to everyone and leaves the Ice Fortress.