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Chimps was a poorly written four-page essay by Greg Heffley that was assigned by Ms. Nolan as a Biology grade in The Last Straw and How To Survive School Disasters and used as an attempt to get in the easy reading group in the online book.


The Last Straw[]

Greg was assigned a four-page Biology paper for Ms. Noland's class. Greg procrastinates and did the whole thing in the computer lab during lunch leaving no time to do any research and stretches the text out to meet the requirements with as little effort as possible.

It is filled with basically nonsense and was mostly portrayed as a poorly-written four-page essay comic instead of a formal paper that includes an introduction then points out the obvious subject of the paper. In the second page, it states chimps are supposed to be intelligent creatures but Greg doubts it, showing an illustration of him asking a chimp to get out of his way while the chimp forgets his own species, ending with a big fat "the end". [1]

How To Survive Funny Friends[]

It plays the same role as "The Last Straw."


In this book, Greg intentionally bombs the essay to try and get out of having to be in the hard reading group, as it was the end of the year essay.[2]

Its contents were also different compared to The Last Straw, whilst still retains the comic book format. In the first page Greg draws a cover then in the next page he claims they are almost extinct with a chimp mis-referring to Greg's claim as they're stinky. The third page is similar to the second page in the book version, with different wording and Greg being replaced by an unidentified teen in the illustrations with nearly the same lines. The last page is nearly identical to the book counterpart. [3]




The Last Straw & How To Survive School Disasters[]