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Chef Marinara is a brand of pasta that uses a mascot that goes by the same name. It appears in Big Shot.[1]

When Greg fills up his cart at the grocery store with a bunch of junk food, his mother picks out each item and explained why it is not healthy, explaining that the cans of Chef Marinara pasta are full of all sorts of chemicals. Greg thinks he has her beat, but just like Berry Bonanza, he hadn't looked at it carefully: Although it seems to be made at Chef Marinara's home in old Italy, it is actually made in Detroit, Michigan.

She also says that Chef Marinara probably isn't a real person, and they just hired an actor for TV ads, which makes Greg regret dressing up as Chef Marinara for the school Wax Figure Exhibit, which had taken place last year.




  • Chef Marinara is a parody of Chef Boyardee, a real life pasta brand that, like with Chef Marinara, uses a mascot of the same name. Unlike with Chef Marinara (where it is ambiguous if Chef Marinara is a real person), Chef Boyardee was an actual person in real life.


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