“Stop! Good God, man! You almost got the Cheese Touch.”
― Chirag stops Greg from touching the Cheese

Chirag Gupta

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Name Chirag Gupta
Age 11-15
Gender Male.png
Actor Karan Brar
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Chirag Gupta is a friend of Greg Heffley who appears as a supporting character throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, with his last appearance being in Cabin Fever. His role is expanded in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie adaptations, where he is played by Karan Brar.


Chirag is extremely short, with a fairly long nose and he has short and stubby hair. In the movies, Chirag is portrayed as an egotistical showboat and Greg's frenemy. He also has a heavy Indian accent, dark wavy hair that covers his forehead, and noticeably large teeth in this version. In the online book, he has an afro-like hairstyle.


Role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid

When Greg discusses a hypothetical school system where grades would be based on height, he notes that short kids like Chirag would still be in first grade.

Role in Rodrick Rules

Greg mentions that in June, Chirag's family moved and had a big going-away party, which the whole neighborhood attended.

When Chirag's family moves back and he returns to school, everyone is happy to see him again. A few people, including Greg, start a prank where they pretend that he's not around, which Greg initially believes will be short-lived.

The "Invisible Chirag" prank rapidly spreads to the entire class. The next day, when the science teacher asks Greg to count everyone in the class so she can get enough safety goggles, he counts everyone except Chirag. This sets him off, so he stands up on his desk and screams that he is a human being too.

Chirag gives up trying to talk to anyone in class until he finds out that Rowley Jefferson is a weak spot. At lunch, he tries to make Rowley say that he exists by bribing him with a corn dog. Before he can speak, Greg tells everyone in the cafeteria that there is a floating corn dog hovering about his lunch table, takes it from Chirag, and eats it in two bites. Chirag becomes very mad and starts punching Greg's arm, which he pretends not to notice.

Chirag presumably tells Vice Principal Roy about the prank afterward, which results in Greg being called down to his office. However, he misidentifies the person he was playing the joke, so Greg apologizes to the wrong student. Chirag is present when Greg is let out of Vice Principal Roy's office with a lollipop and a pat on the back.

When Chirag tells his father about the prank, he calls Susan Heffley to tell her about it. She takes Greg to his house so he can apologize. Though Mr. Gupta doesn't seem too impressed with his apology, Chirag is cool about it and invites Greg inside to play video games.

Role in The Last Straw

On April Fools' Day, Greg and a few other kids pull a prank on Chirag where they talk quietly around him to make him think he's losing his hearing. He quickly figures out what is going on and reports straight to the teacher.

Role in The Ugly Truth

When Greg brags to everyone at his lunch table that his family is getting a maid, Chirag says that his family doesn't need a maid and that he's glad his mom is there whenever he comes home from school. He is also among the kids in Greg's grade who only got invited to Jordan Jury's party to use as servants.

Role in Cabin Fever

Greg mentions that he has a few friends that don't celebrate Christmas who act extra jerky during the holiday season just because they can, giving Chirag as an example.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (film)

Chirag is an occasional addition to Greg's circle of friends. When Greg and Rowley almost touch the Cheese, he warns them away and then tells them about the Cheese Touch.

Rodrick Rules (film)

Chirag goes on a trip to India and returns. Greg starts the "Invisible Chirag" joke after Chirag makes a snide remark to him. Eventually, Chirag tricks Greg into noticing him by dressing as Holly Hills. He later performs a dance number at the Winter Talent Show.

Dog Days (film)

In this movie, Chirag and Greg are both members of a club called the "Wilderness Explorers". He helps weave a giant web to catch Mr. Warren and his troop, and Mr. Warren ends up falling into it and tumbles off. An animated scene shows that the web causes Mr. Warren to fall down a cliff and get chased by a swarm of bees and a bear.


  • Chirag is much shorter than his father, who is an extremely tall man.
    • As such, it is possible that Chirag inherited his height from his mother or another family member he is descended from.
    • Another explanation is that Chirag hasn't hit his growth spurt yet.
  • Chirag is most likely a retired character; he has not appeared in the series since Cabin Fever.
    • Though this is Chirag's last named appearance, a child who looks nearly identical to him appears in The Getaway.
  • Chirag plays more or less the same roles as he does in the books, though in this version, he is from a wealthy family.
  • In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, he is shown in 21st place on the Popularity List.
  • In Cabin Fever, it is revealed that Chirag's family doesn't celebrate Christmas. Considering that Chirag is Indian, he and his family are most likely Hindu or Muslim.
    • Since Chirag created a statue of the Hindu deity, Shiva at the Wilderness Explorers Troop 133 in the Dog Days movie, he is mostly likely Hindu in that version of the series.
    • There is some ambiguity, as 'Chirag' is both a Hindu name and a Muslim name.


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