Greg Heffley (headshot)
Chris Hosey
Chris Hosey
Name Chris Hosey
Age 13-14
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? Yes (only pictured)
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Chris Hosey is a boy who sits in front of Greg Heffley in at least one of his classes during the first book.

In one class, Greg sits down in the seat between Chris and another boy named Lionel James. The teacher then announces to the class that the seats they are sitting in are their permanent seats, much to Greg's displeasure.

He is also one of the two boys (the other being Lionel) whom Greg refers to as 'morons' in his famous quote "One day I'll be rich and famous, but for now I'm stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons".


  • He could be Pete Hosey's brother, as they share a last name.
    • This, however, is unlikely considering that Pete Hosey is a movie character based off of an unnamed character in the books.


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